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Staying Honest with Ourselves

“I’ll start tomorrow”

“No one will notice”

“I’m too tired this evening”

“I’m too busy and it doesn’t matter anyhow”

Sometimes they’re true – the things we say to ourselves. We are tired or it’s been a busy day – that’s real. But sometimes, they’re little white lies we think don’t matter and I’m pretty sure they do.

Because they say it’s okay for us to shortchange ourselves – to continually put the needs of others ahead of ourselves; to live as though we’re not worth planning for; to set things up so that our wishes don’t really matter. And it hurts us – this neglect of self, especially when the neglect impacts our health or our dreams.

I believe it’s all about strategy – especially the one we’re almost completely unaware we’re operating. We’ve managed to survive in the world through a series of strategies we adopted as young children – perhaps you were the organised one at home, or maybe the charmer.
Or maybe you never quite got the hang of things and learned to wait until someone rescued you?

And to a huge extent, those strategies have been successful because we’ve survived. We’ve made it to adulthood and can look after ourselves in many ways. But just because we’ve survived doesn’t mean we’re thriving. Or that the strategy we use for one is the same as the other.

Pay attention to the excuses you make to yourself for not following through on your goals. Notice how often it’s the same thing you say to yourself when you stop your self-care programme of walks, healthy eating or yoga. These are the strategies you use that get in the way of reaching your goals, even if they seem true at the time (maybe especially then).

What strategy do you use in the areas of life that work well for you?

Might be worth doing those more.

Ashleigh xx
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"The most dangerous lies are the ones we tell ourselves."

~ Richard Bach

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"I have been attending Ashleigh for many years and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be sane without her.  She has an amazing ability to read me and can hear what’s not being said.  She gently untangles the web and guides me towards more helpful thought patterns.  What I love the most is that I always leave with a sense of purpose and an action plan, leaving behind my feelings of overwhelm. I would highly recommend Ashleigh to anyone feeling below par and looking to get their spark or mojo back.  It is the best gift you will give to yourself."

L. L. - Dublin

Important Clinic News...

There have been several changes implemented in how I work, in order to provide a better service and to look after my own health.

Since July 2019, I no longer take on children as clients of the practice. I have begun to refer children, who have been regular clients of the practice to a colleague, who has a special interest in children’s health.

I am currently working more intensely with fewer clients as my health and energy levels permit. This new approach will mean that I will not be able to facilitate everyone but ensures that I can continue to do the work I love, without burnout.

The clinic is always heavily booked and therefore I advise scheduling well ahead to ensure your preferred appointment date and time as last-minute availability is only possible if there’s been another client cancellation.

If you haven’t done so already, you might like to check out my new packages on Time For Busy Women.  
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"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit."

~ Banksy
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