Beets, Betacyanins & Cancer
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Reactionaries in the fight against cancer


Reactive Oxygen Species ( ROS ) are chemical/biological species that contain oxygen. In biological context, it is a natural byproduct of metabolic activity.
ROS are a two edged sword. In their natural state they are a healthy part of your metabolism. Under duress, they can become "explosive" and cause damage to cell structures.
It is this explosiveness that also make them a weapon of warfare against invasive cancerous cells. Cancer cells are much quicker to respond to the 
apoptosis caused by the ROS activity than a healthy cell.
 Beets contain a high quotient of both ROS and Antioxidants. Kind of like the high powered vacuum following directly behind the cancer cell demolition crew. It also makes beets a good choice for inflammatory diseases.
One more interesting factoid to beets, is that any type of "wounding" to the beet root, even AFTER picking, causes a response of healing cells overpopulating the area, increasing the antioxidant quotient in the beet. So a processed beet will often times have more antioxidant properties!
With our Safe sterilization process, you not only get the higher antioxidant value, but also maintain many of the other bioactive properties that chemical, radioactive or extreme heat sterilization might deplete.
If you would like a sample of our Organic Beet Root Powder or Conventional Beet Juice Powder, use the link below.
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Veggie Max

Our Veggie-Max formulation is a blend of eight vegetable juices including Beet, plus vegetarian protein, fiber & prebiotic sweeteners that not only make a really healthy and delicious Bloody Mary, but also a hot cup of veggie soup and a fantastic dip. Use the link above to try a sample!
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