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It’s been crazy weather this year, hasn’t it <<First Name>>? Are your muscles aching from the "summer-winter" we keep experiencing?

When temps hit 80 degrees and then 6 hours later, we dip into the 40's, our bodies are bound to be affected. If you suffer from inflammation of any type, or areas where your muscles knot up, “summer-winter” weather can be painful. 

Think of your body like a balloon. In warmer temps, the balloon does okay, but in cooler temps, it shrinks. The back and forth temperature has a similar effect on your muscles. It seems like, the older we get, the more sensitive some of us become to temperature variances!

The drastic weather changes may be making you acutely aware of some sensitive spots, pain or soreness. Many people suffer from sensitive spots or "trigger points." Trigger points are caused by repetitive strain, a muscle injury, or muscular overload. Even poor posture or an illness can cause trigger points. 

In the simplest terms, trigger points are a small area of muscle tissue in spasm. These little knots in the muscle reduces the blood and oxygen supply which leads to the accumulation of metabolic toxins which causes pain signals. 

Maybe you’ve been working at your computer and you notice a sensitive spot on your neck. You reach to rub your sore neck and pain in your head and, perhaps, down your arm occurs. This muscle contraction can cause "referred pain" meaning you will hurt in another area other than the source. The pain can be sharp or dull. Either way, it's stemming from your knotted-up muscles in your neck. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, myofascial pain syndrome is a disorder in which pressure on sensitive points in the muscles causes pain in seemingly unrelated body parts. The American Massage Therapy Association states trigger points are “a focus of hyperirritability in a tissue that, when compressed, is locally tender and, if sufficiently hypersensitive, gives rise to referred pain and tenderness.”

Trigger point therapy often works well for conditions such as:
  • Sciatica pain that can affect the lower back, glutes, legs and feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Migraines
  • Computer shoulder
  • Chronic pain in joints such as stiff neck and back
  • Rotator cuff injuries and/or immobility
Trigger points can cause more pain than most people could ever imagine. In fact, you may not even realize that your pain may be stemming from a trigger point. The muscle is the largest organ in the body. If you are dealing with pain, I invite you to come visit me. I take your pain and discomfort very serious and want to help you. Instead of suffering needlessly in pain, isn’t it worth seeing if the specialized massage therapy that Body Mechanics offers to relieve pain is right for you? In some instances, people have seen tremendous improvement with only a single visit. Others had several visits initially and then they are feeling worlds better.

Thank you for being on my email list and I appreciate the opportunity in getting to know you better. I’m here to be of service to you whenever you need me. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email or give me a call with your questions about the massage therapy we offer to relieve your pain here at Body Mechanics.

Your friend in health,
Michael Burnett
LMT Body Mechanics
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Suite 105
Springfield, MO 65804
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