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August 21, 2020
Simply Living Community Update Newsletter: Celebrate Local!


To create a compassionate and sustainable world through personal, community and cultural transformation


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Community Education for Sustainable Living
Simply Living Sustainable U classes & workshops, Earth Institute courses on environmental topics, monthly documentary films, meetups held at local businesses and organizations - join us to socialize, learn, build community and co-create a joyful, compassionate, and sustainable future!

News and Highlights from the August 21 Community Update

The Local Skinny> Meetup: Columbus Community Radio (9/16)
> Fire Drill Friday Teach-In features Jane Fonda and Postal Workers
> Public Banking Institute NEW Livestream on Postal Banks!

> New Quick List of Sustainable U events & Link to Calendar
> RALLY for Medicare for All in Columbus and Nationwide!
> Earth 911 - CO2 myths + Architectural Salvaging can recycle building materials
> Green New Deal BANDANER by Laurel Hobden to benefit Sunrise Movement
> Bronzeville Growers Market + 6 Veggies from same plant Infographic
> Bexley Market Expands Local Prepared Foods + Weds Farmers Market
> Columbus On the Cheap links to LOTS of good, cheap, fun!

7 PM

Register on Eventbrite to receive zoom link

Zoom Meetup Conversations on 3rd Wednesdays to socialize, network, and Learn. September topic: Are You Listening to Columbus Community Radio?  WGRN? WCRS?

7 - 7:30 pm – introductions, socializing, open discussions.
7:30 – 8 pm - Topic : Columbus Community Radio!  Learn the backstory of Low Power FM Radio in Cbus. Are you listening to 92.7 or 98.3 or 94.1?  or streaming  or Find out about locally produced shows and national programs syndicated by Pacifica Radio, and the best progressive Talk Radio Shows.  Share your favorite music genre, news, comedy, and environmental programs and podcasts!
8 – 8:30 pm Networking - open for anyone to share an announcement, a resource, recommend a book or movie, etc.

Come as you are, wherever you are. Refreshments are of course on your own. Register on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link. You may choose either a free ticket or a donation ticket and pay whatever amount you wish. Updates on Facebook and Meetup.


Simply Living Sustainable U connects YOU to workshops/classes/events that
train and educate people about sustainability topics and practices including:

Food • Urban Homesteading • Health and Wellness • Energy Solutions
Green Building  • Finance • Transportation • Economics
Please Note: Find many more events in Simply Living's Sustainable U  Calendar.
Visit and click on Sustainable U.. Volunteer Rita Haider is posting new classes and webinars  as well as weekly and monthly events. Go there NOW.
If we stand for change, we can spark a popular movement
with power, influence, magic and genius.  ~ Van Jones

On Friday, join Jane Fonda and Greenpeace USA or a Fireside Fire Drill with Kimberly Karol — President of the Iowa Postal Workers Union — and Mark Dimondstein — President of the American Postal Workers Union. With the USPS under direct attack from the Trump administration, this discussion is as crucial as ever. Register Here.

3 - 4 PM

PBI Live will take place on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter

New LIVESTREAM show premieres: Join us for a lively discussion of postal banking in light of current news 

As the US electorate pushes back to save the post office, PBI's new Livestream show debuts with a conversation between PBI Chair Ellen Brown and Mehrsa Baradaran, UC Irvine Law Professor, postal banking expert, and PBI Advisory Board member. Carlos Marroquin, Board Member and APWU member, will introduce the discussion.More on PBI HERE.
When the forest and the city are functionally indistinguishable,
then we know we have reached sustainability.
~ Janine Benyus
Picture, Description, Registration Link, Free or Fee, etc. are included for each event.
Search for events of interest by words in the Title

What Is A Plant? Botany Part 2 (Columbus Garden SChool)
Tue Aug 25th 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio: Tuesday Evening Practice Group
Tue Aug 25th 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Immunotherapy-The Battle Within (Ralph Moss' long awaited documentary shares insights on cancer treatments)
Wed Aug 26th 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Before You Buy Bees ...(Columbus Garden School)
Thu Aug 27th 6:30am - 8:00pm

Krishnamurti, Bohm and the Edges of Transcendence (cutting edge science / spirituality nexus)
Sat Aug 29th 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Socially Distanced Outdoor Potluck (Columbus Park of Roses)
Sat Aug 29th 1:00pm - 2:30pm
As long as it's not raining, Plantastic Columbus will host!

Ecology: Practical and Purposeful (Columbus Garden School; taught by Debra Knapke, the Garden Sage)
Tue Sep 1st 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Citizens' Climate Lobby Forum on Climate Change (legislation to tax carbon pollution w dividend to households)
Thu Sep 10th 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Transforming A Suburban Property (Jan Spencer; SL plans to host a presentation by Jan October 5)
Thu Sep 10th 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Monthly Food Swap at City Folk’s (monthly tradition continues - free)
Sun Sep 6th 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Homebuyer Education September 2020 - Saturday Class Series
Sat Sep 12th 8:30am - 12:00pm

New! Foundations of Compassionate Nonviolent Communication Training (4-week Online Course)
Sat Sep 12th 10:00am - 12:00pm

Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District: Central Ohio SW Roundtable: SW Pond Maintenance Programs
Thu Sep 17th 10:00am - 12:00pm
This Roundtable is being sponsored by Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Any Time (Green America)
Tue Sep 22nd 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Juliet Schor and Hazel Henderson in Conversation (two brilliant women - catch them if you can)
Thu Sep 24th 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Sponsored by the Schumaker Center for a New Economy.

Composting 101 at Franklin Park Conservatory (if not now, when? :) 
Thu Sep 24th 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Toxic Textiles - The Harmful Chemicals Hiding In Our Clothing (Green America)
Tue Oct 20th 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act (Mark your calendars)
Tue Sep 29th 6:00pm - 7:00pm
This bill is so comprehensive and cutting-edge that we're holding another webinar to give more people the chance to learn about it. Find out why the new Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act (SB 3263/ HR 5845) is the gold standard of federal legislation to make meaningful reductions in plastic pollution in the U.S., and get answers to any questions you may have.
6:30 - 8:30 PM

with Debra Knapke, the Garden Sage
More Info & registration
Zoom Class $25
Ecology is the study of interrelationships of organisms and their environments. Seems simple but this definition is only the start of the journey into the maze of relationships that make our world alive and thriving. But what happens when those relationships are ignored and damaged? In garden-making we have often bulled our way through, bending nature to our will... or so we thought. In this class Debra will explain ecology basics and how it must become your guide as a gardener and designer. Topics include biogeography, ecosystems, water/nutrient cycles, plant/animal relationships, climate vs. weather, and the role of carbon. This class will cover the underpinnings of our understanding of the natural world and how it relates to garden-making -- and living a more sustainable life. >> This informative class is geared towards gardeners, landscape designers, or anyone who wants to better understand the natural relationships in their outdoor environment! 
** INSTRUCTOR: In 1992 Debra Knapke turned her avocation of plant study and gardening into her full-time career. Known as “The Garden Sage”, Debra is passionate about gardening, sustainable garden design and the natural world, and enjoys sharing knowledge through her writing, public speaking, and garden consulting in the private and public sectors. She has served on various local and national committees and boards that focus on education, the environment, and sustainability. 
Columbus Garden School: Tel: + (614) 404-7236   Email:
The more our world functions like the natural world, the more likely
we are to endure on this home that is ours, but not ours alone.
~ Janine Benyus

12 NOON - 3 PM


This film is Free of Charge for a limited time

See the trailer and watch the film HERE

(Watch the film prior.) Following the film, will be a panel discussion and live Q&A with a very special group of scholars, authors and researchers. Meet with us “virtually” in the field that connects us all, as David Bohm so deeply believed. Moderator: Sandra de Castro Buffington Founder of StoryAction UCLA’s Global Media Center for Social Impact
Einstein called Bohm his “spiritual son” and the Dalai Lama his “science guru.”
Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness. ~ David Bohm
Sacred Ground is a community church grounded by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and committed to healing our Mother Earth, healing our Earthen family, and healing ourselves through Mindfulness and a melding of the beneficial elements of Buddhism, Christianity, and more. 
Online Classes + Sunday Service

Vsit for more information. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion. ~ Thich Naht Hanh



1190 Virginia Ridg Road
Philo, OH 43771 
Phone 740-674-4300

Blue Rock Station offers a wide variety of green living workshops throughout the midwest.

Learn goat care, cheesemaking, sustainable living, solar electric certification or even how to make your own solar generator.
Blue Rock Station now has a complete and comprehensive online work-at-your-own pace course designed to help you understand how to design and install residential solar (PV) systems.

09/18/2020 - 09/20/2020
Bodacious Women's Weekend
Blue Rock Station, Philo OH
Bodacious Girl's Pop Up Afternoon - Online
Bodacious Women's Afternoon - Online
10/24/2020 - 10/25/2020
Earthships 101: A Behind the Scenes look at permits, costs, building and living in an Earthship
Blue Rock Station, Philo Ohio

RSS When the BioMass Hits the Wind Turbine nationally syndicated podcast on living sustainably.  Hear Jay and Annie on WGRN.ORG Saturdays @ 8:30 am.


Mowing the Lawn

Without Pollution

Although the numbers vary widely, the EPA estimates that 580 million gallons of gasoline are used annually in the U.S., whereas the DOE estimates 1.2 billion gallons. Keep this in mind the next time you shop for yard equipment: using a gas-powered lawnmower for just one hour generates as much air pollution as driving 350 miles.  

Read More


Backyard Chickens 101:

Getting Started With

Laying Hens

Backyard chickens have skyrocketed in popularity. Keeping laying hens are an excellent way to fortify our relationship with our food and an ideal activity for people cooped up at home due to the pandemic.

Read More


We in America are about to break up with oil.
Why not break up with poverty and discrimination too?
~ Van Jones
Click for the Simply Living DVD Collection. Scroll down to view titles. To borrow a DVD, email Chuck or call 614-354-6172.
Click for PDF version of SPRING 2020 edition of Simply News: Lead article: Mindfulness, Mourning, Earth Care, And The Coronavirus Pandemic
WGRN 94.1 and streaming on carries the best news, talk shows, interviews, music, and much more. Tune into the Green Renaissance Browse the schedule. Wait - there's more Columbus Community Radio. Check out WCRS HERE.


5  - 5:30 PM



Carolyn Harding with Pam Libby, Julia King and Lindsay Layland.  Two are native Ohioans, one is native Alaskan.  Two migrate to Bristol Bay every June/July, one lives there year round.  Two are my biological sisters, one is an activist organizer sister.  All three are commercial salmon fishermen or women in the Bristol Bay, and all three stand to Stop Pebble Mine.  
   Pam Harding Libby was born and raised in Worthington, Ohio.  She moved to Alaska in May, 1978 when she married Jim Libby, a life-long commercial salmon fisherman from Bristol Bay.
She’s spent the last 42 summers commercial salmon setnet fishing on Ekuk Beach in the Nushagak district of Bristol Bay. At 66, she considers herself a “bad ass fisher grandma”!  She’s grateful to be part of her 4 generation family fishing business and is optimistic that the fight will prevail!  
   Julia King grew up in Worthington, Ohio spending summers at Lake Erie. In 1983, after spending a year teaching in the South Pacific, she flew home through Alaska and worked on the Slime Line at a salmon processing plant in Dillingham where her sister spent her summers fishing. The next year she went back and crewed on a commercial salmon drift boat for the summer and has spent the last 30 years, minus a few, sett netting on the beach with Pam and family. 
She received her Masters in Education from the Ohio State University and started teaching in Southern California, in Corona, where she continues to teach today.  Fishing has been her summer job of passion.
   Lindsay Layland is from Dillingham, Alaska.  She is a life-long fisherman with a great respect for the waters, lands, and cultures of the Bristol Bay region. She is committed to community engagement and preparing and encouraging our future generations to lead empowered, sustainable, productive lives.  She is the Deputy Director of the United Tribes of Bristol Bay.


12 NOON - 1 PM

Dr. Brad Cotton, Primary Care Physician (left) living in Circleville

You and your friends are invited to gather and wave and show our signs of support for Medicare for All. Parking available at Krogers and nearby churches. A mask and social distance is required.

COVID-19 has laid bare that our health care system is in dire need of reform, as 30 million people have lost their health insurance along with their jobs. — Medicare for All could help us now more than ever. 100 million people are now either without health insurance when they need it most, and many of those who have it, have "an umbrella that would melt in the rain." "Nibbling around the edges" of fixing the Affordable Care Act, is a futile activity when the ship is sinking because of the burden of wasteful expenses, adding to the cost and inefficiency of a "non system of care."

Historic mass uprisings against police brutality have re-ignited a national conversation on systemic racism that lives in every facet of our society— this includes our country’s broken health care system.

Are you tired of paying outrageous prices for medications, or don't go to the doctor because of copays and deductibles, and know of people who have to decide between meds and food?

One of the best ways to fix the injustices at our system’s core starts with making sure that everyone, no matter what, is guaranteed health care free at the point of service.

"...Come on people now /  Smile on your sister/brother  /  Everybody get together  /  And try to love one another right now..." Jesse Colin Young, 1966

Bob Krasen, SPAN Ohio Columbus Area Coordinator  614.261.0754

This [Green New Deal] is going to be the New Deal, the Great Society, the moon shot, the civil-rights movement of our generation. ~Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
short takes graphic
Several Simply Living members are living at the Olentangy Village in Clintonville. Rita Haider and Pam Patsch would love to have new SL neighbors there. Check out this condo, now for sale. Zillow has the pictures.

Elevate Northland  Just Launched an Online Marketplace..
Get in on the start of something that promises to "elevate" Northland as the center of ethnic diversity in Columbus.  You can shop now for delicious food from  Crazy Ladies in the Kitchen or buy masks from Anthonia. Shop HERE. Like them on Facebook. New businesses are being added now!  

Damn, It's Earth Overshoot Day Already! What say?  Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity's demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. It's August 22 this year. We maintain this deficit by liquidating stocks of ecological resources and accumulating waste, primarily carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trust Dave Gardner, podcast producer and Growthbusters filmmaker, to give us some the skinny HERE. FYI, airs it.
"All appears to change when we change. " ~ Henri-Frédéric Amiel
Columbus Underground Mega Weekend!
Virtual Nelsonville, Night Market, Food Trucks, & More!
Compiled by Anne Evans. Full CU Website listings HERE.
Food Truck Festival in Worthington on Sunday.

Welcome to the weekend. Columbus Burger Week goes through Sunday. Get tickets for a socially distanced Urban Living Tour. Have a fun one!


-Enjoy POPtails on the rooftop at Lincoln Social
-There’s a PopUp Market at Alqueria Restaurant
-Enjoy Fair Food Frenzy at Delaware County Fairgrounds
-There’s a Food Truck Rally in Worthington
-Get your pup some ice cream


-Go to the Black Yoga Festival
-The next Amos Lynch Plaza Series features Ty Lemar
-Friday there is The “Good Trouble” Rally And Protest
-Watch Jaws with Screen on the Green
-MPACC has Lift Every Voice/ Concert Series
From Book to Film Outdoor Film Series – Hook


-Green Lawn Abbey shows Mystery Science Theater 3000
-Experience the Virtual Nelsonville Music Festival
Summer Spray continues in Short North
-See the virtual exhibition of CAC Faculty Exhibit 
-Grandview Theater has A Socially Distanced Clueless Beer Tasting
-Catch the George Barrie Solo at Land Grant


-Shop the North Market Night Market
Big Book sale with indie bookseller Bookspace
-There’s a Volunteer Event: Voter Registration Phone Banking
-Wild Goose hosts a book launch for Burdens of a Dream 
-Do the CHA Animal Shelter’s 30th Annual Dog Jog 5k
-Shop the German Village Makers Market

Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered CU merch and supported our campaign. We are so humbled by your support!
If you have enjoyed our coverage in the past and would like to directly support Columbus Undergroundplease consider a donation if you are able to do so, or check out our merch shop. New shirts have been added! Thank you for supporting our mission to keep the news free for all. With Gratitude, the team at CU.

Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us;
mostly, they are passed on unopened. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Columbus on the Cheap

Good, Cheap, Fun

U-pick: Best places to pick apples in Columbus

List of free or cheap events this weekend in Columbus

Go floating with Trapper John's Canoe Livery on Big Darby Cree

Registration open for Program 60 at OSU: Free college courses for seniors

Best Places for Canoeing and Kayaking in Columbus

S'miles of Sunflowers at Lynd Fruit Farm The Patch on 37

Creeking in Columbus: Creeks and other water to explor

GET ACTIVE!  Items below are selected from the Columbus Peace Newsletter edited by Connie Hammond (pictured at left).
Email to subscribe to her Community Calendar or share meeting info. 

Connie Hammond

Sunday, August 23, 2020, 4:00 - 6:00 PM.  28th Annual Main Event of the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio.  Keynote speaker:  Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Executive Director of the Ohio Council of Churches.  Topic:  From the Broken Community to the Beloved Community:  The Subversive Promise of Other-Center Faith.  The topic of Rev. Jack Sullivan’s presentation will be The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Renewal. This is a long-standing initiative focused on addressing the plight of poor people in American society. In 1968, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many others called for a “revolution of values” in America. They sought to build a broad, fusion movement that could unite poor and impacted communities across the country. Their name was a direct cry from the underside of history: The Poor People’s Campaign. Rev. Dr. Sullivan brings a challenging perspective to this topic. Why have people of faith ignored the call and failed to address the reality of extreme poverty in our society? Dealing with poverty is a complex problem. Dr. Sullivan will address it from the perspective of our responsibility as people of faith to respond to the crisis. Register here

Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 2:00 PM.  Abolition Action Zap.  Join us for a weekly Action Zap where we will take action together on pressing campaigns to #FreeThemAll, #DefundThePolice and ICE, and demand justice as part of Black and people of color led campaigns for collective liberation.  Register here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020, 12:00 PM.  Nation Conversation with Chris Hayes: America on the Brink. Join Nation editorial director and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel and Chris Hayes for an urgent conversation about American political life during the age of COVID. A leading progressive voice, Chris is Editor-at-Large of The Nation and hosts “All In with Chris Hayes” at 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday on MSNBC. Previously, Hayes hosted the weekend program “Up w/ Chris Hayes,” which premiered in 2011. Prior to joining MSNBC as an anchor, Chris had previously served as a frequent substitute host for “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.” Chris became a MSNBC contributor in 2010 and has been with The Nation since 2007 when he was named the magazine's Washington Editor. The author of two books, A Colony in a Nation and Twilight of the Elites: America After MeritocracyHayes has written on a wide variety of political and social issues, from union organizing and economic democracy, to the intersection of politics and technology. There will be ample time for audience questions and conversation. Closed captioning is available on all our events. Cost $10. All proceeds directly support The Nation's journalism. Register here.

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM.  Virtual Forums:  Say Her Name-Black Women and Maternal Health.  Join us for the next session of our virtual #KirwanForum series as we discuss Black women and maternal health.  Forums are still free to attend! We hope you will join us for this important discussion.  Link to the registration on Facebook

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 6:00 - 7:30 PM.  How We Intersect & Build Power:  Part 3.  Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and partners from around the state for a 3-part series on social movement ecology, reproductive rights and justice, and racial justice! For part 3 of this series, we'll focus on racial justice and hear from a panel of folks who are deeply involved in that work. We can't have reproductive justice without racial justice! We'll gain a deeper understanding of how the "ecosystem" of organizing and movement building works, in addition to learning about organizations around the state and how we can build power together. Facebook

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 08:00 PM. COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis.  Earth’s climate is at the point of catastrophe, and it is already wreaking havoc on the health and well-being of working class people. The climate crisis has also magnified the impacts of the global pandemic in numerous ways. In this webinar, nurses who have been on the frontlines of the climate crisis in a multitude of ways will discuss the connection between COVID-19 and the climate crisis, and how we can take action to improve our response to both the pandemic and the pursuit of climate justice. A National Nurses United Webinar.  Register here

Friday, August 28, 2020, 7:00 PM.  2020 Black National Convention.  On August 28, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) and Electoral Justice Project will host the 2020 Black National Convention (BNC) live broadcast. Together, we will ratify a Black political agenda days after the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and ahead of November, when Black voters will play a pivotal role in determining whether we have four more years of domination or a new set of challenges to overcome. The multi-hour broadcast will be filled with energy, celebration, education, electoral justice, and a vision for Black Lives before the biggest election of our time, and long after. Sign up for updates here

Monday, August 31, 2020, 1:00 PM.  Sojourners’ Immigration Mondays: Join us to pray and act.  Join us on the last Monday of every month at 1 p.m. EDT for prayer and action in support of DACA and the broader immigrant community. RSVP for Immigration Mondays below to receive a zoom meeting link and password!  During Immigration Mondays, we will learn how we can join the efforts of coalitions lead by DACAmented people, coalitions fighting for the rights of DACA recipients and the larger undocumented community. We will strategize around protecting the right to seek asylum. We will advocate for more humane detention and deportation practices that honor the God-given dignity of every person. We will advocate for the re-imagining of our immigration system and re-examining of police funding. The fight against systemic racism and over-policing will benefit all our communities, black and non-black, documented and undocumented.  We will also hear from each other about your efforts to seek justice for our immigration community, both the celebrations and the struggles. We know there are people who will join this call across a wide range of experience in advocacy and seeking justice, and welcome all of you to provide your insights and ask questions as we continue to work for justice alongside our DACAmented and immigrant siblings. We will end each call in prayer for the Holy Spirit to continue to carry our work for justice.   Register here.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 7:00 - 8:00 PM.  Our Revolution Ohio Monthly Meeting.  Get Involved! Ohio Progressive Candidate Spotlight.  Special Guest: Dennis Kucinich.  Join us to meet Our Revolution Ohio endorsed progressive champions! We have worked hard to identify, research and interview progressive champions in Ohio. As we have seen over the past month, we need to change the state legislature, over the past years - change Congress and support local candidates across the spectrum. Hear from them, ask questions and get involved. We have great plans to launch starting in September through the election to help get them elected.  Register here


New video on “The Real Cost of Nuclear Weapons” from Pax Christi International.  The global pandemic reveals a lot about our values and our priorities. Every minute thousands are spent on nuclear weapons, where it takes just pennies to address humanity’s most basic needs. Watch the new video on “The Real Costs of Nuclear Weapons” here.

From the Free Press - Know Your Rights as a Protestor.  Read it here.

Columbus Tenants' Union is gathering information about rental properties in Central Ohio to help tenants organize. If you are a renter, please fill it out, and whether you are or not, please pass this along to other renters you know in the area!  Contact Becca Pollard if you have questions or would like more information:

Ohio Moms Demand Action: Statewide Virtual Events.  Please save this link and revisit this page as we update it throughout the month. Join us online or via phone for some gun-safety activism!

Youth Beat Radio! We are a weekly radio program about youth ideas, youth creativity, and youth leadership in Columbus, Ohio. We believe that youth can make a difference for themselves and for their community through their actions and words! Hence our slogan: “Voice to empower!” Youth Beat broadcasts shows hosted, produced, or inspired by youth and we aim to inspire our listeners to go out and make a positive difference.  Youth Beat airs on Mondays at 7:30 pm on WCRS 92.7/98.3 FM and on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm on WGRN 94.1 FM. Youth Beat is proud to air on Columbus community radio. More information and podcasts here

Support the Fair Food Program — Join the Wendy’s Boycott:  The Fair Food Program created by Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has ended abuse for tens of thousands of farmworkers in this decade. Today, we’re inviting all Fair Food allies in Ohio to join with the farmworkers by joining the Wendy’s Boycott. If you want to join the boycott or would like more information about the Fair Food Campaign and how you can take action, please send your name to: or call Sue Carter at 614-459-0017. 


Stop ICE’s heartless student visa changes.  On July 6th, the Trump Administration’s all-out assault on immigration found a new target: student visas. ICE, CBP, and the Department of State issued new rules regarding students studying in the United States.  Just 6 weeks before many schools would start their term, these organizations declared that students attending colleges and universities with online-only models would have to leave the country or transfer to an institution with in-person classes.  More information and online petition here

From Peace Action:  No! to Renewed Nuclear Testing. Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), one of Peace Action’s strongest Senate allies and a long-time Congressional leader on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation, has stepped up and introduced legislation to stop the dangerous path to resuming testing. The Preserving Leadership Against Nuclear Explosives Testing (PLANET) Act would prevent the Trump administration from restarting explosive nuclear weapons testing by restricting funds for fiscal year 2021 and all previous years from being used for such a purpose. Urge your Senators to co-sponsor this crucial bill to stop Trump from testing a nuclear weapon!

Sunday September 20
6:30 - 8 PM


There will be introductions and announcements and a virtual Sharing Table, followed by the monthly program: TBA. Many Simply Living members participate in the Time Bank. SL is an affiliate member, meaning any SL member who volunteers for Simply Living can earn credit HOURS and use those hours to exchange services with other members of the Time Bank.
Interested in joining the Care and Share Time Bank? Watch this video recording of an “orienta
tion” meeting. Contact Vilvi Vannak <> Website and more info on Time Bankimg HERE
Take me to the listing of weekly and monthly events!

Columbus Area Community Event Lists

Columbus Free Press Activists Calendar Editor Bob Roehm posts online and in the monthly print edition.
Columbus Peace Network Calendar Editor Connie Hammond keeps up with political events, meetings
Columbus Underground Calendar Editor Anne Evans - we post much of her awesome Mega Weekend!
WCBE Arts & Life Calendar 

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Detroit activist Ruth Ellis poses by a piano.

Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis @ 100
(Yvonne Welbon, 1999)

Free for all audiences (RSVP required, capacity is limited)

Join us August 28 at 7 PM for opening night of the Columbus Black International Film Festival, featuring Welbon's moving portrait of Black lesbian activist Ruth Ellis—made with support from the Wex Film/Video Studio. RSVP

Check out the Wexner Center calendar for a comprehensive list of upcoming events.

Java Central Coffeehouse
 20 S State St, Westerville 43081
Live Music at JC on Saturday, August 22

Orange Acorn's Weblog

the 3-legged tortoise
crawled from weeds under a red
rusted wheel barrow

the crows caw caw calls
this reptile over splintered
boards once an upright

fence that framed gardens
burrows for faded leftover
ancient turtle shells
Green New Deal BandanerLaurel Hobden
Creator of the
Green New Deal BANDANER
  Wear it as a bandana/mask or display as banner
Artist and Activist,
Designer of Life Affirming Images 

(Simply Living member, see her and her signs at demonstrations)
The September issue of the Columbus Folk Music Society Newsletter is on the CFMS website

Coffeehouse Concerts To Resume; Heather Pierson Will Headline Sept. 19
Bill Cohen interviews Heather.
Member Profile: Dan Clarke
Worthington Squares Keep Playing Despite Pandemic
2020/21 Americana/Folk Concert Series


Women dancing around a treeEDIN (Empowering Dance in Nature) 
every Sat. at 1 pm
Led by Rita Carnevale

Complimentary Love Offering

In a safe distancing Medicine Wheel Circle, dance in the 4 Directions; Serpent of the South, Jaguar of the West, Hummingbird in the North, and Eagle in the East. Create Sacred Space while energizing our Chakras cultivating the abundant Chi found all around in our own personal Luminous Energy Fields.  Acknowledging our joy by boundary awareness to percussive rhythms; we identify, purify and refresh; we call in our Spirit; establishing a friendly relationship with ourselves and the world.

Location + Directions. You will find us in Como Park, right across from the mound around a river birch tree at the end of West Weber in Clintonville Ohio. Drummers are invited to accompany.  See Rita's newsletter HERE.

The Arc of Appalachia often shows off some amazing Nature Photography.
The photo below is just one of many to enjoy if you click HERE.

red wing blackbird and heron
Young birds don’t always know that the world is a rough place.
A Red-winged Blackbird drove the young heron away from the blackbird’s territory.
Art is not a thing; it is a way. ~ Elbert Hubbard 
Art Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes ArtArt Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes Art
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Shadowbox Live is CLOSED due to COVID-19.  See event changes and rescheduled CAPA events HERE


Infographic below from the Bronzeville Market Facebook page HERE

2020 Farmers Markets in Columbus & Changes

csa columbus

Columbus on the cheap logoColumbus on the Cheap lists all of the annual Farmer’s Markets scheduled for 2020. Updates are ongoing, so please check the links for latest changes. If you know of changes, leave us a comment or email

The list is organized by day of the week and includes many suburban farmers markets.

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9 AM - 12 NOON
800 E. 17TH AVE, CBUS 43211
The Ground Cherry.
A lesser known member of the nightshade family, which includes popular figures like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, the ground cherry is small and hides itself in a papery-like husk. Remove its cover, however, and you'll discover a hidden gem: a golden fruit that's sweet, tart and spurs thoughts of what a pineapple-mango-strawberry-tomato cross might taste like.
     Bobbi Luttjohann, a writer for, details this humble fruit's history:
"The ground cherry (Physalis peruviana) is commonly called the Cape Gooseberry, Goldenberry, Husk Cherry, Husk Tomato, or sometimes the Poha, Poha Berry. This many named fruit is believed to have originated in Brazil, spreading to other areas of South America. By the 18th-century, ground cherries were wildly grown and utilized in South Africa near the Cape of Good Hope, which inspired the name Cape Gooseberry. The fruit soon found its way to Australia where it quickly spread as a wild plant. In the early part of the 19th century, the ground cherry was introduced and established in the Hawaiian Islands. In the 20th century, this fascinating little fruit showed up in the continental U.S. and continues to grow in popularity worldwide."   
     Prolific and easy to grow, it might be worth a space in your garden next summer!
Cherry Tomato and Ground Cherry Salsa      Ground Cherry Coffee Cake

8 AM - 12 NOON

450/500 W. Wilson Bridge Road

UPDATE: The City of Worthington and the State of Ohio requires the wearing of a facial covering in all public places in Worthington and Franklin County. We thank you, in advance, for wearing your mask at the Worthington Farmers Market in support of the health of our vendors, volunteers, staff and other customers. For more information on this requirement, click here:
Market Hours:
8am-9am: Reserved for high-risk and vulnerable shoppers (senior citizens, immune-compromised, etc.) Masks are REQUIRED when shopping during this first hour. Detailed info available HERE

Local Baked Goods & Prepared Foods
at the Bexley Natural Market are growing!
Enjoy healthy prepared foods and local baked goods from these amazing local artisans:
  • Woodhouse Vegan
  • Portia’s Cafe
  • Ohio Pies
  • Vedic Table
  • Bella Goat Vegan Bakery
  • Cherbourg Gluten Free Bakery
  • Three Bites Bakery
  • Seaworthy bakery
Visit our Wednesday Farmers Market

Address: 508 N. Cassady Ave. Bexley, OH
Phone: 614-252-3951
Hours: Mon-Sat 10-8, Sun 11-6
1 - 2 PM


4760 N HIGH ST CBUS 43214

             We are still open!!

The Monthly Food Swap is back! Bring in your handmade, home made, home grown food and edible items! Baked goods, herbs and veggies from the garden, and home preserved items are all welcome! Be ready to answer questions about your methods, practices and ingredients. Please don’t be offended is someone doesn’t want to trade with you, all of our diets vary widely and all are accepted. All trades happen at the discretion of the owner of the items and all owners of items are responsible for their items. Swapping starts at the big front table promptly at 1pm, so come ready! This is a great way to try new foods and meet new people!

Register HERE

We need to make sure that we, to the best of our abilities,
are bringing our lives into alignment with our values.
~ Ocean Robbins, Co-Founder, CEO of Food Revolution Network
“The Peace of Wild Things”
by Wendell Berry
When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
I go and lie down where the wood drake
rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.
I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.
I think I've found my tribe. Help me become a member!


(614) 447-0296 

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