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Inventive and imaginative, ULTRA VIOLET lights the way to what is yet to come.
written by: Jim Hornor

Pantone has honored Ultra-Violet (18-3838) as the 2018 Color of the Year. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw this launch, I was like "..omg, way cool" and then was like...."hmmm, I wonder if this is really going to stick?" I mean, I have a hard-enough time convincing my clients that terrazzo flooring is coming back and they should get on board! 

Stripped away, the color purple has long been the color worn by royalty; however, in 2018, lux has a different perspective - case and point, manolo blanik + vetement silk boots which retailed for $4,590 back in April of last year.

Whether it's beauty regiments that help our skin feeling youthful, or the latest fashion accessory that help us validate our sense of youth, we're constantly challenging ourselves to be aware of trends in order to make informed decisions about what trends to adhere to and which to let go. Ultra-violet, like it or not, is here to stay, I believe! are some ways this can influence our design palettes? Here are some of my suggestions:
F A S H I O N - I N S P I R E D
I often look to fashion as the next step when looking to bridge the gap between the Pantone release and what the fashion designers have on the books for the spring/summer collection. This year is 100% spot on with Generation Z stepping into the workplace in the next couple years, it makes me really excited to see how our industry will evolve with more independent and rule-bending new leaders!
B E   B O L D !
When it comes to designing spaces, we all have our "go-to" products and paletes that supports each of our clients - I love a good neutral palette with high contrast, some moody lighting and a funky element; but breaking the norms is good, even if it takes some extra effort. Since Ultra Violet leans a little "funky" and unexpected, let's challenge ourselves, regardless of if we color saturate an entire huddle room in Ultra Violet, to push the boundaries!!

coffee tables | ceramic house-wares | area rugs | accent lighting | accent furniture
W O R R Y   L E S S
We should be constantly "washing our designs" to make sure they are vetted and honest with our big picture - all the way down to what leg finish we put on our accent chairs. The details matter...but don't let them bog you down. Be original, stick to your guns, stand up for yourself, live deliberately and stop apologizing for yourself!  I've recently used the term "gun to my head..." and when you break it down to a simple gut reaction, you're usually right. When you put your absolute best foot forward, you'll worry less (and love yourself for it).

What are some ways ULTRA VIOLET has inspired you??

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