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Jul 15, 2019 02:59 pm | Chris Walker

If you have less energy at the end of the day than at the beginning, you’ve got bad stress.

“A Monk once said – I don’t understand the west you don’t want what you have – and you want what you don’t have. Why not change it. Why not want what you have and don’t want what you don’t have. Then you can be happy. How do we come to peace with life, including its challenges?”

“Whatever makes a person more valuable to themselves will make them more valuable to others. Personal vision, inspiration and purpose – improvement – lifts the individual up through thoughts, ideas, impulses and attracts the company of inspired individuals. From this habit of looking onward at vision and upward for inspiration, comes the spirit of initiative. It is an amazing training, always looking for ways of betterment. It is valuable in any area of your life.”

When your mind is calm you feel in control. Peace of mind builds personal power. When your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, your immune system and therefore your health is at a peak. When you honour your body, it is in a relaxed and alert state so that focus and concentration are possible. You will radiate that vibrancy and vitality that attracts the investment of other people in your purpose and vision. Clarity and certainty will be reflected in your appearance and speech. 

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Jul 14, 2019 06:14 pm | Chris Walker


People search for harmony for many reasons. But the most basic one is to be free of the tension. 

Infinite volumes of spiritual literature can be reduced to a few simple choices in life. Either to be consumed by tensions, or to rise above them. It is really that simple. Tensions that consume our life are bondage. They lead us to live a reactionary existence and represent our inability to immerse ourselves in life with integrity. 

In everyday life we act out our choices. The depth of our commitment to our personal harmony shows in many ways. We demonstrate the reality of our own motivations through our interactions with other people and through the quality of the environment we create. It is important for us to understand this so that we can look at ourselves in a realistic way and begin to make our choices, with consciousness. 

Understand that how you deal with tensions, yours and others is really the fulcrum point. It is the daily articulation of your understanding of service, of love and respect. It is a practical and powerful expression of real love and respect to take the tensions, both your own and others, and to deal with them. As you cultivate this love and respect you are developing a powerful self-mastery, which you articulate in your genuine capacity to serve other human beings. Finally, it is a no jive, no frills down to earth, real life expression that you can do every single day. In this effort of consuming tensions lie the nourishment and the fuel necessary for the total transformation that you ask for: personally and globally. 

We have this opportunity to choose many times each day. We can make the effort to be open and to live with a genuine love and respect for ourselves and for others; we can choose to see all our inner effort as an investment in the quality of our outer life. We can choose this or we can let ourselves be consumed by doubts, fears, judgments, anger, worries and insecurities. You have to choose your outcome carefully. Instead of being consumed by tension you can instead open yourself and feel the flow of that energy pass through you and you grow as a result. Then you become free, free of all the biological, psychological, and emotional restrictions that endlessly limit human beings to an unfortunately stupid and harsh existence.

This is habitual conditioning and it is what truly keeps us from living our true nature. So much of it is unconscious and socialised: The hunger for wealth, the fear of death, the fear of loneliness, the sense of insignificance. These are socialised responses to normal life. So we have choices. Listen to the ego and therefore identity and operate in fear and uncertainty or follow the heart and operate without reason but with security.

To live with self-awareness is not just meditating: although this can release tensions and reactions. It is really about becoming aware of the essence of your own life, and then beginning to live from that essence, whether you’re walking, riding the subways, working in your job, or something else. Personal harmony comes from being aware of that essence at all times. Then whether you’re sitting still or moving around is irrelevant. You wont need a special place – environment in order to have that experience. You will have expended the experience of all the techniques into your whole life, and made your whole life itself an act of meditation.

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Jul 14, 2019 03:46 pm | Chris Walker

A Fight With Nature Cannot Be Won

My beautiful friend asked me “why do we go up and down in life? I thought she meant weekly or monthly but it turns out that she wanted to know why half an hour ago she was having a positive upper and now she was feeling down, tired and dejected.

My first guess answering her question turned out to be spot on. I thought I’d share it because the simplicity of the answer certainly surprised me.

I suggested ” well, my guess would be that 30 minutes ago you were looking forward to the future, but now you’re not.”

Well, as it turns out, 30 minutes ago she was thinking about something that could happen next year and was keen for it.

But right now, she had something to do in the immediate present that was not positive for her.

By expanding and contracting the future horizon of her thoughts her energy went up and down.

This is interesting. In nature there is a purpose to everything. Therefore, there’s a perpetual long term view, a sense of purpose, that can sustain us through short term unpleasant circumstances. Our ability to fluctuate our focus in terms of our horizon time frame is wonderful but it has serious counterproductive results, emotions we don’t always enjoy.

Tell a child that they can write a list of gifts they want for their birthday and they’ll be energetic. But five minutes after their birthday they can be exhausted because they realise it’s 12 months till their next one. Or even ask them to write a list and then ask them to help clean the room and their energy can fluctuate from excitement to exhaustion in seconds.

We motivate people by continually promising the future. It’s a lie we make to keep exhausted employees and family members engaged in doing what we want them to do. Motivation always works but it requires serious management to keep an individual chasing the rainbow day after day, especially after a few realisations that the promise “if you work hard we’ll pay you more” is a lie.

Inspiration on the other hand is very very different and does fit with nature’s laws. Inspiration means that we do what we do because we have a vision, not someone else vision and we do what we do with energy because we link what we do to our own vision. The clearer that vision the clearer the link. The more balanced that vision the more likely we stay energised. Motivation speaks “If you do this, I’ll give you that.” Inspiration speaks “If i do this, I will get closer to that, that and that.” One is empowered, the other is disempowered. One aligns with nature the other is a fiction.

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