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November 6, 2020
Simply Living Community Update Newsletter: Celebrate Local!


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News and Highlights from Simply Living's November Community Update

The Local Skinny> Learn to LIVE SIMPLY here.
> Be the Change - November Events Added to Our Calendar
> Fire Drill Friday Heart & Soul Edition with Jane Fonda, Rev. Barber, and Rebecca Solnit
> New Meetup: Envisioning Intentional Community in Columbus
> Intro to Public Banking - Presentation + Panel Announced
> Regenerative Farming

 > Greenest City?  Meetup with Dave Celebrezze (Columbus Greenspot), Cathy Cowan Becker (Ready for 100) & Barb Pratzner (who visited Curitiba Brazil)
> Volunteer or Donate to Simply Living's Annual FriendRaiser - the Online Auction starts on Black Friday (Nov 27 - Dec 5) + a Woody Harrelson's OPTIMISTIC new documentary Kiss the Ground & Panel Discussion on Wednesday, December 2nd

> Care & Share Time Bank Thanksgiving Party!
> Columbus Underground Mega Weekend, Columbus on the Cheap, Progressive Events
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Tuesday November 10
1 - 2:30 pm

The Public Banking Institute with Ohio Sponsors and Advocates
Invites you to Explore and Learn about the Public Banking Movement

Register Free 
     Simply Living, in partnership with the Support Our Local Economies (SOLE) coalition, is co-sponsoring the launch of a new Public Banking Movement in Ohio!  The Town Hall event is produced by the national Public Banking Institute (PBI) and offers a clear introduction to the benefits offered by a public bank option to address critical community needs. Examples include affordable housing, green infrastructure projects, adequate credit for small businesses, growing the market for local food systems, renewable energy, and more.
     Other co-sponsors include the Ohio Sustainable Business Council, the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), Regionomics, and Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign. 
     Even after the CARES stimulus package, states and cities face serious budget crises and communities are struggling with high unemployment and reduced tax revenues. 
     After a slide presentation explaining how public banks work, Town Hall panelists will be available to respond to your questions. Panelists include:
Walt McRee, Board Chair Emeritus, Senior Advisor to PBI and former director of the Pennsylvania Public Banking Project. Walt  continues to serve PBI by coordinating the monthly coalition and coordinator calls.
Mayda Sanchez, Executive Director of the Ohio Sustainable Business Council (OSBC) and partner in the Support Ohio Local Economies (SOLE) Coalition.  
Adam LeeKOConsulting, is engaged with a Youngstown, Mahoning County initiative to create a new green manufacturing hub. Adam will be presenting the slide deck during the presentation, and he believes there is an excellent chance that Youngstown is ready to create a public bank to support this comprehensive effort.
Mike Ferner, a former city council member in Toledo, has been following PBI for several years and has been promoting the idea to his many legislative and agency contacts.  He believes there is interest in a public bank and is willing to lead an effort there.
Derek Peebles, national director of AMIBA, is based in Cincinnati, where he serves on various boards and is involved with a Business Alliance there.  He is also engaged with the Green Umbrella project in the Cincinnati region. 
Bill LaFayette, economist and owner of Regionomics, offers consulting services to cities and towns throughout Ohio.  Bill understands the importance of reinventing local economic development plans for urban and rural areas that have suffered with the exodus of manufacturing facilities and the loss of small farms. A public bank offers a new option for making targeted investments in these communities.

     The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the profound injustice at the core of so many of our economic institutions. The need for a municipal public bank — mission-driven to invest in public priorities, offers exciting benefits. Join us to imagine the future we need!
Monday November 16
7 pm
Simply Living Online Meetup

An opportunity to explore the value of living in an intentional community. Register here.

Are you tired of feeling alone in your endeavors to create a wholesome life that brings satisfaction and fulfillment to you on every level of your being? Do you enjoy the company of others as well as the opportunity to collaborate, share a vision, and create massive and amazing results for yourself and your community?

Then perhaps living in an intentional sustainable community is for you!

You may have given this a thought here and there, and that’s about as far as it’s gotten, or maybe you have looked up materials on community living to get some idea as to what it could be like for you. Maybe you’re already involved in creating an intentional community, and you still would like even more clarity than you already have about yourself, what it is you are looking for, and what it is that you can offer to your community?

If clarity and collaboration is what you are after, then you won’t want to miss this meeting!

In this meeting you will:

Have a guided meditation experience to create clarity on *your ideal* community. You will gain clarity on 4 aspects of community life to give you a solid foundation to work from. To keep the messages coming from an authentic space, these aspects will be revealed during this guided meditation. I’ve found the element of surprise to be very effective. :)

A chance to share your ideal community to create even greater clarity for yourself and others.

A chance to network with those you resonate with most.

And more resources about living in Intentional Communities!

Led by Simply Living member Aaron Jones

Wednesday November 18
7 pm
Simply Living Online Meetup
Learn about the architect turned mayor of Curitiba and join us to imagine the future of a green Columbus! Register on Eventbrite
Watch this 10 minute film: The World's Greenest City: Curitiba, Brazil
     Miracle City? Urban planners the world over visit Curitiba to learn from the sustainable vision of a city designed around its people instead of its cars. This short video features former mayor-turned-architect, Jaime Lerner. His pioneering work includes letting flocks of sheep "mow the lawns in the traditional way", buses without timetables that arrive every minute, and a garbage exchange programme that rewards recycling with fresh produce. 
     Join us for Q&A discussion with Cathy Cowan Becker , leader of Sierra Club's Ready for 100 Campaign, Dave Celebrezze, Director of the Columbus GreenSpot program, and Barb Pratzner, who visited Curitiba Brazil representing Columbus' Sister City program!  Don't miss this opportunity to imagine Columbus becoming the greenest city in the United States!
Save the DATE(s)!  Get ready for a brand new take on 
A Gift To Be Simple (GTBS), our annual friend-raiser!  

Virtual Auction: 
Friday, Nov. 27 through Saturday, Dec. 5
The Action is at the Auction this year, and it kicks off on Black Friday. Start your holiday shopping mindfully and enjoyably by bidding on slightly used items like Chuck's espresso coffee maker, Sheila's worm composter, or bid on experiences like movie passes, or an immersive adventure at True REST Float Spa. Do you have an item to donate? Email with "Auction" as the subject. More fun is planned. Look for an invitation soon and please invite your friends on social media. 
BONUS!  GTBS is not complete without an awesome, upbeat, inspiring event and this year Simply Living will host a virtual screening of Woody Harrelson's new documentary, KISS THE GROUND, followed by Q&A discussion with local leaders in the new soil sciences, regenerative agriculture, and food waste solutions. Details and registration coming soon!  More on the film here.
Eckhart Tolle liberation through simple livingWednesday December 16
7 pm
Simply Living Online Meetup
Learn from a Tolle video and discuss mindfulness with local group leaders.
Register on Eventbrite
Watch The Essence of Mindfulness & ALL Spirituality 
(Pt. 1) | Eckhart Tolle | Rubin Report (38 minutes)
     Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Eckhart Tolle (Author, ‘The Power of Now’ & ‘A New Earth’ ) about his background and experience with anxiety and depression, the essence of mindfulness, consciousness, and all spirituality, the importance of self transcendence, and more. Watch the video on Youtube and join us for a discussion of mindfulness with local practitioners in Columbus:
Michael Malley, Art Yoho, and Sandy Coen.
Our lives… need the relief of where the pine flourishes
and the jay still screams. ~ — Henry David Thoreau

Learn to LIVE SIMPLY here.
What's NEW inside this week
> Grassroot Ohio interviews The COUNT authors of Post Election Guide Morgan Harper and Zach Malitz
>Fire Drill Friday Heart & Soul Edition with Jane Fonda, Rev. Barber, and Rebecca Solnit
> Bioneers on WCBE: Democratizing Wealth for a New Economy
> Cherie Mannino Trio at Java Central 
 > Election 2020: What's Next? (OSU Dialogue)
> Activism and Intentional Community
> Worthington Farmers Market Goes Indoors
Cranksgiving is a food drive without the drive! Ride your bike to purchase items for food pantries
> EPN Webinar: Learn about the Richland Gro-Op cooperative approach to solving environmental, social, and economic challenges.

>Care & Share Time Bank Thanksgiving Party
> Project Drawdown for Congregations
> Senior Shredding Day, Art & Yoga Classes, Mindfulness for Men
 Connect, Learn, Act. Be the change!
Saturday November 28
7 pm
Versatile Fun Duo, Gaines and Wagoner, in Virtual Concert
Watch Mary Gaines and Chris Wagoner play 11 instruments -- guitar, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, bass, ukulele, cello, and more — and 8 musical styles — blues, folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, honky-tonk, old-time, and Americana.  This husband-and-wife Wisconsin duo also tells some whoppin’ good stories.
   To watch, go to the facebook page of the Columbus Folk Music Society, or click on this link: 
In appreciation of the music, viewers will be able to make contributions.  We’ll provide links to do that during the show.  The suggested donation is $15 for the general public, $10 for CFMS members.  
VOX: New articles feature their brand of excellent explanatory journalism.

Exclusive: Rashida Tlaib and AOC have a proposal for a fairer, greener financial system — 
public banking.

By Emily Stewart
Learn about new legislation designed to encourage public banking nationwide. Read it here.

Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout
By David Roberts
“An engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy.” Read it here.
The Great American Lie: New Documentary Film with Riane Eisler
The Great American Lie, a documentary by filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, examines how a United States value system built on the extreme masculine ideals of power, dominance, and control has glorified individualism, institutionalized inequality, and undermined the ability of most Americans to achieve the American Dream.  Produced by The Representation Project.

Center for Partnership Studies Founder and President Dr. Riane Eisler is a featured expert in the film. 
The Great American Lie is now streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

If you haven't seen these wonderful youtube videos, take a few minutes now. Each only 1 minute +

Nature Rx Part 1
Nature Rx Part 2
Nature Rx Part 3

Share Earth911 ideas with your social network.


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You Live More Sustainably

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Greenest Insulation
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Many of the home insulation products on the market contain potent greenhouse gases or release chemicals that degrade indoor air quality. Our guide reviews insulation options to see which save the most energy, promote healthy indoor air quality, and are the most sustainable.

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This week on 
Sustainability In Your Ear:
Transitioning to a new set of sustainable values


A Molecular Meditation to Awareness

Listen to the 13 minute audio here.
Kerstin Sjoquist, Director of Experience and Engagement for IONS.

Everything is interconnected.

That is the opening statement of IONS Guiding Hypothesis, the theoretical premise that we use as a jumping off point for our scientific research and experiential explorations into consciousness.

It’s a concept that many of the world’s wisdom traditions have held as a core truth for millennia. Though they each express it from the nuanced framework of their particular perspective, unity is understood to be fundamental to experience.

The results of scientific research of the past decades are beginning to demonstrate support for this ancient concept. There is more and more evidence that at the deepest layers of reality, the sense of separation that we often encounter so intensely in our day-to-day lives is an illusion.

How might we personally experience this concept of interconnection? The options are broad and diverse — from a host of meditative practices, to lucid dreaming, to plant medicine, to expressive arts, and beyond.

One of my favorite approaches is a simple and native faculty, one that you have likely been using since you were a tiny child: imagination.

Imagination is a tool that offers rich possibilities for inner exploration. It is simple to use, costs nothing, and it is always available to you.

To give you an opportunity to explore the concept of interconnection through the imagination, we invite you on a journey of the mind. In this 13-minute guided meditation we use a visualization of the body as an entryway into an ever deepening experience of expansiveness.

Listen in, and experience for yourself what may lie beyond the molecules of your physical being.

Click for PDF version of the FALL edition of Simply News
Shopping Local is not a new idea. Listen to Rev. J.M. Gates
and choir sing "Chain Stores" in this 1926 gem - with text.
WGRN 94.1 and streaming on carries the best news, talk shows, interviews, music, and much more. Tune into the Green Renaissance Browse the schedule. Wait - there's more Columbus Community Radio. Check out WCRS HERE.

Columbus Underground Mega Weekend!
Shadowbox Returns, Holiday Beers, Fall Fest, and More!
Compiled by Anne Evans. Full CU Website listings HERE

Celebrate Social Enterprise this week!

Welcome to the weekend. We have sale on hot sauce going on! Recycle those election signs.
If you preordered a Coffee Box, thank you! We’ll see at you pickup Saturday and Sunday.
Columbus Food Adventures has Thanksgiving Ideas. Have a safe and fun weekend!


-ShadowboxLive is back with The Legends of Liverpool!
-Edwin Loy Home has their Christmas Open House
-Support the Trans Day of Remembrance Fundraiser
Worthington Farmers Market moves inside
-Plenty of places to watch OSU vs. Rutgers on Saturday


-Find a heated patio to enjoy
-Catch Toy Story 1995 & War With Grandpa at the Drive-In
-Watch Moonlight Movies at Polaris
Jeffrey Park has an outdoor movie
-Clean up Goodale Park
-Shop Franklinton Farm Stand
-Are you doing the NVMM run?
-Enjoy the Festival for Good
-Check out the Thanksliving Mini Pop Up
-Enjoy a Guided Tree Tour Hike at Greenlawn Cemetery


-Watch the next Songs for the Community
D.L. HUGHLEY is at the FunnyBone
-Explore Holiday Artisan Market
934 Gallery has a new show
-Ace of Cups has Steven King w/ Corey Landis
-Shop CMA Pop-up Market with Craftin’ Outlaws
-Get a cool new print
-Watch to Gallery Hop
ProMusica’s AutumnFEST begins
-Go to A Socially Distanced Planes, Trains and Automobiles Beer Tasting


-Learn about Food Waste
-Get your supplies for Schmidt’s The Great Pumpkin Cream Puff Challenge
-Eat some chocolates at a North Market Downtown Pop-up
-Try some Deliciously Magical
-Or some Christmas Ales
-Donate winter gear
-There’s a march happening on Saturday
-BrewDog DogTap has a Fall Fest with The Addams Family Movie and More
-Support A Night of Hope 2020
-Watch Columbus Crew SC vs. Atlanta United FC

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

Without love in the dream it will never come true. ~ Grateful Dead

Columbus on the Cheap

Good, Cheap, Fun

GET ACTIVE!  Items below are selected from the Columbus Peace Newsletter edited by Connie Hammond (pictured at left).
Email to subscribe to her Community Calendar or share meeting info. 

Connie Hammond

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 10:30 AM.  SPAN Virtual Meeting: Post Election Analysis with Michael Lighty.   Michael Lighty, a Fellow at the Sanders Institute, is a well-respected spokesperson for and expert on Medicare for All. For over 25 years, Lighty has organized, written and spoken on the subject. He is currently a lead policy analyst for the single-payer bill, SB 562, the Healthy California Act. From 1994 until 2018, Michael worked for the California Nurses Association/NNU where he coordinated campaigns for an HMO patients’ bill of rights, clean money elections, and nationally for a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street. You must pre-register for the meeting HERE.

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 2:00 PM.  Erasure of The Palestinians: Resisting Israeli Genocide Via Solidarity, Education, Law & Art. From Doctor of Law, lobbyist, and fashionista, Lina Hadid, to renowned Palestinian scholar and lawyer, Diana Buttu, to son of former Israeli General and prominent Jewish anti-Zionist activist, Miko Peled, we discuss increasing normalization with Israel and how to resist through law, boycotts, social media, fashion, protests, and more.  Register here

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 12:00 - 1:00 PM.  Where do we go from here? How do the election results impact the future of peace in Israel and Palestine?  Webinar co-hosted by The Foundation for Middle East Peace and Churches for Middle East Peace with speakers, Maya Berry (The Arab American Institute), Galia Golan (Combatants for Peace), Lara Friedman (The Foundation for Middle East Peace) And moderated by Mae Elise Cannon (Churches for Middle East Peace).  Register here

Tuesday November 10, 1 - 2:30 PM  Virtual Town Hall on Public Banking. Public banks — banks owned by the public — have been shown to respond more rapidly, effectively and equitably to crises than privately-owned banks. The public is invited to learn how at this informative Town Hall.  The event is hosted by the Public Banking Institute and Co-Sponsored by the following Organizations:American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), Ohio Sustainable Business Council (OSBC), Regionomics, Simply Living, and Support Ohio Local Economies (SOLE).  Even after the CARES stimulus package, states and cities face serious budget crises and communities are struggling to survive, in the wake of mass unemployment, exploding costs, and plummeting tax revenues. Interest rates on municipal bonds have shot up, while interest rates for banks have dropped virtually to zero. What can states and cities do? Form their own publicly-owned banks. Town Hall panelists will examine how a public bank could become a real financial lifeline to struggling Ohio communities desperate for funds, by staving off economic disaster and jump-starting the economy.  More information and registration here

Sunday, November 15, 2020, 5:00 - 7:00 PM.  Single-Payer Open Strategy Meeting! Come join single-payer advocates from both DSA and other advocacy organizations to discuss what a long-term, grassroots organizing strategy for single payer should look like. The meeting will consist of a presentation by DSA SF’s Healthcare Provisional Working Group followed by breakout group discussions. Our presentation will especially focus on the history of our class’s struggle for the right to see a doctor and the techniques the healthcare industry has used to stop us. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss with other single-payer advocates the strategies they’ve tried in the past and come up with a new approach to fight back. Registration is open to DSA members and non-DSA members! Register for the Zoom meeting here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 4:00 - 5:00 PM.  Join us for an info session on the People’s Water ProjectWe’ll need as many groups as possible involved to win big on our goals for safe, affordable, public water for all. We want you! At the info session, we’ll share the story behind the People’s Water Project, how we got to where we are, and our strategic planning process moving forward. Take a look at the People’s Water Project Toolkit with more Water Justice resources here. Please fill out the google form here to RSVP for the info session.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 12:00 PM.  Columbus Council on World Affairs.  Educating Toward An Anti-Racist World: Global Competence and Systemic Racism.  Global competence has become a staple in education curriculum. Schools and academic institutes of all kinds have recognized the need for students to be able to successfully navigate an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. This means being able to work and live with people of diverse backgrounds, recognize different perspectives, communicate cross-culturally, and take action on complex global issues. Yet, as global competency has grown, systemic racism continues to plague the fabric of society and our economy, not just in the United States, but globally. While international educators address issues of cultural understanding, they historically have left issues of racism to diversity and inclusion specialists. But diversity and inclusion and cultural competency are inherently linked, and both require an interdisciplinary approach. How can one be culturally and globally competent if they are not prepared to address issues of race in their education, community and economy? International educators and cultural competency experts should be leaders in dismantling systemic racism, as global competency demands an understanding of all global issues, including racism. So how can international educators and cultural competency experts lead in crafting a vision for a post-racist world? How can we leverage the multiple tools that intercultural learning and cross-cultural communication provides to develop the next generation of anti-racist leaders? How can we work to normalize cross-cultural and intercultural diversity in the communities that we inhabit? Join us on November 17th as experts, Dr. Harvey Charles, Dr. Roberta Espinoza, and Dr. Darla Deardorff, discuss these pressing questions.  Register for the zoom webinar here

Thursday, November 17, 2020, 7:00 PM.  A Union Of Concerned Scientists Screening & Discussion Of The Condor & The Eagle.  AT THE HEART OF SCIENCE: Understanding the Fight For Climate Justice.    Scientists and science advocates can play a vital role in advancing equitable, science-based policy solutions for our most pressing problems. And to do so, we must listen to the communities that bear the greatest burdens from pollution, climate change, and economic inequality. The Union of Concerned Scientists is proud to partner with The Condor and The Eagle team. We hope you will join us to watch this award-winning documentary which takes viewers on a journey through the environmental justice movement. Stay tuned after the film to hear our panelists discuss their efforts to fight against longstanding injustices in pursuit of climate justice.  Donations encouraged.  More information and registration here

Tuesday, November 19, 2020, 5:00 - 6:30 PM.  Columbus City Council’s Downtown Community Meeting.  The Community Meeting series gives residents a chance to talk to Councilmembers, staff and department leadership about diverse subject matter in an informal setting. Our special guest for this community meeting will be Columbus Blue Jackets Assistant Coach, Kenny McCudden. Due to the virtual nature of the event, each Councilmember will have their own breakout room, related to the committees they chair.  Registration Information:  RSVP on EventBrite by 2pm on November 10th.  Upon registration, participants will be sent Zoom information

Thursday, November 19, (An Anti-Racist Future: “The Fierce Urgency of Now”), 2020, 6:00 - 7:00 PM.  Conversations About Race in America:  A four-part webinar series presented by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and The Ohio State University Alumni Association in partnership with Ohio State Alumni Magazine.  While a new generation marches forward for greater justice and equality, The Ohio State University is tackling systemic racism in its own backyard. On the heels of an Ohio State Alumni Magazine fall issue package on the topic, a new four-part webinar series is being launched—Ripe for Change: Conversations on Race in America. More information and registration for each session here.  

Thursday, November 19, 2020, 7:00 - 8:00 PM.  Move to Amend Central Ohio Presents: Speaking of Democracy…City Tax Abatements.  Why and to whom are tax incentive given and who is benefitting from them? This month’s Move to Amend Central Ohio virtual presentation will explore the quid pro quo of campaign contributions from developers, the Columbus Partnership, and other corporations in Columbus that in return receive tax abatements and city income tax exemptions. It will also consider the adverse impacts of such agreements on affordable housing, educational opportunities, and efforts to fight poverty. Guest presenter: Joe Motil, longtime Columbus resident and activist.   Zoom link:  Meeting ID: 862 5842 3673. Contact: Sandy Bolzenius,

“If we don’t take out the gas stove, we’ll still keep putting in gas pipelines. We need to ensure that no new buildings that get built can run on gas.” ~ Brady Seals discussing the negative health impacts of gas stoves in the New York Post 

Columbus Area Community Event Lists

Columbus Free Press Activists Calendar Editor Bob Roehm posts online and in the monthly print edition.
Columbus Peace Network Calendar Editor Connie Hammond keeps up with political events, meetings
Columbus Underground Calendar Editor Anne Evans - we post much of her awesome Mega Weekend!
WCBE Arts & Life Calendar 

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