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. . . I S   " R E S I - M E R C I A L "   S T I L L   A   T H I N G ?
written by: Jim Hornor

There is something oddly satisfying yet cringe-worthy about using the non-term term "resi-mercial."  No matter how you pitch the idea (res-pitality, ambidextrous design or the alike), we will continue to find ways to define how we integrate elements of the home with the corporate workplace.  But for me, the notion implies that you come to work, it feels like home, and you never really want to leave...when you come home, the environment doesn't feel all that different and you send out two more emails and chip away at that set of drawings you need to red line - you're "never truly off." 

It's this in-balance of work and non-work that we, in the design field, especially need to work at differentiating. If you're anything like me, designing isn't really work, it's just channeled creativity. The work comes with communicating better, managing expectations and time management.  It is important for us to squirrel away those ideas after work hours and weekends, but not to let them takeover from feeding your other creative outlet hobbies. Give yourself the time and mental freedom to rest your mind and recharge! 

While the interwebs continue the trendy, non-word word "resi-mercial", I do think that corporate workplace should continue with embracing authentic details and layers of personality that resonate with clients. It's in those residential details that make a space feel welcoming and the people who inhabit the space feel at ease. One of my favorite ways to bring comfort into a space is with the ancillary furniture - I can't get enough of all the caned furniture at the moment!!  Outside of some of our favorite mainstream furniture manufacturers, I often hit a brick wall when comes to sourcing a fun and authentically rich ancillary furniture. So in the spirit of sharing a little inspiration with you all, see below my top 10 sources for unique ancillary furniture:
K E E P   T H E   I N S P I R A T I O N   A L I V E!!

Send me some of your favorite sources for ancillary furniture:
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