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- Issue 1, 2016 -

O tempora o mores

This is the first ever issue of our ICOH scientific committee's electronic newsletter. You may ask why bother but the truth is that plain email is simply too unappealing to catch the eye in the constant torrent of email we all face. We hope you find the contents informative and the format easy to digest. We welcome feedback on both!


  1. Greetings from the chair
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Vote on changing the name
  4. Modernet meeting in Prague
  5. News on our next meeting
  6. Distribution of our members
  7. Next issue

Ciao amici!

I am proud to present this brand new communication channel for our ICOH scientific committee Health Services Research and Evaluation in Occupational Health. We will use it to keep our members informed of interesting projects, publications and events. We hope you find the newsletter interesting and stimulating.

Prof Stefano Mattioli, Bologna Italy
Stefano (chair) and Jani (secretary)

Minutes from SC committee meeting in Seoul, 2015

Surely you've been champing at the bit to read the minutes from our last committee meeting, especially if you couldn't travel to the vibrant and exotic capital of South Korea. Head this way to read the minutes.

Please send us feedback if you spot there being something amiss.
A mobile shoemaker's workshop in Seoul. Spot any possibilities for improvement?

Should we change our name?

As you may well know, there have been talks from time to time that the name of our scientific committee is rather unwieldy. As a name "Health Services Research and Evaluation in Occupational Health", especially when combined with "ICOH scientific committee" it is a hulking behemoth that does not exactly roll off the tongue. For example, how would you ever fit that on a tweet that is only 140 characters long? We don't even have a handy acronym as HSREOH is unpronouncable.

To spur discussion on coming up with a shorter and more punctual name, we invite all members to participate in a vote on possible new names. We came up with a few examples but you also have the opportunity to suggest your own. We hope to have a new name figured out soon so that we can use it as the domain name for our scientific committee's new website.

Click here to cast your vote.

Modernet meeting in Prague October 2016

Some of our members are also members of the MODERNET (Monitoring trends in Occupational Diseases and tracing new and Emerging Risks in a NETwork) whose next meeting will be held in Prague on 20-21 of October, 2016. The main topic will be nano-materials and workers’ ill health. See you in Prague!

Regarding our next meeting

In Seoul we discussed organising our mid-term meeting in the USA, appended to an ACOEM meeting. Unfortunately joining the 2016 ACOEM conference in Chicago was not a good idea because participants would have had to pay two separate fees: ours and ACOEM’s. This is why we propose postponing our meeting to 2017. In any case we do thank our member Glenn Pransky a lot for his help! We are now exploring other ideas:
  1. Asking EPICOH colleagues to join their 2017 congress in Edinburgh (effectiveness of interventions is epidemiology as well). As EPICOH members come from all over the world this would be a great opportunity to spread our SC ideas; or
  2. Joining the 2017 ACOEM meeting in Denver, avoiding the double-fee; or
  3. Organising an independent meeting in North America (Boston? North Carolina? Canada?).
The main topic of our mid-term meeting could be: how North-American Public Health and Cochrane collaboration can work together to score common goals.
Other ideas are very welcome. We will keep you posted on developments with the next newsletter!

Where are our scientific committee members from?

This is the current distribution of our members by country. Half the countries represented (lightest green) provide only one or two members. Our two WHO members represent Switzerland.

Next issue later in 2016

Feel free to share this newsletter with all your colleagues. Especially those who might wish to join our scientific committee.

Should you wish to communicate something to your fellow committee members, please send me an email.

Kind regards, Jani Ruotsalainen
Secretary, HSREOH scientific committee

jani.ruotsalainen (at)
Twitter: @MrJaniR
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