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healthy habits

by Jim Hornor
I'm not happy about it, but I recognize summer is officially coming to a close.  A tree outside my office window has two orange leaves on it and I'm giving those two leaves the evil side-eye!!

I love this time of year though.  It's probably because I was in school for so long, but late summer has always felt like a restart/refresh for me with new (school) clothes, new haircut/style, supplies and the like.  What's better than to take that to our work-life?

Earlier in the year, I wrote about living purposefully as a review from watching the Minimalism documentary.  One of my biggest take-aways was to live deliberately - live for genuine satisfaction, not just happiness and a resolved healthy outlook on life.  Recently, I found myself complaining and left the conversation so unfulfilled!  I'm like, why lead a conversation with "ugh....i'm so stressed/busy/tired/ name it!!"  Part of healthy living is recognizing and enjoying the experience after-the-fact.

Here are some ways as we enter the fall/school season that we can lead with our best foot forward:
C O L D   S H O W E R

If you're anything like me, I can spend a solid hour just watching those BuzzFeed videos on YouTube...they're super informative, entertaining, and keep me on my toes.  I recently watched a video with perks of taking cold showers and I tried it!  While it's zero fun, it's gives me an adrenaline rush and leaves me feeling super was life-changing!  I'm growing to love cold showers!!


"ugh....I shouldn't have had that last drink last night" - we've all experienced a hangover, but I've found that more often than not, that last drink wasn't really worth the energy or the hangover.  While going to the gym, eating healthy, and a dozen of other ways we try to stay healthy, it's not always as easy to challenge ourselves to celebrate discerningly.  Moderation is always key!


Whether you are a bar soap minimalist or a 12-step cleanser and serum person, it's good to give your skin a reset and change ir up!  This spring I got a facial at Blue Mercury, my new favorite little shop, and have fallen in love with their M61 skincare line.  Everyone's skin is different, but schedule a little pick-me-up facial at a location of your favorite salon near you and give yourself a little pampered treatment :)

W O R K   H A R D  -  P L A Y   H A R D

I recently came upon my work-anniversary and was challenged with my work wants, needs, and ways that I can improve - specifically for the upcoming year.  I'm typically a planner; I like to do some research and know my options before proceeding with a direction, but when it comes to the goals for the next step in my career, it feels like diving into touchy subject with my therapist   ::divert::  next question! 

Knowing your goals and working every day to complete them is living deliberately.  It becomes exciting and all of a sudden you have a skip in your step!  Same with your work ethic - when you shift from being competitive by others standards and to pouring all of your energy into challenging yourself, you'll be surprised at how quickly, efficiently, and ultimately, competitive your work is. 

Albeit a fulfilling career, we work in what can be a stressful and tedious profession.  It's important to learn how to work well with others, exceed your own expectations, and push yourself!

If you have a topic you want to have our team talk about, we are always interested in keeping our material fresh and exciting!  Share some of your favorite healthy habits:
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