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"'s a work-in-progress"
written by: Jim Hornor

Quick! I need you to have a creative and thoughtful design, with supporting images in 30 minutes - Go!  

Sometimes creativity comes to you easily, other times, it feels like that creative solution is buried deep in some remote cave in the Netherlands. I think we can all relate to it, then add some seasonal depression and a little dollop of a nor'easter and you have yourself a strong dose of a downward spiral, quick!  Yikes.

Sometimes our "work-in-progress" can be the place we grow the most! Becoming more efficient with your time and empowering your gut on decision making can reinforce our confidence and find a solution quicker when we're thrown into those binds where you've got to make the best of things despite your creativity or spirit being a little down. 

This month, I've highlighted some ways to be more productive and make better use of those pesky meetings that always run over or those design slumps that are tough to snap out of.
S T R A T E G I Z E 
"....ugh, i'm running late - my 2:30 meeting ran over" - we have all been there, but it doesn't feel (or look) great when you're running late and rush into a meeting all disheveled. Regardless of the meeting type, give yourself time to treat your meeting like a well-crafted an email - think about what your going to say, and say that!   Strategize your meeting, presentation or coffee date with a realistic time-frame and a driven objective.
M O V E   I T
Remember that little contraption of a game called "bop it" - who knows if it helped or hurt my anxiety levels, but it provides so many parallels to how dealing with my daily tasks can feel like sometimes.  I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it's a good reminder to be more proactive about standing or moving while connecting or meeting with a team.  I've often noticed a change in the mood and how quickly the meeting progresses when standing. Try switching up one of your weekly meetings that always goes over in time. 
S T A Y   P O S I T I V E
If you're starting off a conversation with a complaint or an apology, you're already sold yourself short, to whomever your audience is.  If you're not inspired, how are you going to inspire others?? Break the cycle.  Resources like a podcast from Creative Pep Talk  or Release Radar playlist on Spotify could provide just the right little nudge to help keep you positive, inspired and motivated.
I love that once every month, I get the opportunity to write to you all and cater topics that hit close to home for me and hopefully they resonate with you and offer a little love or support to your week. I love hearing from you and am always looking for fresh content and relevant topics to better connect. Please share your ideas and comments for future posts :)
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