How fast are you going these days? Actually, at this moment:
- You and I are spinning at about 1,000 mph on planet Earth (equator),
- Earth is orbiting the sun at about 67,000 mph.
- The solar system is orbiting as a component of the Milky Way galaxy at about 500,000 mph.
- The Milky Way galaxy is itself moving at about 1,300,000 mph.
- This means that on our most boring day, you and I are rocketing at over 1,800,000 mph. (
click here for better details). 
So if you feel like life is just moving so fast, ...... well it is!!   :-)
We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration, and that we aren't moving so fast that we miss the magnificence of our Creator God who spoke the universe into existence (Genesis 1) and holds it together (Col 1:17).

While I'm on this galactic kick, consider that if earth was the size of a golf ball, VY Canis Majoris (a star) would be the size of Mt. Everest. (Louie Giglio has a stunning presentation on this whole theme).
960,000 Earths could fit inside the sun.
perspective...9,300,000,000 suns could fit inside the "Big Dog" star
Alright, back to earth, specifically Roach, Missouri. So we've finished up our first semester at the Missionary Training Center (MTC), and we continue to be rooted and built up through the teaching of God's Word and the training curriculum here at the MTC. Here's a quick list (and brief commentary) of the classes we just took:
  • Worldviews: we all have a "lens" through which we see everything; powerful class.
  • Foundational Bible Teaching 1: this is an intro to teaching through the Bible chronologically; a trademark of Ethnos360. I love this approach!
  • New Testament Church Principles: my culture aside, what does a mature church look like biblically?
  • Learning Styles: very interesting; great book by Cynthia Tobias, called The Way They Learn
  • Sustainable Integrity: none of us are immune
  • Teamwork 1: excellent insights into conflict resolution, spiritual gifting, personality strengths/weaknesses, leadership/followership, biblical peacemaking, etc
  • Biblical Parenting: with a unique focus on raising healthy/normal missionary kids
  • Love and Respect marriage series: I can worship God by loving/respecting my spouse
  • Stewardship: of His money, His time, and His relationships
  • Form and Meaning: excellent treatment of the goals and challenges of Bible translation
  • And a few others: Culture Intro, Child Safety, Women in Ministry, Singles in Ministry
Group Exercise during our Stewardship class
This "Big Picture" diagram captures the whole process well. We are currently in the "Equipping 1" phase.

See our specific timeline below. We're 5/8 complete with E1 training!
Prayer Requests:
  • To continue to come to know Him and the power of His resurrection, and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. 
  • To take full advantage of our training, and to have teachable/moldable hearts and minds. 
  • Jonathan has a teaching opportunity on 18 January.
  • Selah (2 years old) has an umbilical hernia outpatient surgery on 23 January.
  • For God's guidance and direction regarding field choice with Ethnos360. The Field Fair was great, but inconclusive for us in this decision. 
  • For the health of our marriage and the discipleship of our kids.
  • For laborers for the harvest (Luke 10:2)

Glad tidings from us to you,
Jonathan, Devon, Isaac, Jackson, Leah, Carter, and Selah

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