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“In the past, living life in Satan’s kingdom, was like living in a very dark cave. But then after hearing the Gospel and God’s Spirit opening the eyes of my heart, it was like coming out of the dark cave in bright, bright sunlight!” (Hadebayo is a  Bisorio believer in Papua New Guinea)

     What a cool description of what worldview change looked like in Hadebayo's life and thinking. We just finished up a pretty intense class on how our worldview, which is "the 'lens' through which one sees life", is deeply rooted in our metanarrative, which is "a foundational, comprehensive, grand story that provides one with an understanding of the whole world and one's place within it." (quoted from class notes and The Drama of Scripture). We all have a worldview based on a metanarrative. A biblical metanarrative is the story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and it answers our big questions like, "who am I?", "where did I come from?", "why am I here?", and "where am I going when I die?", etc.
     - Do we care enough to engage people at the worldview level, understanding their deeply held assumptions and presuppositions?
     - Are our own worldviews completely accurate? Is our thinking fully aligned with God's Word, or is it just what makes sense to us in our own culture and minds?
     - What about our concept of a biblical New Testament church? How many of our own beliefs and practices are just cultural, and how many of them are biblical?
     - How much has technology influenced my worldview? Social media? "Google reflex"? Information overload?
     These are some of the questions we have been working through over the past few weeks. 

Class Time
This is a handy snapshot of Ethnos360's training program. The "e" stands for "equipping". We are currently in the "e1" phase.
Hello, friends and family, thanks for your interest in our lives and what God is doing amongst the nations. We always love to hear from you too! Here's what life has looked like for us over the past couple of months:

Classes: after a thorough orientation program, we jumped into "Worldview", "Learning Styles", and "New Testament Church Principles". Classes have been very good so far.

Work Detail: Each week, we (husband only if you have kids) are responsible for 7.5 hours of work detail. Jonathan is super thankful to have been assigned work detail in the garage, maintaining and repairing the mission vehicles. Great experience; loves it!

Local Church Involvement: We've found a local church home at Calvary Chapel Lake Ozark for the next two years. For now, we'll be helping some with Calvary Kids and participating in Wed night Bible Project studies.

Ministry Practicum: This is an opportunity to connect with the local community by serving in outreach discipleship through ministries like a local homeless shelter, transition house, or jail ministry, to name a few. We haven't settled on one quite yet.

E-LINC: This odd acronym stands for Equipping through Listening, Interacting, Nurturing, and Challenging. We are assigned to groups of about 8-12 students and staff that meet together weekly. And we also pick a specific staff couple to be our very own "E-LINCers" for the next two years. :-)

Kids update: Isaac (4th grade), Jackson (3rd), Leah (3rd), and Carter (K) have been adjusting well into the Camdenton public schools. The bus comes and picks them up right on the property every day. Selah loves her 2yr-old child care program each morning while we're in class. The campus here is a kid's paradise! They love playing with their friends, rip-sticking, working on their fort on the edge of the woods, and having access to the lake/canoes/swimming/rope swings.
This is our E-LINC group for the next two years. 
The "MK Club" fort
Community: there is something cool about a missions community; sort of similar to a military base community. You live amongst like-minded people, share playgrounds, share life goals, and get to know each other more quickly than normal.

Web Fast: Part of our training is to "unplug" from the web for one month (Oct 2- Oct 27). While the internet can certainly be a great tool and asset, it can also negatively impact our time management, face-to-face relationships / being "others-centered", and ability to reflect/focus/commit to something long-term. We will still have access to unlimited voice-to-voice phone calls, our email accounts, and limited FaceTime/Skype (30min/week); but we will NOT have any access to social media, texting, instant messaging, or web-based TV, for this next month. We're actually kind of looking forward to it too. 

Field Fair: Next week is Field Fair, which means that about 12 different Ethnos360 fields will be presenting their fields and making themselves available to answer questions any of us "candidates" may have. The fields being represented this year are: Philippines, West Africa, East Africa, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Southeast Asia Mainland, Paraguay, Indonesia, East Brazil, and West Brazil. This is an important time for all of us as we seek God's direction as to where we will be heading in two years!!
Prayer Requests:
  • That God will begin to direct our next steps through the Field Fair (4-6 Oct)
  • Praise for a relatively smooth transition into this phase of training at the Missionary Training Center
  • Wisdom in deciding on which Ministry Practicum to get involved with
  • To continue to be transformed and impacted through His Word and our training; for moldable hearts
  • Praise for finding a local church home
  • Jonathan's Uncle passed away on 19 Sep; prayer for grieving family members
  • For the health of our marriage and discipleship of our kids
Grace and Peace,
Jonathan and Devon Ames
Copyright © 2017 Jonathan and Devon Ames, All rights reserved.

Jonathan's cell: 484 951 9662

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