E1 Complete! (sounds like an intense game of Battleship...)
Actually, if you take a look at "The Big Picture" graphic above, you'll see that we're on the back end of "Equipping 1" (E1), which consists of the past 4 years at Bible School (2 years) and our time at the Missionary Training Center (2 years).
It's the concept of:
being before doing
knowing before teaching
planning before implementing
growing as a disciple before serving as a discipler
receiving in order to have something worthwhile (or Someone) to give
putting on our own "oxygen masks" before helping others

We're so thankful for these past 4 years of growth and equipping, and for the many teachers and staff who have poured into our family! We also praise God for how He has continued to provide for our needs each step of the way. Thank you for your friendship, prayers, support, and partnership in the gospel!
Class of 2019!
So thankful for supportive parents!
And here's a quick look at our training this past semester:

Missionary Technology - This was a fun one. At least for me; maybe not quite as much for Devon :-) We spent 36 class periods learning about water filtration, solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, lighting options, DC & AC soldering, appliances, wire sizes, watt hour worksheets, pumps, etc.
A commonly repeated phrase was: "Time is an non-replaceable resource." We're thankful for technically-minded missionaries who have gone before us to make off-grid living as efficient as possible, so we can focus on cross-cultural church planting and discipleship.
Phonetics 2 - God created our voice apparatuses to make many unique sounds, expressed over the spectrum of 7,000 languages. We dug a bit deeper into how to say and transcribe more of these sounds.
Phonemics -This is the study of the significant sounds that the native speaker actually recognizes as meaningful; which leads to a useful alphabet; which leads to literacy; which ultimately leads to people groups (ethnos) being able to read God's Word and write their own lessons.
Literacy- “Literacy, like few other things, allows us to transcend time. With it we can listen to our past and speak directly to the future.” - anonymous. God's Word is a "tireless teacher" long after the missionary has gone.
Primer we made using a program called "Literacy Starter"; huge time saver!
A few more classes...

Evangelism through the Developing Church - After a quick review of worldview and pre-evangelism, we dug into the nuts and bolts of church planting from Evangelism, to the Beginning Church, to the Developing Church. We were exhorted to have the heart of a learner, to remember that discipleship is a lifestyle that requires Godly modeling, and to involve the people early on in many aspects of the church plant.

Maturing Church- How easy it is to only set our sights on converts and Bible translations, when the ultimate goal is maturity in Christ. Colossians 1:28-29

Folk Religions -Folk religionists are characterized by a mostly superficial adherence to the formal religion, but their core beliefs still hold tightly to animistic and humanistic values. This is why it is so important that we engage people at the worldview level, and allow their story to actually be replaced with God's grand story. Examples of folk religions are Folk Buddhism, Folk Hinduism, Folk Islam, Folk Catholicism, and even Folk Christianity.

Suffering - fun topic. Do you know what the Chinese church calls prison? Seminary. They've come to recognize persecution as a catalyst for significant spiritual growth. We looked at American culture's pursuit of happiness, comfort, and success. Ravi Zacharias wrote The Grand Weaver, and he describes how one side of a quilt/tapestry looks like a bunch of tangled knots, while the other side is a masterpiece. Perhaps this side of eternity sometimes looks like the "ugly" side; then one day it will all make sense.
Missionary Kid (MK) Orientation - short program to help prepare the kids too for cross-cultural adjustments and transitions. Chinese New Year!
We have completed our stateside training! See our timeline below...
Prayer Requests:
  • That we will walk humbly with Him today, tomorrow, and the next day...
  • For the health of our marriage and the discipleship of our kids.
  • For God to continue to raise up a partnership team around us in His timing and in His ways, as we prepare to go to PNG in January 2020, Lord willing.
  • That God will prepare the hearts and minds of the future people group we will be working with (we don't know who they are yet).
  • That God will orchestrate the formation of our future church planting team.
  • For laborers for the harvest (Luke 10:2)
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