Ohio Wesleyan is ready to start the sports training program for this semester next week! They plan to have sessions Tuesdays at 5:30 or 6:30 PM or on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM running for the OWU semester. We need you to register so we know who is participating and can make sure medical/release forms are on site. Please sign up right away if you are interested, but if you can't start next week, sign up anyway, you can join later in February. We'll have the sign up open until February 11th.

I am including the information from the University below, it provides a better more specific explanation. Please complete the registration form as soon as you can. We have students waiting to workout with you! It is open to all our athletes of all ages, but there is a limit of 50 athletes. This has been very successful in the past. Hope to see you there.

Connie Warner
Local Coordinator

The Special Olympics exercise groups are intended to provide safe and challenging exercise opportunities for any athlete who may be brand new or returning to a regular fitness/exercise class. The nature of movement in these classes will be specific to the needs of the athletes. It may include standing or mat-based bodyweight exercises, dumbbell, med-ball or exercise-ball work and exercise bands. We also have access to TRX bands, spin bikes, steps of varying height, and walking or running agility pattern work. Progressions and changes in the amount of work completed during sessions will be progressive but specific to the needs of each athlete.

Overall program goals are to:

  1. Improve body composition
    1. Increase lean body mass (muscle)
    2. Decrease fat mass
    3. Improve or maintain bone density
  2. Decrease risk or help manage risk of chronic disease (ie. diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases related to overweight and obesity),
  3. Improve posture and resistance to injury from unexpected movements
  4. Improve neuromuscular function to improve stable and dynamic balance
  5. Decrease muscle imbalances due to repetitive activities or a more sedentary lifestyle for future injury prevention and long-term quality of life performing activities of daily living.
  6. Support exercise or physical activity adherence
    1. Create fun, challenging, and engaging workout environments
    2. Create programming that allows all regular attendees to see results

The sessions could be held at 5:30 and/or 6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.

The exercise sessions would be held in the Simpson/Querrey Fitness center at Ohio Wesleyan University, which is located at 105 S. Sandusky St., Delaware 43015. logo You can click to unsubscribe from our email list. If you are an athlete or help an athlete participate, you will miss future announcements if you unsubscribe.

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