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Hi <<First Name>>,

When was the last time you sent an email campaign to your people? Last week? Last month? Never?

If you haven't emailed your list in a while, I want you to do me a favor THIS weekend.
  1. Think of a funny or interesting story for your time in quarantine over the last 6+ months.
  2. Write that funny or interesting story down. You can even speak it into your Notes app on your phone (have you ever spoken a blog post into your phone? It works!)
  3. Then log in to your Mailchimp account, create an email campaign and email that story to your people. Kind of like I am doing here.
  4. This entire process should take you 10 minutes.
Other ideas for a quick email:
  • Your biggest business failure (a specific story)
  • Your favorite Netflix show and why
  • Something you're proud of
  • The best trip you ever took
  • Why this Mailchimp game is so cool
  • A story about someone who makes you laugh (out loud)
  • The first thing you want to do when COVID is all over
  • That time you almost lost it on your kids in the grocery store
  • Your #1 parenting tip (or how you survive a rough parenting day) 🍷
  • That time you posted on Instagram about it being Saturday but it was actually Tuesday
  • Your favorite photo from the last couple months and a few sentences about it
  • The best job you ever had
  • The worst job you ever had
  • Why tacos are the best food ever
  • What you're making for dinner the next few nights (I'd totally read that.)
You get my drift. An email can really be anything, but think of ONE interesting story and just share it. People love a good story. And if you do, please tell them I told you to! 

I just want you to show up for your people -- consistently, whether that's once a week or once a month. That's also our mission in our email marketing business -- to help business owners stay consistent with their emails. And I want you to also. 
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