Merry Christmas friends and family! We hope you had a meaningful Birthday celebration!

We invite you to check out what we've been learning about since October, announce our field choice, and share a cool privilege Jonathan had this semester...
Here's a quick look at our training last semester:

Pre-Evangelism - it's that period of time from when you first step into the lives of an unreached people group until you are proficient enough in the language and culture to be able to effectively communicate God's Word to them (about 2-5 years). As they watch our teamwork, marriages, family, conflict resolutions, work ethics, etc, are they becoming hungrier and thirstier to hear God's message? Are they more aware of inconsistencies in their own worldviews and finding them lacking?

Families and Education - our kids are an important part of God's ministry through our family, so what does this look like in regard to their education? Well, we explored education options for missionary kids, homeschooling philosophies/curriculum, and the challenges and privileges of educating/raising Third-Culture Kids (TCK's).

Field Health - immunizations, dehydration, stress, sleep, parasites, medications, and field health kits. Staying physically healthy, so we can stay engaged in sharing God's spiritual health through Christ.

Romans 12-16 - Living worship. "Our lives should begin to be progressively more consistent with where we're headed, and less consistent with where we've come from."

Simple Living - 10 days in the woods (check out our last update for more info on this)

Culture and Language Acquisition (CLA) Practicum - 6 week long exercise in which we engaged the Dobu language and culture through interactions with language helpers who did a great job of drawing us into the setting and realities of cross-cultural ministry.

Curriculum Development - how to develop Foundational Bible Teaching (FBT) lessons that effectively communicate to the hearts and minds of an unreached people group.

Semantics and Translation - when it comes to translating God's Word, the primary goal is to translate the intended meaning of the passage, not just translate words.

Prayer and Practical Living - Light reveals. Darkness conceals. When I'm walking in the Light, should I not expect sin to be revealed in my life? (1 John 1)
Field Health practice
From a missions perspective, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is subdivided into 3 regions (western, central, and eastern).
Culture and Language Acquisition (CLA) practicum with the Dobu people group of PNG.
Ethnos360 has been working in PNG for about 50 years with encouraging results, but there are still hundreds of unreached people groups remaining...
This was a cool privilege, to get to baptize our three boys recently (see pics below).
We are now just over 3/4 complete with the training. See our timeline below...
Prayer Requests:
  • That we will really sink our teeth into the remaining church planting classes this last semester (Spring 2019).
  • For God to continue to raise up a partnership team around us in His timing and in His ways, as we prepare to go to PNG in January 2020, Lord willing.
  • That God will prepare the hearts and minds of the future people group we will be working with (we don't know who they are yet).
  • That God will orchestrate the formation of our future church planting team.
  • That we will walk humbly with Him today, tomorrow, and the next day...
  • For the health of our marriage and the discipleship of our kids.
  • For laborers for the harvest (Luke 10:2)

Jonathan's cell is: 484-951-9662

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