Newsletter: Fall 2019
Welcome to CTP's 5th Newsletter! CTP is back in session, and our students are learning JavaScript + React, pitching ideas for their fullstack web applications, and forming project teams. Check out details about our last Demo Night/Graduation Celebration at SquareSpace, an introduction to our team and upcoming events, and an interview with CTP alum, Jean Sebastian Surena, below.

Spring 2019 Demo Night/Graduation
@ Squarespace

Spring 2019 Demo Night/Graduation
Date: May 15, 2019
Location: Squarespace NYC 

100 people attended our Spring Demo Night / Graduation this year, including more than 25 industry partners.

40 CTP students demoed their full-stack, JavaScript projects to our guests, a culmination of their work this semester at CTP.

The night also included remarks from: Jake Zhang Software Engineer @ Squarespace and a CUNY Alum from Macaulay Honors College; Anastasiia Timashova - Recruitment and Mentoring inMathematics Program (RAMMP) Research Fellow @ City College; and Cristopher Jimenez - Engineering Resident @ Google and Hunter College Alumni.

Thank you to everyone who attended for making Demo Night such a fun, productive, and memorable evening! 
CTP Progress
                CUNY Tech Prep has entered it's fifth year!

CTP has grown from serving 32 students in 2015-2016 to 125 students in 2019-2020, chosen out of a competitive pool of over 400 applicants.

           Congratulations to our C5 students and good luck!!!
Meet the CTP Team

Jaclyn Bellando
Program Director

Edgardo Molina
Lead Instructor

Joelle Berbano
Career Coach Manager

Emily Chiu
Career Coach

Abi Muñoz
Career Coach

Silu Hu
Community Manager

Mauro Gomez 
Business Development Manager
Alumni Interview


Technology Advisory Consultant

Ernst & Young, LLP (EY)


Why did you select to attend CUNY Tech Prep?
I decided to attend CUNY Tech Prep because of how my school curriculum was set up. A lot of my classes would be more focused on the business application of technology as opposed to development, data structures, algorithms, etc. I wanted something that would complement what I was learning in school. I heard about what the program offered and I was really interested in learning the various frameworks and technologies that would be used throughout the year.
Describe your most rewarding experience at CTP?
That's a tough one, it comes down to two things. In terms of pinpointing a single event of my time in CTP, I'd have to say the Demo Night in December. It was great to be able to see what other students had created and to network with industry professionals. 
The feedback my team and I received when we demo'd our project was both humbling and inspiring. As for my biggest over-arching takeaway from my experience, I'd have to say that was the relationship I developed with the two career coaches I worked with the most, Emily Chiu and Joelle Berbano. 

Describe your most rewarding experience at CTP?  CTP was absolutely instrumental to my development as a student, software developer, and professional. They guided me through unfamiliar terrain, helped develop my behavioral interview skills, made hundreds, if not thousands, of edits with me on my resume, and were very supportive through my struggles and successes. I mainly have them to thank for my full-time application processes that ended in multiple offers; and in the end, CTP and the Tech Talent Pipeline connected me to my current role through their partnership with EY.
What is your advice to future students?
My advice to the future students is to take advantage of every opportunity CTP offers that they can get their hands on; mock interviews, career coaching, coding challenge prep, networking events, all the classes, and the most forgotten one: EACH OTHER. There is so much offered to students in this program and...we get all of this for free. Everyone who makes it into the program is very capable; I saw it firsthand.


It's just a matter of using all of the tools at their disposal to unlock their potential. It's important to work alongside other students in the program who have skill sets that may not reflect their own; it's so easy to learn when you ask someone to speak on a topic they're passionate about.

Describe your experience at your current company and reflect on your time there.
I began working at EY approximately one month ago and it's been great so far. I've met a ton of individuals, both new hires and experienced staff. So far, there's an energy that's very similar to what I experienced at CTP, where everyone is knowledgeable and can be relied on to help you or just have an in-depth conversation on something that interests you both. I've been given the flexibility to learn more about the technologies I'm interested in, and the firm has various resources that they have provided for my continued growth and learning. The most fascinating aspect so far has been that the scope of the work I'm doing can vary tremendously from project to project, I can go from performing data analytics to creating a future business plan to working on cyber-security. It's been challenging but great so far, and I am very thankful to CUNY Tech Prep for the role they played in preparing me for this position.

Upcoming Events

Mock Tech Interview Event
@ Company
Friday, 10/18

Want to host a mock-technical interviewing event at your company?
Reach out to our Biz Dev Manager, Mauro Gomez, at

Software Developer Panels 
@ YouVisit

Oct 2019, & Jan, March, & April 2020 

Want to be on a CTP panel or host a CTP event series? 
Complete our Volunteer Form, here.

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