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March 20, 2020
Simply Living Community Update Newsletter: Celebrate Local!


To create a compassionate and sustainable world through personal, community and cultural transformation


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Community Education for Sustainable Living
Simply Living Sustainable U classes & workshops, Earth Institute courses on environmental topics, monthly documentary films, meetups held at local businesses and organizations - join us to socialize, learn, build community and co-create a joyful, compassionate, and sustainable future!

Welcome to the weekly Community Update featuring local news and VIRTUAL events of interest.

The Local Skinny

The Local Skinny

SAD, but no more Simply Living movies or meetups or exhibits through April!

Ah, but be grateful, all those who are able to pause deeply and live simply
Reflect with compassion for the many in our community who are suffering loss of income and the myriad challenges of Not Enough!  
If you are fortunate to have phone and Internet service, you are able to connect with family and friends. AND, in this largely event-less Community Update we have assembled some wonderful opportunities to explore unique insights and opportunities that have opened up precisely because of the sudden sheltering in place policies that have disrupted our lives.

films SL

The Local Skinny

We love our documentary films and local solutions events
Plans for future films are underway even though we cannot predict when our local theaters will be open. Our March film, Let Them Eat Dirt: The Hunt for Our Kids' Missing Microbes, and our April film, The Best of Both Worlds: Cohousing's Promise, will likely be aired in the future. In the meantime, you can borrow these and many other DVDs in our collection, for screening in your home (or, someday, in a faith community, or another local gathering place). SL owns a Community License for screening locally so long as admission is not charged. Donations are fine. Contact or 614-354-6172 to make the arrangements.

  The Local Skinny

   Save the Date: Simply Living’s 2020 Sustainable Living and Garden Tour
   Saturday, July 18 from 10am – 3 pm + Bonus Site July 19, 2 - 4 pm

   7 Columbus Tour Sites + Bonus site on Sunday afternoon, July 19 in Galloway
   Kevin Eigel, owner of Ecohouse Solar, is opening his home and farm for the tour!

   $15. Stay tuned for tickets and details!

Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look at the sunflower. ~ Vera Nazarian
More Highlights in this week's Community Update!

> indicates NEW post this week
See the Learn section  
> Center for Biological Diversity newsletter - long tailed pangolin and much more!
> Earth 911
features "green preparations" for corona virus and how to make the most of sheltering in place.
Columbus Garden School workshops and classes - Check to see if Upcoming Events are happening.
Blue Rock Station -
check info on creating a virtual forest + their YouTube channel, Let's Take a Minute to Save the Planet, their books, and their blog, When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine. So much to learn at

Read more in the Learn section

See the News section 
> Grass Root Radio: Poor People's Campaign Leaders Interviewed (5 pm Friday March 20 on WGRN 94.1)
> Video Recording of Justin Nobel's Presentation on Radioactive Risks Posed by Oil and Gas Industry
> Local Futures: "5 Ways Corona Virus Could Help Humanity Survive the Ecological Crisis
> What would happen if we responded to Climate Change like we have to the Corona Virus?
> Electric Vehicles hold promise for Renewable Energy Buyers (Report from Rocky Mountain Institute)

EcoChallenge for Earth Month announced April 1-22 (Registration is open)
Earth Day Columbus 2020 is accepting work site applications April 1-30
New Free Press is out - in print and online 
Urban Forestry Master Plan for planting TREES challenges us to get involved
BioBlitz at Coyote Run Farm in Pickerinton (4-25)

Read more in the News section

See the Community section 
> Free Virtual Kirtan Chant Sat March 21 5pm ET - Thanks to Rita Carnevale - and Mike Cohen.
> Columbus Underground
has listed VIRTUAL events this weekend
> Butterflies & Zombies Blog from One Bite Wellness - thoughtful and inspiring!
> Connie Hammond's e-newsletter updated!
Listen to our Columbus Community Radio! 
 Read more in the Community section

See the Arts & Culture Section  
> Nita Sweeney featured in her Write Now blog
> Columbus Folk Music Society CANCELS 3 events and reschedules for later dates

Read more in the Arts & Culture section

SEE the Local Foods Section 
> Edible Columbus Spring 2020 Edition is now available - FREE
> Could COVID-19 be the next green market influencer?  Blog from Jodi Kushins of Over the Fence Farm
> Bexley Natural Market updates hours and Store Pickup ONLY policy + New prepared foods from Portia's Cafe
Corona Virus Resources to boost your immune system recommended by Organic Consumers Association
City Folk's Farm Shop
offers  a Plant Swap (3-21) and a Homesteading Support Group (3-22).

Read more in the Local Foods section
The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that,
but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul.
~ Mark Twain


Simply Living Sustainable U organizes workshops/classes in Central Ohio that
train and educate people about sustainability topics and practices including:

Food • Urban Homesteading • Health and Wellness • Energy Solutions
Green Building  • Finance • Transportation • Economics
If you're teaching today what you were teaching five years ago,
either the field is dead or you are. ~ Noam Chomsky

Use Coronavirus to

Reset Your Life for


If you find yourself stuck at home due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, here are four areas of personal consumption to rethink while you have extra time on your hands.

Read More
wasing hands!

Green Coronavirus


What preparations should you take for the coronavirus? COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, and there are infections in at least 110 countries. Here is our guide to thinking sustainably about COVID-19 preparations.

Read More



long tailed pangolin A Message of Hope and Gratitude from the Center for Biological Diversity

Over the past week, the Center for Biological Diversity has made a rapid transition to life during COVID-19. We remain intently focused on our work to save wildlife.

At the same time, we're finding peace in the solitude of nature. Last weekend our staff hit the trails in Arizona, California, Colorado, Mexico and beyond. We dusted off our birdwatching binoculars and saw signs of spring in new leaves, blooms and busy insects.

It's extraordinary what can happen when we step outside our noisy, rushed lives and into the wild spaces that have been there for millennia.

These are unsettling, anxious times. It's hard not to dwell on the worry we feel for people everywhere, especially those struggling in the face of financial hardships, inadequate healthcare, and polluted air and water — a wrong the Center remains committed to seeing made right.

But there's also a rare opportunity in this moment: to slow down, take a deep breath, and recommit ourselves to each other and to the natural world.

We've launched a pledge this week to fight for the wild — we invite you to add your name.

There is much to learn in the Center's excellent newsletter, including a discussion of the origin of the coronal virus - see the long tailed pangolin pictured. SEE THE FULL NEWSLETTER HERE.

Upcoming Classes
Columbus Garden School
1350 East Cooke Rd
Columbus OH 43224
(614) 404-7236

Click to see the full description of each class or workshop.

Upcoming Classes in May
1190 Virginia Ridge Road, Philo, OH  43771  Phone 740-674-4300

Create a Virtual Forest

NOTE: Check the website for updates on classes and activities HERE.
We are all aware of the peril our planet faces as climate changes due to mankind’s impact upon our home. But what can we, as individuals, do? Perhaps very little. But we can plant a tree.

It has been estimated that the planting of a trillion trees would significantly counter some of the effects of our greenhouse gases. So let’s get started (after all, if you plant one – now the number needed is less than a trillion).

With this in mind, we thought it good idea to share the Blue Rock Station resources and invite people to join a club that offers information about forest gardening, and opportunities to plant your own tree or shrub. This is the idea behind The Forest Garden Club.

We’ve revamped some common areas of the farm to accommodate the new Forest Garden, so that club members can either plant trees and shrubs in the new areas. We hope this will build community locally around the planting of trees. But obviously more needs to be done. So we hope to create a “virtual forest.” Simply send pictures to us of your own tree plantings and we will include them in a “forest” gallery on the Blue Rock Station website.

The kick off for the Forest Garden Club will be April 19th. Chad Culley from the Cincinnati Zoo will be here at Blue Rock Station to lead a forest walk for tree ID, and show how to easily propagate trees. Price of admission is a willingness to plant a tree.

If you register before April 19th you will be eligible to receive two cuttings (starts) of either elderberry bush, pussy willow, and false indigo (can be picked up April 19th or shipped for a small fee) while supplies last. To officially become a member of the tree club you will need to either send a photo (via email, social media or snail mail) of the tree or shrub you planted and include the location or show up on April 19th to announce your plans.
Join the Forest Garden Club HERE

Go up to the mountain, go up to the glen, where silence
will touch you, and heartbreak will mend. ~ Van Morrison
Click for the Simply Living DVD Collection. Scroll down to view titles. To borrow a DVD, email Chuck or call 614-354-6172.
Bring your Loyalty Card to any Simply Living film, meetup, class, or event and get it punched. When all ten holes are punched you will receive a $50 credit toward any classes or workshops sponsored by Simply Living. Available to all Simply Living members.
Click for PDF version of Winter 2020 edition of Simply News Lead article: Breaking the Trance: Can Living Simply Become the New Normal?
Carolyn Harding in WGRN StudioTONIGHT - FRIDAY, MARCH 20
5 PM

GrassRoot Ohio Radio
Poor Peoples Campaign-MAguilera/AWhitmore

and Streaming Live on WGRN.ORG
Carolyn Harding (host, pictured at left)) interviews  #MaryAguilera and #AnthonyWhitmore, Ohio leaders in the #PoorPeoplesCampaign: A National Call for Moral Revival - What we can do NOW during the Corona Virus Crisis to help our brothers & sisters.
"The question forever posed to us when we talk about the demands of the Poor People’s Campaign is, “How can we afford to enact universal health care or living wages and free education?” But as we are seeing in this moment, the cost of not providing for people’s basic needs far outweighs the cost of providing them. We are connected in a global community and we can no longer pretend otherwise. We have the abundance and the technology to solve many of society’s problems — but it will take a focus on people over profits and a political will to end poverty, racism, militarism, ecological devastation and the distorted moral narrative that ties all of these systems together."…
Event poster w picture of justin nobelFRIDAY, MARCH 27
CANCELED! SEE Video Recording Option Below
Journalist JUSTIN NOBEL and Researcher
No Live Event Planned until we get 
beyond the COVID 19 pandemic.

A VIDEO RECORDING of this presentation is available on YouTube.
Radioactive Risks Posed by the Oil and Gas Industry

March 4 informational event at Ohio University Eastern
Rollingstone Magazine Science Journalist, Justin Nobel and Water/Soil Scientist, Dr. Julie Weatherington-Rice present their findings on the radioactive waste stream of the burgeoning shale gas (fracking) extraction, processing and shipping on the people and communities involved.  Justin Nobel spent almost  two years researching, and interviewing industry workers, activists, watchdogs and scientists for this pivotal expose, focused on the people and communities in the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Marcellus/Utica regions. 
READ Justin Nobel's full February 2020 Rollingstone article HERE:  
LISTEN to GrassRoot_Ohio radio/podcast interview with Justin Nobel HERE:

Departures gate at airport empty5 ways coronavirus could help humanity survive the ecological crisis by Local Futures

The human tragedy of the coronavirus is immense. Thousands have died, hundreds of thousands have been infected globally, and millions more have been affected. Whilst infectious disease has always been a part of the human experience, the expansion of industrial civilization has inexorably amplified the risk of new diseases. Uncontrolled industrial expansion also dangerously heats […]   Read more of this post

TagsClimate Change, corporations, degrowth, economic growth, globalization, local food, localization, well-being | Categories: Economic Growth and Degrowth, Environment, Health | URL:

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?
What would a fast, coordinated, collective response to climate change look like?
Excerpt from the article: “We’ve seen that governments can act, and people can change their behavior, in a very short amount of time,” says May Boeve, executive director of the climate advocacy group “And that’s exactly what the climate movement has been asking governments and people to do for years in the face of a different kind of threat—the climate crisis—and we don’t see commensurate action. On the one hand, it shows that it’s possible to do this, and it’s possible for this kind of mobilization of resources to take place in a short amount of time. In that sense, that’s encouraging. But we were never in doubt of that aspect.” Instead, she says, it was a question of whether there was political will for rapid change. Read the full article in Fast Company HERE.
Electric Vehicles Are the Next Dominant Class of Renewable Energy Buyers
     Industry has paid too little attention to the electricity sources used to power electric vehicles. It’s a case of “electrify first, worry about the actual electricity later.” But on the latter front, there’s low-hanging fruit to seize now. RMI blog
You are either supporting the vision or supporting division. ~ Saji Ijiyemi

Earth Day Columbus 2020
Accepting Worksite Applications April 1-30
The Earth Day celebration on April 25 has been cancelled. Columbus is a national leader in organizing service projects that benefit the environment. Plan to host a project. Sign up here:

An EcoChallenge for Earth Month

April 1 - 22, 2020

ONLINE EVENT: Registration Is Open


The year 2020 sets the precedent for the progress

that can take hold when millions of people come together

to demand and take action for a better shared world.

Join this global moment, and take action with us.


Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out. ~ Iris Murdoch
urban forestry master plan logo



All this growth has created a tree canopy deficit + heat islands!

Want to learn more and get involved?

Check Here for the project website to get updates and an

interactive canopy map. Then click the Get Involved Tab!

SATURDAY, APRIL 25Coyote run farm logo
9 AM - 4 PM
Owling - After-hours
Birding begins - 7 am

Coyote Run Farm

9270 Pickerington Road, Pickerington, Ohio
To receive details, email
Ohio Wetlands Association invites interested naturalists (experts and learners) to join our effort to observe, discover, and report on the diversity of all living things at Coyote Run.
The BioBlitz officially starts at 9 am and goes to 4 pm, but you may arrive and leave at any time. Early birding activities begin at 7 am. Minnow traps will be set the night before for you to examine the day of the BioBlitz for those interested in amphibians, etc. We’ll have after-hours Owling. Bring a camper or tent and stay Friday and/or Saturday night if you like. (110V hookups are available). Morning snacks and lunch will be provided.

Participants are asked to use iNaturalist to report observations to the Coyote Run project (manual methods will be accepted). We currently have over 4,700 observations and over 1,500 species. For iNaturalist specifics, go to .
No cost registration is requested. If you are interested in registering, please send an email to Include your name, preferred email, area of interest, and if you plan to camp with us.
When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then
it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ~ Audre Lorde

Kirtan chantingThanks to Rita Carnevale for passing this along... I thought you might enjoy this wonderful way of social distancing together. Mike Cohen is an amazing Kirtan leader as many of you remember from his Columbus days.

Imagine the power of uniting countless chant fans worldwide— vibrating healing mantra at the same time and with the same intention.

Imagine the good this can do not only for our collective communities but also for ourselves.

If you want to play a part in this global effort, join Mike Cohen and the Kirtan Leader Institute for a free live-stream Kirtan event to activate our global community and Chant for Global Healing.

This FREE Virtual Kirtan is open to ANYONE who feels called to add their voice to the collective healing of humanity and this planet. No harmonium or experience necessary—just your presence, your voice, and an open heart.

Together, on Saturday, March 21 at 7pm MT, we will share the power of sacred chant for the benefit of all beings, our communities and our families.

Just click here to register and let us know you'll be there.

Columbus Underground Mega Weekend!
Things To Do When You Have To Stay Home
Compiled by Anne Evans. Full CU Website listings HERE.

Stay safe this weekend!.

Last weekend feels like a world away. We’ve collected a few things that are going on virtually so you can stay connected to your community while we are all advised to stay inside.


-Many Columbus yoga studios have online classes
The Arnold has gone virtual
-Support Craftin’ Outlaws at their virtual shopping event through March 29
-Many organizations are asking for volunteer help
-Donate critical essential items to the Downtown YMCA
-Stay connected to your community with the CMC with streaming Wednesday forums
Get apples at Lynd’s Market for their last drive-thru market for awhile
-Take a virtual tour of Thurber House on Friday at noon with Scott Woods
Request your Absentee Ballot for Voting
Pre-order from Worthington Farmers Market and Drive-thru to pick it up
-If you need to take COTA, it is free and you should enter the rear door

-Any parents now finding themselves teachers may like Facebook Group Parenting under Quarantine
-Mo Willems has Lunch Doodles every day at 1pm
-Go on a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3pm with the Cincinnati Zoo
-Sunny Meadows Flower Farmstand is open
-Use SUPPORT COLUMBUS EATS to find restaurants to support
ColumbusMakesArt has a list of Columbus Virtual and Outdoor Experiences


If you have enjoyed our coverage in the past and would like to support Columbus Underground during this stressful time, please consider a donation if you are able to do so. We realize there is a great need in our community right now and use your support to keep our news free for all. With Gratitude, the team at CU.

To some degree it matters who's in office, but it matters more
how much pressure they're under from the public. ~ Noam Chomsky

Butterflies & Zombies: Story of Coronavirus

by onebitewellness


A lot can change in a little over a week. For us, we marvels at how quickly news about the coronavirus shrouds and alters both excitement over buying a house and planning a fall wedding. Such is life, and we all must adapt....and even metamorphose a bit. Speaking of which, let's review the butterfly lifecycle and see how it relates to us with this current public health crisis. As you may remember from second grade, the egg becomes larva (a caterpillar) and then its pupa stage operating in a cocoon. Finally the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis state, dries its wings and flies.

Sometimes things need to get worse before they get better. Like a scab or a detox-reaction, things can appear during transition or metamorphosis into something more vibrant and beautiful. The scab of society is such that, despite Eleanor Roosevelt reminding us that, "with great freedom comes great responsibility," we haven't been responsible to or for each other in awhile. It has been within the past couple of years that the only 'epidemic' the government seemed to be reporting on was the 'loneliness epidemic' (1), and it's not just been a problem for the elderly; an article on last year mentioned how lonely millennials have been. We can change this now, despite 'social distancing' and re-connect with our loved ones and our communities. 

GET ACTIVE!  Items below are selected from the Columbus Peace Newsletter edited by Connie Hammond (pictured at left).
Connie HammondEmail to subscribe to her Community Calendar or share meeting info. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 7:00 – 8:15 PM.  Monthly Ohio Legislative Update (Webinar). Join Rev. Joan VanBecelaere, Executive Director of UUJO, and other guests to discuss what is happening this month in the Ohio Statehouse. We will discuss updates on key legislation, including SB 33 anti-protest bill, SB 3 criminal justice reform, gun safety legislation, and more.  Register here

CORONAVIRUS SPREADING FASTER BECAUSE WE LACK UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE.  By Joel Segal & Harvey Wasserman /  A critical factor accelerating the spread of coronavirus in the United States is our lack of universal health care. Under the U.S.’s for-profit health system, the epidemic is not being treated like the public emergency it is.  Read it here.

From the League of Women Voters:  Now is a great time to make sure you and the people in your life are ready to vote! Go to to see what’s on your ballot, check your registration, find your polling place, and so much more.   

Support the Fair Food Program — Join the Wendy’s Boycott:  The Fair Food Program created by Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has ended abuse for tens of thousands of farmworkers in this decade. Today, we’re inviting all Fair Food allies in Ohio to join with the farmworkers by joining the Wendy’s Boycott. If you want to join the boycott or would like more information about the Fair Food Campaign and how you can take action, please send your name to: or call Sue Carter at 614-459-0017. 

The Green Renaissance Network.  Community Radio Station!   WGRN FM 94.1  Listen Live on your radio or listen online. Download podcasts! 92.7 or 98.3 on your radio dial or listen online. Check out the SCHEDULE!  Get them PRE-SET in your vehicle. WCRS features News in the morning and WGRN offers News in the afternoon. Diverse Music and Voices you won't hear anywhere else in Columbus! To support the Free Press Network -- the Free Press newspaper, websites, WGRN and WCRS community radio and other media ventures -- with a monthly donation!  Become a patron on Patreon!

To me, we are the most beautiful creatures in the whole world.
Black people. And I mean that in every sense. ~ Nina Simone
Take me to the listing of weekly and monthly events!
      The Green Renaissance Network 94.1

WGRN FM 94.1  Listen Live on your radio or listen online. Download podcasts! Scroll down the home page and check out their awesome SCHEDULE! 92.7 or 98.3 on your radio dial or listen online. Check out the SCHEDULE!  

Get them PRE-SET in your vehicle. WCRS features News in the morning and WGRN offers News in the afternoon. Diverse Music and Voices you won't hear anywhere else in Cbus!

Columbus Area Community Event Lists

Columbus Free Press Activists Calendar Editor Bob Roehm posts online and in the monthly print edition.
Columbus Peace Network Calendar Editor Connie Hammond keeps up with political events, meetings
Columbus Underground Calendar Editor Anne Evans - we post much of her awesome Mega Weekend!
Simply Living Calendar of Weekly/Monthly Community Events Editor Chuck Lynd - text only listings.
WCBE Arts & Life Calendar 
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Nita Sweeney presenting at micREADINGS + LITERARY EVENTS
Readings in Local Bookstores, Bars, Cafes, Colleges 

Events listed here:


Nita Sweeney is an author and writing teacher and a cataloger of local literary events. Most events are now closed due to the corona virus, but learn more about Nita and her work at


Here are links to more literary event spaces in our local bookstores!

Gramercy Books in Bexley (2424 E Main St 43209) From author talks to a monthly book club to poetry readings, find it here.

The Book Loft in German Village (631 South Third Street 43206) We work with a wide variety of authors each year in our store and many off-site venues across the city. 

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus South Side (1124 Parsons Ave 43206) The family-run cafe and bookstore brought to you by local indie press Two Dollar Radio!

Prologue Bookshop, 841 N. High St in the Short North, Columbus 43215.

Kafe Kerouac in University District (2250 N High St 43201) Kafe Kerouac hosts a plethora of musical acts, poets, speakers, interest groups, and the like. 

You can be rich in spirit, kindness, love and all those things
that you can't put a dollar sign on. ~ Dolly Parton
Columbus Folk Music Society logo imageUpdate on upcoming Columbus Folk Music Society’s events:

Due to COVID-19 and the CDC guidelines for large gatherings in affect for at least 8 weeks and the State of Ohio current ban, we are forced to CANCEL three upcoming Columbus Folk Music Society events:

Americana / Folk Concert Series
Sat March 28 (Dan Weber) (rescheduled for 3-27-21)
Sat April 25 (Buffalo Rose) (rescheduled for 2-27-21)

Central Ohio Folk Festival fundraisers:
Sun April 19 (Folk Ramblers Sing-Along / Byrne’s Pub) 

Central Ohio Folk Festival
May 2 & 3  (we will look forward to seeing you May 1 & 2, 2121
) !
Art Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes ArtArt Makes Columbus ColumbUS Makes Art
Keep up on all the events, organizations, artists and their stories! Subscribe to their monthly newsletter and the Mid-Month Events E-Blast!
They showcase diverse perspectives and depth of talent in our Columbus arts community.

Calendar of Shadowbox Live events HERE. See CAPA events HERE.


A mere 2 percent increase in the carbon content
of the planet’s soils could offset 100 percent of all
greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere.
~ Dr. Rattan Lal, Ohio State Soil Scientist

Hello edible COLUMBUS community,

For the past 10 years, Edible Columbus has been telling "the story of local food," as it says on our cover. Now we all are dealing with a very strange plot twist in that story.

Ohio's response to the coronavirus has included closing restaurants and bars, schools, theaters and other gathering places. Grocery stores are seeing panic buying of certain items. People are worried — about getting sick, of course, but also about cutbacks and layoffs in the workplace, paying their bills, feeding their families. We all want to know when and how this chapter of the story will end.

Our spring issue has just been released, but the world around us changed in the days it took to publish that magazine in print and online. I look at our articles today with a different perspective, and I see in them some ways for us all to help write the future of this story.

If you are doing more cooking at home, we introduce you to Christina Musgrave, the creative cook behind the Tasting with Tina website and social media sites. Cooking, she writes, “helps me get my mind off of everything else going on — and I hope the same for you.” Check out her site for great recipes.

We also have some wonderful spring recipes developed for Edible Columbus by the culinary arts and hospitality programs at Columbus State Community College.

You can help our local restaurants through difficult times by supporting those offering carryout food. We wrote about two talented chefs in this issue, and you can still try their dishes. Market Italian Village and Chef Tyler Minnis are doing takeout dinners and working on curbside pickup. Ghostwriter Public House and Chef Brett Fife are working on a limited carryout menu to be available later this week.
Food trucks are able to operate as usual during this period, and we have the stories of a few of the most interesting ones. Find them on, run by the Central Ohio Food Truck Association.

You can't go to a bar now, but you can visit the Echo Spirits Distilling Co. shop in Grandview or buy their spirits at local stores. This new business, which we wrote about, is donating $3 from every purchase to the U.S. Bartenders Guild’s COVID-19 Relief Fund to aid service industry workers impacted by the situation.

We also have advertisers such as Weiland's Market trying to help us all get through this. Weiland's is open daily and posted to Facebook that “our supplies are holding reasonably steady.” They also offer online shopping and delivery through Instacart.

This pandemic is changing our daily lives and routines, but it should not change our hearts. Meals on Wheels and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank both need volunteers if you are able to help. Check on your neighbors and offer a helping hand. Show some kindness to those working so hard to help us, from first responders to grocery store workers. Wash your hands and stay safe.

Gary Kiefer, Editor in Chief
over the fence farm logo

An Invitation for Change: Could COVID-19 be the Next Green Market Influencer?

by overthefenceurbanfarm614

[WARNING: This post is not full of sunshine and rainbows. Sorry. If you want that, scroll through our archive or go to our Instagram feed and click on just about anything.]

Holy sh*t.

What a difference a week can make. I ended my last post with a minor reference to COVID-19 and now our world has screeched to a standstill at its feet. What still seemed like a distant possibility last week—that our food system might get disrupted—seems much more likely now as industries of all kinds shut down at the same time as photos on social media show understocked grocery shelves across the country.

Excerpt: I don’t write this to shame people into caring about the climate or changing your behaviors. Although I hope you will be inspired to do those things. I write it as an invitation; an invitation to use our current crisis as an opportunity to pay more attention to our habits.

READ the full blog from Jodi Kushins HERE.


Dear Bexley Natural Market Patrons,

We are monitoring COVID-19 situations and restrictions closely as they continue to change rapidly.

The safety of our patrons and staff remains our priority.

Here are a few changes at the store as of 3/18/20:
  • We are taking orders ONLINE and offering curb side pick up ONLY. You can order via our website through this link.
  • New store hours effective immediately (see below). This change will give our staff an extra hour at the beginning and end of day to sanitize and clean the store.
We appreciate your understanding and grateful for your patronage during these challenging times and will do our best to continue to provide you the best foods, products and customer service!

Check Out New Prepared Items

in the refrigerated area from:

Portia's Cafe

Native Cold Pressed

Address: 508 N. Cassady Ave. Bexley, OH
Phone: 614-252-3951
Hours: M-F 10-7, Sat 11-6, Sun 12-5

Corona Virus Resources

What steps can we take to make us more resistant and resilient, so we’re less likely to become infected?

The good people at the Organic Consumers Association pulled two articles that outline some of the foods and nutrients you should add to your diet to improve your chances of staying healthy. 

There’s still a lot we don’t know—and may never know—about COVID-19. 
But this we do know: A strong immune system is your best friend right now. And what you eat plays a big role in boosting that system.


Read: ‘Essential Nutrition to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus’

Read ‘Medicinal Foods and Beverages Protect Against Coronavirus, Research Suggests’

Upcoming Events
City Folk's Farm Shop
4760 N. High St.
Columbus OH 43214
Phone 614-946-5553
SEE All Classes HERE

Check the website for updates but as of March 20 City Folk's is OPEN.

Monthly Plant Swap at City Folk's
Saturday March 21, 1 - 2 PM
The Monthly Plant Swap is a great way to get your plant fix on the cheap! Every month, join us to swap your outdoor plants, indoor plants, perennials, annuals, starts, seedlings, cuttings, seeds, pots, tools, anything plant related! Pest free is always best. We are here to answer any planty questions you may have. Don’t have anything to swap? That’s ok, come anyway! There are plants for sale in the. Shop and there are usually extras to share.  Be sure to check out our selection of plants, soils, tools and amendments in the shop and go home with everything you need for your new plants!  Register HERE.

Monthly Homesteading Support Group (Free)
Sun March 22, 11 AM – 12:30 PM

This is a great group of people that have been meeting for 5+ years.  Skills and knowledge are shared in an infomal setting and there is always time to discuss other homesteading topics.  We are always happy to have new people join the group.   Topics:
March- Bread: Sour Dough and Easy Bread Baking 
April -Compost - Bokashi, Worms, Pit, Bins, and Soil 
Register HERE

SEE all upcoming classes and workshops HERE.

The common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul. ~ Mark Twain
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