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03|17 ISSUE

Hello and Happy March! Not that we're complaining, but it seems like whoever turned on the big sky shower head just left it running and walked away. Remember when we were all anxious about the drought? Now the rain is causing floods and highway closures and sink holes, and the fastest way from San Jose to Santa Cruz is going through Fresno. Next we'll hear that California has issued new building codes requiring high flow faucets and low-efficiency toilets just to get rid of some of the extra water. (We'll keep you posted.)

In any case, we hope everyone is staying safe! Here are your "I don't have time for this" highlights:
  • New complete BWO kits from Geberit
  • dahl training
  • Updated TOTO price file
But there's so much more. Check it out below:


MH Wall-Hung Toilet | Ok, we were obviously kidding about California maybe changing the building codes. This is still the Golden State, after all, and we are going to have more dry years than rainy ones, so it still makes good sense to install water-efficient toilets. If you recall, TOTO launched the gorgeous new MH Wall-Hung Toilet which flushes an impressive 1.28/0.9 gallons-per-flush (1.0 GPF average). Even if saving water isn't top-of-mind for your client at the moment, MH still boasts many other features, including saving 2-3 square feet of floor space and a gorgeous minimalist design. One of our favorite, and perhaps sometimes overlooked, features is how much easier it is to clean around a wall-hung bowl than a floor-mount model. The MH is even available with Connect+ (TOTO's Washlet cord-concealing system) and a matching D-shaped Washlet model. Read all the details in the sell sheet below:
> MH & MH Connect+ Sell Sheet

Updated TOTO Excel Price File | Check this out. You haven't seen one of these since last month. Download here and sort by "New" (column A) to get the latest additions.

Discontinued Nexus & Lloyd Faucet Finishes | Well, shoot. If you want to order the Lloyd or Nexus faucets in polished or brushed nickel, you had better hurry. TOTO has officially announced that these finishes are discontinued, and after stock is depleted, they will no longer be available. Download the product bulletin here.


New BWO Kits | In response to customer demand, Geberit has released several new BWO kits, containing 17"-22" polypropylene roughs, 27" cables, and brass trims. These complete kits are now available in chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. Download the product bulletin and updated price book below:
> Geberit Announcement
> Updated Price Book (see page 28)


dahl Has the Best Solution Ever | ... for installing angle stops next to a skirted toilet. If you don't think that's a big deal, you've never been a plumber that had to explain to the homeowner (after two hours of frustration) that their beautiful new skirted toilet won't fit and needs to be returned. One might call that "doing things the hard way." Here's how to do things the dahl Way.


New Price Book | Villeroy & Boch issued a new price book for 2017. Alas, we don't have the Excel price file yet, despite frequent whining. But you can download the price book PDF here.

Toilet Assortment Brochure | Have you seen this beautiful brochure? Calling it a "Toilet Assortment" is a pretty classy way to refer to a product offering, and V&B is nothing if not classy. Take a look at the brochure here.


Updated 10-Minute "Expert" Training Brochure | As you may recall, we released our MTI 10-Minute "Expert" brochure last July (yes, that was back in July – I can't believe it either), so we thought it was time to update and share a new version with you. There aren't a lot of ground-breaking changes, but it never hurts to refresh your knowledge of the brand basics. Download the new version here.


YourSteamist | YourSteamist participants not only earn enticing rewards by selling Steamist, but they also have the chance to win additional prizes, including as much as a $500 Amex gift card. Reps aren't eligible to enter (darn it), but if you sign up for YourSteamist, you will be! (As always, you must work for a Steamist displaying showroom to participate.) Visit to register.


Oliveri Spiff | You might have noticed that when it comes to Oliveri, the sales incentive program is almost the only thing we talk about. The truth is, not a lot changes for Oliveri: they're a solid Aussie stainless steel sink brand that you can count on, with gorgeous modern designs, dozens of custom-fitted and incredibly useful accessories, with a strong loyalty to brick and mortar showrooms. Oh, and then there's the little thing about the sales incentive program: e-mail for details.


Glam Rewards | It's a win-win (-win) situation. Your customer gets gorgeous accessories, you get Rewards (and your rep will be very happy). See for yourself below:
> Glam Collection Overview (See? Gorgeous.)
> E-mail for details

As always, you must work for a displaying dealer and be a Western Rewards member to participate. But the good news is that you can get your very own display for $25 net. Just contact your Western Sales rep for details.

NEW Lowered Stocking Fee | Speaking of good news, Gatco has announced that they are decreasing their stocking fee – from 30% to 25%, effective immediately.


Are you familiar with the Geberit actuator plate, the Sigma60? If not, you should be. Geberit offers a lot of stylish and gorgeous actuator plates, but the Sigma60 is one of the sleekest (and one of my favorites) because it mounts flush to the wall. So. Sleek.

There's just one problem. You know how all Geberit actuator plates fit all of their carriers, so the plumber can install the carrier ahead of time and the homeowner can take their time and choose the actuator plate at their leisure? Yeah, that's not necessarily true with the Sigma60. [Sad trombone noise.] I say again: not necessarily true. But no need to worry: here is my Tech Tip to the rescue.

Let's consider two scenarios and how they apply to the statement "Geberit actuator kits fit all carriers, so the plumber can install the carrier ahead of time without concern of which actuator plate will be selected later.":

Scenario 1 – Your client is using a 111.798.00.1 2x4 carrier: The above statement is true**. It will not matter if your client chooses the Sigma60 or any other actuator. (**Sigma80 also requires an electrical connection that needs to be pre-planned, but we'll cover that in a future Tech Tip!)

Scenario 2 – Your client is using a 111.335.00.5 2x6 carrier: The above statement is false. [Even sadder trombone noise.] The contractor will need to know ahead of time if your client wants to use the Sigma60, because the Sigma60 requires a special rough-in that needs to be installed before the wall is closed.

The truly nerdy among you will want to know why the 2x6 requires a rough-in and the 2x4 does not. Are you ready for this? Are you ready? The mudguard of the newish 2x4 carrier (introduced last year) is the same part as the rough-in that is required for the installation of the Sigma60 with the 2x6 carrier. Crazy, right? (I suspect that at some point the mudguard for the 2x6 carrier will adopt this design change as well.)

It's understandable if you're confused. It's a lot easier to understand the actuator installations with some visual aids. It's not required viewing, but if you're interested, check out the installation video of the Sigma60.

The important thing to remember is this: If your client is using a 2x6 carrier, they need to figure out whether or not they're going to use the Sigma60 before the wall is closed, and if the client wants the Sigma60, you must order the special rough-in.

Question: What is the part number for this special Sigma60 rough-in? (Hint: See page 6 of the 2017 Geberit Price Book for important information about the 2x6 carrier and compatible actuator plates.)
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