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March 13, 2020
Simply Living Community Update Newsletter: Celebrate Local!


To create a compassionate and sustainable world through personal, community and cultural transformation


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Community Education for Sustainable Living
Simply Living Sustainable U classes & workshops, Earth Institute courses on environmental topics, monthly documentary films, meetups held at local businesses and organizations - join us to socialize, learn, build community and co-create a joyful, compassionate, and sustainable future!
the local skinny red backgroundThe Local Skinny event cancellations... the events listed below are the ones who have contacted us. Please be advised that the cascade of cancellations is likely to affect other events listed so be sure to check the website or event pages on Facebook, Eventbrite, etc. BEFORE  you attend. This applies to events listed in the Columbus Underground Mega Weekend and Connie Hammond's Columbus Peace Newsletter.

Worthington Farmers Market (3/14)
Free Press Second Saturday Salon (3/14)
Care & Share Time Bank POTLUCk and Program (3/15)
EPN program Exploring the Interactions between Water, Climate and Communication (3/17) NOTE:  
 Video streaming planned. Free Registration, agenda and speaker bios click here)
We Dig Ohio: Urban Agriculture & Community Garden Summit (3/21) NOTE Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are closed for 3 weeks.

Neighborhood Transition Strategies (3/22) Whetstone Library (Columbus Libraries are open but all meetings and classes are cancelled through March 31) 

Dr. Rev. William Barber Lecture at OSU (3/25)
America's Radioactive Secret with Journalist JUSTIN NOBEL(3/29) NOTE: Video presentation is being explored.
Earth Day Celebration CANCELLED (4/25) but Service Projects Continue

Kids with dirty clothesLet Them Eat Dirt: The Hunt for Our Kids' Missing Microbes

This new film at the Grandview Theater, Sunday, March 15, from 2-4 pm.probes the latest research into the "microbiome" in our gut to tease out a new explanation for why we have an epidemic of autoimmune diseases like asthma, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, autism, etc. It's a fascinating story that has only emerged in the last decade and it challenges many of our attitudes and practices related to germs and cleanliness.  Suffice to say "free range kids" and children raised in traditional farmsteads have healthier microbiomes. More HERE
If you don't like bacteria, you're on the wrong planet. ~ Stewart Brand
CORRECTION: Our April film, The Best of Both World: Cohousing's Promise, will take place Sunday, April 5 from 2-4 pm at Studio 35. Our print newsletter has the wrong date and time. We apologize for the confusion!
Summary: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS explores the concept of cohousing as expressed through first-hand observations of residents of four cohousing communities— including the first one in the United States—and observations by architect Charles Durrett, who brought the concept to the US from Denmark. Q&A discussion after the film will be led by Tim Cooke, who is leading two cohousing initiatives in Columbus. Invitations coming next week on Eventbrite, Facebook, Meetup, and the SL website.
Remember the plants, trees, animal life who all have their families, their histories too. Talk to them, listen to them. They are alive poems. ~ Joy Harjo
More Highlights in this week's Community Update!

> indicates NEW post this week
See the Learn section  
Let Them Eat Dirt explores our microbiome and finds some microbes are missing! Panel of experts will answer our questions (3/15) at Grandview Theater - 2 - 4pm
Wild and Wonder environmental film series at Studio 35 features
FANTASTIC FUNGI at 1:30 pm Satirday
Get into the wetlands for Vernal Pool monitoring at Stratford
Ecological Center (3-20 and 4-3)

> Earth 911 features strategies to reset your life during corona virus and How to break our paper towel addiction
Columbus Garden School workshops and classes including DIY Healthy Home Cleansers by Amy Ceccoli
Blue Rock Station's Annie Warmke is teaching Cheese making
(March 28) And check out their new project to create a virtual forest - hey, every tree planted helps! Shepherd's Corner Maple Syrup Tour and Spring Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Read more in the Learn section

See the News section 
> Rita Carnevale recommends Healing the Womb Rite in the Ceremonial Circle (3/21) + Rita will be leading
> Jaguar Trance Journey of Self Discovery (3/28)
New Free Press is out - in print and online 
Sunrise Movement released short video to promote the Green New Deal and "make the status quo impossible" Columbus Urban Forestry Master Plan for planting TREES challenges us to get involved
BioBlitz at Coyote Run Farm in Pickerinton (4-25)
EcoChallenge for Earth Month announced April 1-22 (Registration is open)

Earth Day Columbus 2020 now accepting work sites
Read more in the News section

See the Community section 
> Columbus Underground has chronicled weekend events!
> Connie Hammond's e-newsletter updated!
Listen to our Columbus Community Radio! 
 Read more in the Community section

See the Arts & Culture Section  
Yoga Well Being Classes updated
> Friday Night Talk at Phoenix Books is Letting Go by John Ensign

> Shane D Wilson featured Saturday at Java Central (3-14)
Dan Weber at Folk Music Society event (3-28) at Cbus Mennonite Church
 Peripatetic Poets features Susan Glasmere (3-15)
> Square Dancing
venues are updated with upcoming events and new dance at Stratford Eco Center

Arch City Poets announce an afternoon of Poets and Poetry at Main Library April 18
Read more in the Arts & Culture section

SEE the Local Foods Section 
> Corona Virus Resources to boost your immune system recommended by Organic Consumers Association
City Folk's Farm Shop
offers  a Plant Swap (3-21) and a Homesteading Support Group (3-22).
One Bite Wellness has a recipe for Rainbow Chili
Growing Green 2020 at the Agraria Farm
in Yellow Springs announces conference March 13-15

Read more in the Local Foods section
Snowflakes, leaves, humans, plants, raindrops, stars, molecules, microscopic entities
all come in communities. The singular cannot in reality exist. ~ Paula Gunn Allen


Simply Living Sustainable U organizes workshops/classes in Central Ohio that
train and educate people about sustainability topics and practices including:

Food • Urban Homesteading • Health and Wellness • Energy Solutions
Green Building  • Finance • Transportation • Economics
The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart. ~ Iris Murdoch
Sunday, March 15
2 - 4 pm

Grandview Theater and Drafthouse

1247 Grandview Ave
Grandview Heights, OH 43212

Allergies, obesity, asthma, diabetes, auto-immune and intestinal disorders are all on the rise. New research points to changes in the ecosystem of microbes that live on and inside every one of us — our microbiomes — as a major cause. The film explores the role microbes play in the development, physical and mental health of our children, and argues that good health may begin with kids playing in the dirt. Q&A discussion after the film with local experts. Suggested donation: $7 or $5 for Simply Living members.

RSVP (free) on Eventbrite.  Updates on Facebook and Meetup.  Preview trailer HERE

"This entertaining and informative video helps parents, educators, and physicians understand
the impact of microbes on child health and disease. Supported by examples from the latest research, complex scientific concepts are accurately distilled down so they can be easily understood and acted upon. Let Them Eat Dirt provides a new and important perspective on how the body's microbes
are necessary for maintaining health and preventing disease." ~ Dr. Michael Bailey
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University,
Principal Investigator, Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Upcoming Classes
Columbus Garden School
1350 East Cooke Rd
Columbus OH 43224
(614) 404-7236

Click to see the full description of each class or workshop.

Upcoming Classes in March 
1190 Virginia Ridge Road, Philo, OH  43771  Phone 740-674-4300

March 9th- 14th:  Small Wind Turbine Certification Class, at Zane State College (8 am to 5 pm daily). Registration required.  Zane State is only a hour out of Columbus and an easy drive on I-70.  No registration with the college is necessary.  Another great class by award-winning instructor Jay Warmke

March 28th: Cheese making at 1 pm to 4 pm.  Join Annie Warmke to learn a simple form of cheese that can become many different types, plus learn how to make cottage cheese.
MORE Upcoming Classes HERE 

Create a Virtual Forest

We are all aware of the peril our planet faces as climate changes due to mankind’s impact upon our home. But what can we, as individuals, do? Perhaps very little. But we can plant a tree.

It has been estimated that the planting of a trillion trees would significantly counter some of the effects of our greenhouse gases. So let’s get started (after all, if you plant one – now the number needed is less than a trillion).

With this in mind, we thought it good idea to share the Blue Rock Station resources and invite people to join a club that offers information about forest gardening, and opportunities to plant your own tree or shrub. This is the idea behind The Forest Garden Club.

We’ve revamped some common areas of the farm to accommodate the new Forest Garden, so that club members can either plant trees and shrubs in the new areas. We hope this will build community locally around the planting of trees. But obviously more needs to be done. So we hope to create a “virtual forest.” Simply send pictures to us of your own tree plantings and we will include them in a “forest” gallery on the Blue Rock Station website.

The kick off for the Forest Garden Club will be April 19th. Chad Culley from the Cincinnati Zoo will be here at Blue Rock Station to lead a forest walk for tree ID, and show how to easily propagate trees. Price of admission is a willingness to plant a tree.

If you register before April 19th you will be eligible to receive two cuttings (starts) of either elderberry bush, pussy willow, and false indigo (can be picked up April 19th or shipped for a small fee) while supplies last. To officially become a member of the tree club you will need to either send a photo (via email, social media or snail mail) of the tree or shrub you planted and include the location or show up on April 19th to announce your plans.
Join the Forest Garden Club HERE

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age.
~ Dylan Thomas
Upcoming Events at Stratford

vernal poolFriday March 20 & April 3
6 pm

Vernal Pool Monitoring
$3 per person

It’s time for the spring awakening in the wetlands.  At 6pm vernal pool experts will help you get up-close and personal with some of the creatures who make the vernal pools their home.  After learning inside we will put on our mud boots for a night hike to the vernal pool. We will listen for mating calls and look for salamanders, frogs and egg masses.  You will be participating in a state-wide preservation effort of one of Ohio’s disappearing ecosystem. Registration required at or call 740-363-2548. Located at 3083 Liberty Rd. Delaware 43015

Shepherd's Corner
Ecology Center

987 N Waggoner Road Blacklick, OH 43004
(614) 866-4302

Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center, staff and animals, are excited for 2020! Our January through April events are posted on our Facebook as well as on our website. If you would like more information regarding a program, do not hesitate to reach out. To register for any of these programs, please visit the calendar on our website or give us a call at (614) 866-4302.

Thursday, March 12
1 - 3 PM

Maple Syrup Tour
$6 per participant

Registration, which is required, ends three business days
prior to program or when capacity is reached.

Led by Miranda Land & Dustin McQuade, Staff 

Learn about maple sugaring from tree sap out the tap, to syrup on your breakfast. Come see our boiling process and taste our syrup, and more! We ask that children attending be accompanied by adults. The program held on March 7th will be identical to the March 12th program.

Registration, which is required, closes three business days prior to the program. Minimum of 5 participants. Register by calling (614) 866-4302 or through the online form HERE

Thursday, March 19
7 - 8:30 PM

Spring Equinox Labyrinth Walk
Wengert Road labyrinth, Wengert Road

COST:$5 donation
CONTACT:  Miranda  614-866-4302 

Honoring the beautiful balance of Nature on the Spring Equinox. 
   Facilitated by Joy Lawrence
   Joy is a LMT & a yoga instructor.
Our labyrinth is located on Wengert Road, at the second drive to the right. Snacks and beverages will be included. Please wear comfortable shoes. Everyone is welcome! No previous meditation experience or experience walking labyrinths is required. 
Registration, which is required, closes three business days prior to the program. Minimum of 5 participants. Please register by calling (614) 866-4302 or online HERE

Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center is an outreach of The Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Imagine a real democracy – us, we, ours – where all votes are counted.
The right to vote in fair electoral districts is guaranteed. Our representatives
in state legislatures and county legislatures and federal government are diverse.
~ David Orr, author and professor 

Use Coronavirus to

Reset Your Life for


If you find yourself stuck at home due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, here are four areas of personal consumption to rethink while you have extra time on your hands.

Read More

Breaking Our Paper

Towel Addiction

Americans spend $5.7 billion dollars a year on paper towels, almost half of global consumption. Here is what we can do to break our addiction.

Read More


Click for the Simply Living DVD Collection. Scroll down to view titles. To borrow a DVD, email Chuck or call 614-354-6172.
Bring your Loyalty Card to any Simply Living film, meetup, class, or event and get it punched. When all ten holes are punched you will receive a $50 credit toward any classes or workshops sponsored by Simply Living. Available to all Simply Living members.
Click for PDF version of Winter 2020 edition of Simply News Lead article: Breaking the Trance: Can Living Simply Become the New Normal? by Chuck Lynd
Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. ~ William Butler Yeats
Simply Living member Carolyn Harding, a shero leader and on the ground activist protecting our community from fracking waste and local community rights for home rule, speaks truth to power at Otterbein's World War Zero Town Hall last Sunday. Watch and listen as Carolyn holds Gov John Kasich accountable for his fracking record in Ohio. John Kerry came to his defense, as Arnold Schwarzenegger looks on  YouTube clip HERE
The Sunrise movement released this short video 
They want to "make the status quo impossible."

Young Person "We are the political revolution"

Earth Day Columbus 2020 accepting worksites

Columbus is a national leader in organizing service projects that benefit the environment. Plan to host a project... the website is now live and ready for sign-ups:

An EcoChallenge for Earth Month

April 1 - 22, 2020

Registration Opens March 2nd


The year 2020 sets the precedent for the progress

that can take hold when millions of people come together

to demand and take action for a better shared world.

Join this global moment, and take action with us.


Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out. ~ Iris Murdoch
urban forestry master plan logo



All this growth has created a tree canopy deficit + heat islands!

Want to learn more and get involved?

Check Here for the project website to get updates and an

interactive canopy map. Then click the Get Involved Tab!

SATURDAY, APRIL 25Coyote run farm logo
9 AM - 4 PM
Owling - After-hours
Birding begins - 7 am

Coyote Run Farm

9270 Pickerington Road, Pickerington, Ohio
To receive details, email
Ohio Wetlands Association invites interested naturalists (experts and learners) to join our effort to observe, discover, and report on the diversity of all living things at Coyote Run.
The BioBlitz officially starts at 9 am and goes to 4 pm, but you may arrive and leave at any time. Early birding activities begin at 7 am. Minnow traps will be set the night before for you to examine the day of the BioBlitz for those interested in amphibians, etc. We’ll have after-hours Owling. Bring a camper or tent and stay Friday and/or Saturday night if you like. (110V hookups are available). Morning snacks and lunch will be provided.

Participants are asked to use iNaturalist to report observations to the Coyote Run project (manual methods will be accepted). We currently have over 4,700 observations and over 1,500 species. For iNaturalist specifics, go to .
No cost registration is requested. If you are interested in registering, please send an email to Include your name, preferred email, area of interest, and if you plan to camp with us.
Love of the simple is all that I need, I've no time for schism or lovers of greed.
~ Van Morrison


Columbus Underground Mega Weekend!
Blooms & Butterflies, Wild & Wonder, Fright Club
Compiled by Anne Evans. Full CU Website listings HERE.

Blooms and Butterflies opens this weekend at The Franklin Park Conservatory NOTE: CLOSED for next 3 weeks.

Have a safe weekend and wash your hands! Updates on the Arnold Sports Festival. Tickets for the Healthy Living Festival are on sale. Below are some top picks for the weekend and find links to daily lists. Have a great weekend!


-Generate Hand Washing Lyrics to make sure you are getting that 20 seconds in!
-Support your favorite non-profit or arts organization with a donation through 
The Columbus Foundation’s Emergency Response Fund

-Read up on how to keep yourself safe, your business safe, and what to do when you are sick
-Follow CU for ongoing updates to COVID-19


-Catch up on Breaking Bad so you can also watch Better Call Saul and El Camino
-The Witcher
-Schitt’s Creek-Maniac
-The Great British Baking Show
-I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson
-Documentary, Now!
-Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
-and Westworld returns to HBO on Sunday!


My Fair Lady plays at the Ohio Theater
-Enjoy some Speakeasy Hot Jazz
Moonlight and Magnolias opens at CATCO – cancelled
-Final weekend for Wild Nights at ShadowboxLive – special update:

Due to the Governor DeWine’s announcement regarding entertainment and show venue closings,  Shadowbox Live’s remaining schedule of shows this weekend are currently scheduled as planned, with reduced seating to adhere to state mandates and federal advice.

-Last weekend to see Season Two: Follow the Mud at Beeler Gallery at CCAD
-Children’s Theatre shows The Box Show
-See a cool alumni show at Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery
-Wild Goose has a poetry show
Blooms & Butterflies opens at Franklin Park Conservatory


Read up on Third-District Congressional Candidates
-Check to see if your polling place moved (for Tuesday March 17)
Shop Sunny Meadows Flower Farm Stand
-Grand Opening of Secret Studio
Shop Franklinton Farms
-The Big Gay Sing ABBA Sing Along has an added show on Friday night – cancelled
-See Madlab: The Part of Me
Trolls opens at Legoland
On Paper Has A New Owner, Come Meet Her
-Fado in Dublin has a St. Patrick’s Day party

Wild & Wonder starts at Studio 35
Puerto Rican Party
Block’s Bagels opened at North Market
-On Sunday, catch the start of Fright Club’s A24 Horror Series

Mega Weekend gives you a great list of events this weekend in Columbus, so you can be in the know! Looking for more things to do? Here’s a list of events for Thursday, for Friday, for Saturday, and Sunday. Events cancelled are still listed in the calendar with the update, but please check before you go.

There’s always more in the Events Calendar

I'm not afraid of a world with less consumerism, less 'stuff' and no economic growth. 
I'm far more frightened of the opposite. ~ Rob Hopkins 

Connie HammondGET ACTIVE!  Items below are selected from the Columbus Peace Newsletter edited by Connie Hammond (pictured at left).
NOTE: Simply Living does not endorse any candidates for political office so we do not include those here. We do include events related to Issues and candidate forums. For lots  more events including candidate activities, Email to subscribe or share meeting info.

CANCELLED Friday, March 13, 2020, 8:00 – 11:00 PM. Salsa Dance Fundraiser for #CitizenMiriam.  

CANCELLED  Saturday, March 14, 2020, 9:30 AM.  Columbus Moms Demand Action March Membership Meeting.  

CANCELLED  Saturday, March 14, 2020, 6:30 – 11:00 PM.  Free Press Second Saturday Salon.  

CANCELLED  Saturday, March 14, 2020, 9:30 AM.  Moms Demand Action March Meeting.

CANCELLED  Sunday, March 15, 2020, Noon - 2:00 PM.  Souls to the Polls with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

Sunday, March 15, 2020, 2:00 – 4:00 PM.  Let Them Eat Dirt:  The Hunt for Our Kids’ Missing Microbes.  Find out the latest research on the effect of soil microbes on the healthy immunity of our children. Important for everyone to see! Allergies, obesity, asthma, diabetes, auto-immune and intestinal disorders are all on the rise. New research points to changes in the ecosystem of microbes that live on and inside every one of us -- our microbiomes -- as a major cause. The film explores the role microbes play in the development, physical and mental health of our children, and argues that good health may begin with kids playing in the dirt. Q&A discussion after the film with local experts. Suggested donation: $7 or $5 Simply Living members.  Location:  Grandview Theater & Drafthouse, 1247 Grandview Ave., Columbus 43212.  Facebook

CANCELLED  Sunday, March 15, 2020, 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  Care & Share Time Bank Potluck. Program:  More Ideas for Your Garden - Paisley Nash-Dooley of Sunbury Urban Farm.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020, ANYTIME.  Collect Signatures for the Ohioans for Gun Safety Petition.  Any shift, at a polling location near you! Sign up at the link to receive an assignment, petition booklets, and further info, or email with any questions or if you'd like to get involved in a different way.  Sign up here

Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 3:00 - 5:00 PM.  Rally for Public Schools.  On Wednesday, March 18, public school parents, students, teachers, education support professionals, school administrators, business officials and community members from across Ohio will gather at the Statehouse in support of public schools and Ohio’s students.  Please RSVP here:  Location:  Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus 43215.  More information on Facebook.  

CANCELLED  Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 7:00 PM.  Meaningful Movie Night:  Imprisoning a Generation.  

CANCELLED  Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  Pride Volunteer Meeting.  

CANCELLED Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 6:00 - 8:00 PM.  March Green Drinks - Earth Day Volunteer Kickoff.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 PM.  Construction Industry, Apprenticeship and the Building Rades Career Session. Learn about careers in the skilled construction trades, meet construction professionals who can answer your questions, and learn how to apply for a career in the construction industry.  This event is free, pre-registration is encouraged.  Location:  Dodge Recreation Center 667 Sullivant Ave., Columbus 43215.  To register visit –

CANCELLED Thursday, March 19, 2020, 12:00 – 1:00 PM.  Screening:  Breathe Free.  T

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  March Repro Health Happy Hour.  March 10th is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, so let's celebrate (a little late)! Come out and have a drink, write a thank you note, and raise funds to put together thank you packages for people in the trenches of the reproductive justice fight.  What is the Reproductive Health Happy Hour? It’s a networking event for sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice professionals, advocates, and allies. Come when you can and leave when you need’s a casual meet-up.  A portion of bar sales go towards creating THANK YOU packages for our abortion providers this year!! Location:  St James Tavern, 1057 N. Fourth St., Columbus 43201.  Facebook

Thursday, March 19, 2020, 6:30 – 8:30 PM.  Storytelling Workshop in Columbus.  Learning to authentically tell your story is a critical component of deep canvassing and the most effective way to get infrequent voters to commit to vote. Our storytelling workshops have been created in collaboration with the California based group that invented deep canvassing, and we recommend attending regularly in conjunction with our canvasses.  Location:  Ohio Democratic Party, 340 E. Fulton St., Columbus 43215.  Register here.

CANCELLED  March 20, 2020, 8:50 AM - 3:30 PM.  COMPRAS Conference:  What is America’s Role in the World? 

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth,
We are happy when we are growing. ~ William Butler Yeats
Take me to the listing of weekly and monthly events!
      The Green Renaissance Network 94.1

WGRN FM 94.1  Listen Live on your radio or listen online. Download podcasts! Scroll down the home page and check out their awesome SCHEDULE! 92.7 or 98.3 on your radio dial or listen online. Check out the SCHEDULE!  

Get them PRE-SET in your vehicle. WCRS features News in the morning and WGRN offers News in the afternoon. Diverse Music and Voices you won't hear anywhere else in Cbus!

Columbus Area Community Event Lists

Columbus Free Press Activists Calendar Editor Bob Roehm posts online and in the monthly print edition.
Columbus Peace Network Calendar Editor Connie Hammond keeps up with political events, meetings
Columbus Underground Calendar Editor Anne Evans - we post much of her awesome Mega Weekend!
Simply Living Calendar of Weekly/Monthly Community Events Editor Chuck Lynd - text only listings.
WCBE Arts & Life Calendar 
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Upcoming Classes
296 W. 4th Ave, 3rd Floor
Columbus OH 43201
Second Friday of the Month
Next: Friday, March 13, 6:30-8:00 PM

Third Sunday of the Month
Next Session: Sunday, March 15, 1:00-2:30 PM
Free. Donations are welcome.  Sign Up HERE.

Topical Ayurveda workshops with Troy and Eszter
Registration: $35 per session
March 20 - Holistic Spring Cleaning, March 27 - Managing Moods.

Phoenix Books

3110 N High St Columbus OH 43202


M-F 10:30-7 pm   Sat 10:30-4pm   Sun Closed

Friday Night Talks

March 13, 2020   7-8pm   $5.00 cash at the door
Letting Go  John Ensign

Why doesn’t happiness and health stay put?  We know intuitively that there must be an answer. When feeling ill or upset, we go see a doctor, an analyst, or alternative healer. We try medication, different foods, and alternative substances. We go to workshops, Gurus, try spiritual practices, and attend Friday Night Talks. We may get temporary relief and then it’s on the next problem.  

How do we get free of illness, pain, and suffering” how do we get free to experience more serenity, beauty, and joy? The answer is in the letting go process. Basics of the letting go method will be presented in this talk by John Ensign.

SEE all upcoming talks HERE

7 - 10 pm

Great Jazz - and much more!



Readings in Local Bookstores, Bars, Cafes, Colleges 

Events listed here:


Peripatetic Poets

March 15 @ 6:30 pm EST 

Susan Glasmere (pictured at left)

Third Sunday of the Month at 6:30 p.m. 

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church  30 West Woodruff
Columbus 43210

Here are links to more literary event spaces in our local bookstores!
Gramercy Books in Bexley (2424 E Main St 43209) From author talks to a monthly book club to poetry readings, find it here.
The Book Loft in German Village (631 South Third Street 43206) We work with a wide variety of authors each year in our store and many off-site venues across the city. 
Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus South Side (1124 Parsons Ave 43206) The family-run cafe and bookstore brought to you by local indie press Two Dollar Radio!
Prologue Bookshop, 841 N. High St in the Short North, Columbus 43215.
Kafe Kerouac in University District (2250 N High St 43201) Kafe Kerouac hosts a plethora of musical acts, poets, speakers, interest groups, and the like. 

8 PM

From Park Ranger to Singer-Songwriter

Columbus Mennonite Church
35 Oakland Park Ave, Columbus 43214

Inspired by the wilderness he once patrolled as a park ranger, Dan Weber brings his compelling originals to Columbus.  He’s obviously also inspired by a folk music icon — Dan’s tribute song to Woody Guthrie rose to #2 on the national folk music charts, and Dan won the national Woody Guthrie songwriting contest with a sonG about gun violence.  Dan has toured extensively across the country, earning standing ovations and other musical awards. 
     Before Dan’s  8 pm appearance as featured performer, other activities are planned: an informal jam at 6 pm, 3 open mic acts at 7 pm, and an audience sing-along at 7:45.
When heart is open, you will change just like a flower slowly opening. ~ Van Morrison



square dancing at wild goose creativeWild Goose Creative Square Dancing
2491 Summit Ave Cbus 43202

(First Friday of the Month)
Friday, April 3
7-11 pm


Contra DancersBig Scioty Contra Dancing
First Congregational Church
444 East Broad St. Cbus 43215

Saturday, April 4 – Big Scioty
Jeanie and the Dreamers and Jan Phillips
Saturday, April 18 – Big Scioty
Big Fun and Gaye Fifer

8 - 11 pm,. beginners lesson at 7:30 pm

All Soles Contra Dancers
All Soles Contra & Square Dance

All Soles at First UU Church
93 W Weisheimer Rd Cbus 43214
Friday, April 10th – All Soles
Trillium and Kim Thompson



Have I told you lately that I love you, have I told you lately there's no one above you.
Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you do.
~ Van Morrison
Art Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes ArtArt Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes Art
Keep up on all the events, organizations, artists and their stories! Subscribe to their monthly newsletter and the Mid-Month Events E-Blast!
They showcase diverse perspectives and depth of talent in our Columbus arts community.

Calendar of Shadowbox Live events HERE. See CAPA events HERE.


A mere 2 percent increase in the carbon content
of the planet’s soils could offset 100 percent of all
greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere.
~ Dr. Rattan Lal, Ohio State Soil Scientist

Corona Virus Resources

What steps can we take to make us more resistant and resilient, so we’re less likely to become infected?

The good people at the Organic Consumers Association pulled two articles that outline some of the foods and nutrients you should add to your diet to improve your chances of staying healthy. 

There’s still a lot we don’t know—and may never know—about COVID-19. 
But this we do know: A strong immune system is your best friend right now. And what you eat plays a big role in boosting that system.


Read: ‘Essential Nutrition to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus’

Read ‘Medicinal Foods and Beverages Protect Against Coronavirus, Research Suggests’

Upcoming Events
City Folk's Farm Shop
4760 N. High St.
Columbus OH 43214
Phone 614-946-5553
SEE All Classes HERE

Monthly Plant Swap at City Folk's
Saturday March 21, 1 - 2 PM
The Monthly Plant Swap is a great way to get your plant fix on the cheap! Every month, join us to swap your outdoor plants, indoor plants, perennials, annuals, starts, seedlings, cuttings, seeds, pots, tools, anything plant related! Pest free is always best. We are here to answer any planty questions you may have. Don’t have anything to swap? That’s ok, come anyway! There are plants for sale in the. Shop and there are usually extras to share.  Be sure to check out our selection of plants, soils, tools and amendments in the shop and go home with everything you need for your new plants!  Register HERE.

Monthly Homesteading Support Group (Free)
Sun March 22, 11 AM – 12:30 PM

This is a great group of people that have been meeting for 5+ years.  Skills and knowledge are shared in an infomal setting and there is always time to discuss other homesteading topics.  We are always happy to have new people join the group.   Topics:
March- Bread: Sour Dough and Easy Bread Baking 
April -Compost - Bokashi, Worms, Pit, Bins, and Soil 
Register HERE

SEE all upcoming classes and workshops HERE.


It’s the slow-cooker time of the year and we are using the Crockpot on the regular. It’s easy to make a basic chili or a fancier one with this beloved piece of kitchen equipment. We bought some rainbow carrots and decided to make our chili a bit fancy for a recent date night but it’s equally good to casually and lovingly feed yourself or a whole, hungry family.e rest of the blog HERE and follow the work of integrative functional nutritionist and all around wellness guru Adrienne Raimos

Annual plants are nature's emergency medical service, seeded in sounds and scars
to hold the land until the perennial cover is re-established. ~ Wendell Berry

Growing Green 2020: Investing in Conservation 
and Local Food 

Friday, March 13th - Sunday, March 15th

Featured Speakers
Atmospheric Scientist Aaron Wilson, author John Ikerd, Cheryl Rice of NRCS, Leslie Shaller of ACEnet & Terry Traster from Columbus Food Fort

  • Tours of Agraria and Finch Creek Farm with dialogue on economics of organic grazing and cover crops
  • Panels on successful local food distribution and Farm-to-School Programs
  • Friday panel and session on climate change in Ohio and how to overcome challenges
  • Funding information for farmers and landowners to implement conservation practices
  • Discussions on strengthening our local food-shed and healing our climate with healthy soil
Friday’s events are free and open to all!
        Click here for More Information & Tickets

In the Native American tradition... a man, if he's a mature adult, nurtures life. He does rituals
that will help things grow, he helps raise the kids, and he protects the people. His entire life
is toward balance and cooperativeness. The ideal of manhood is the same as the
ideal of womanhood. You are autonomous, self-directing, and responsible for the
spiritual, social and material life of all those with whom you live. ~ Paula Gunn Allen

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