To all those heartbreakers who do it for sport, who do it because they just don’t care and to those who do it because ‘they had no other choice’. Who make hollow promises, who try and break every mirror that shows them the truth, those who just hate the opposite gender. Its okay, you do you. I’ll survive. I’ll grow to care lesser and lesser.

Ugh. Thats not entirely true. This one is not for the heartbreakers, this one is for all of us who made it alright in spite of the heartbreakers.

Hello superstar!

We’re right in the middle of summer, uh? All it makes me want to do, is run away on a holiday, spend the whole time soaking up some coastal sun someplace quiet. Since I'm trying to be a more responsible adult, instead of running away just quite yet, I plan to spend a lot of my time here reading this mini pile of books that sit beside my desk. Get to that list of movies I’ve been meaning to watch and re-watch for a while. Im going to spend all my mornings doing photoshoots and have mid-afternoon coffee dates with my girlfriends. Its alright summer, I think we’ll do a little better this time.

Now here we are with Heartbreak Central. With the last letter mainly focussed on all the joy love brings, I only thought it fair to address the other sides love as well! I haven’t got it all covered, but I did want to share a few things. Theres also a section by Caroline, who is rapidly becoming my greatest muse!

Enjoy reading!

- Seemal
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"Betrayal is a painful word to fathom, one I try not to think about because of how easily it can occur. I’ve been betrayed…we all have. And its remnants live on in our skin and bones, and in the bottom of our stomach long after the crime has been committed. It hisses and froths at those times when we’re about to hand the reins of trust to someone new. It’s easier to heal from a heartbreak than from betrayal. The heart is a stand alone organ that longs to be challenged so that it can fall apart and take on a new shape each time it’s put back together. Betrayal, however, is an insult to one’s intuition. It takes place only after we make ourselves vulnerable to another. It’s a risk we take to satisfy the longings of the heart. "

"When Seemal came over, with no specific agenda in mind, she asked me how I was. In some cases, you’re expected to answer, “Great! How are you?”. Most of the time, I  answer honestly, much to the dismay of people who don’t want to know if I’m anything else but great. 

It’s been six weeks since getting married, and it’s been a source of catharsis for others more than me. As I told Seemal that afternoon, everybody is an expert at marriage, and everyone has some sort of wisdom and advice to shower on a new bride and groom. So I asked my new husband, after swallowing my own neuroses, “Baby, I’m sure others think they understand this marriage business better than us and want the best for us, but only you and I know what you and I are about. How about we forget the rest and just do things our own way?” It might not be right, and it might not look good, but my own company has always been just as satisfying as another’s. After all, I have my own world to live in, and others are welcome to enter and leave when and how they choose.

This is my first shoot in almost two years, but it’s always felt natural to do as I please in front of a camera. The presence of a lens gives you permission automatically to be anyone and anything, to anyone. Sitting back in my living room with Seemal, as she crouched, knelt and twisted like photographers do, I said to Seemal, I’m a cat. I will be a cat for you. Ten years ago, I was a cat for about an hour a day for six weeks. It was for a theatre practice, of course. Arching my back, licking myself, lying with my belly exposed while waiting for a nice rub, it came to me like second nature. It was liberating. I can now confirm that cats have more fun than blonds. Yes, I’ve been blond before, so I can say that."

Caroline is a musician, writer and actress from Toronto, Canada, and currently lives in Bangalore with her husband. She sings and writes with her band River Below Rivers and runs Kerosene Digital, a communications consultancy. 
Find her: @caro2point0// Soundcloud: BlossomingSilence

I remember the last time we were you and me.

These parting glances break me every time. I can’t.
You turn to look at me, I look back at you. The timing feels so right. But, we know we’re still going to walk away. Is this supposed to suck this way? Will I ever see you again? I know we will meet again, but right now everything seems like such a gamble. Just like my sanity and integrity, its all up for grabs. Walk away, don’t look back again, feel his eyes burn your back. Walk away.
Airports, taxis, closing doors, sometimes travelling makes me so emotional!

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Here are some songs to cheer you up, and me, so we get a good night's sleep.
I can't get enough of Lana Del Rey, really. She's the most haunting.
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Mazzy Star. You know this song.
Françoise Hardy - Le Temps de l'Amour
I'll be honest, I only got to this from Moonrise Kingdom, but haven't stopped listening to it since! It has been months and years! It is just such a yummy song!
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