PN Bulletin - October 2015

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  • News from the Network
  • Interview with an MP
  • OECD Global Parliamentary Network 1 October Meeting
  • Elections from Around the World

News from the Network

Global Parliamentary Conference (GPC) - April 2016

After the resounding success in April 2015, the Parliamentary Network in conjunction with the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, will hold the the next annual GPC in Washington, D.C. during the week of 11 April 2016. Further information will be available shortly.

OECD Parliamentary Group on Tax - 19 October 2015

The OECD will be hosting legislators from all corners of the globe for a special seminar on tax issues. This is the 4th installation of this meeting, with the hopes to discuss Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and a new global standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information. Kindly contact Jennifer Bisping at for more information or click here.

Videoconference on the Global Migrant Situation - November 2015

The Parliamentary Network will be planning in conjunction with the World Bank Group a videoconference for legislators who have been impacted by recent global migrant flows.

Parliamentary Network Engagement with the European Parliament - November 2015

The Parliamentary Network will meet with its Membership and fellow MEPs during the end of November 2015. Interested MEP who wish to participate should kindly contact for more information.

Field Visit - January/February 2016

The Parliamentary Network will be conducting a Field Visit as part of its 'Parliamentarians in the Field' programme. It will be held in Indonesia. Further information will be available shortly.
Interview with an MP
(English translation available)

avec Eve Bazaiba Masudi

Le Réseau Parlementaire a eu l’occasion de s’entretenir avec l’Honorable Eve Bazaiba Masudi. Elue au Conseil d'Administration du Réseau en avril 2015, elle est Sénatrice de la République démocratique du Congo exerçant son deuxième mandat. Elle possède une vaste expérience dans le domaine du développement local. Elle a répondu a nos questions concernant le Réseau Parlementaire et l'avenir de notre organisation.
Q: Comment est-ce que le Réseau Parlementaire important à vous et vos collègues internationales? 

A: Plusieurs Parlementaires...

Click here to read the interview in French and English/ cliquez ici pour lire l'entretien en français et en anglais

OECD Global Parliamentary Network 1 October Meeting

The OECD Gloabl Parliamentary Network held a meeting on 1 October 2015, featuring discussions with Senior Officials from the OECD on topics that are pertinent to legislators worldwide...

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Elections from Around the World
Kyrgyz Republic

Social Democratic Party - 38 seats
Respublika-Ata-Zhurt - 28 seats
Kyrgyzstan Party - 18 seats
Onuguu-Progress - 13 seats
Bir Bol - 12 seats
Ata Meken Socialist Party - 11 seats


Portugal Ahead - 107 seats
Socialist Party - 86 seats
Left Bloc - 19 seats
United Democratic Coalition - 17 seats
People-Animals-Nature - 1 seat
Catalunya (Comunitat autònoma d'Espanya)

Together for Yes - 62 seats
Citizens - 25 seats
Socialists' Party of Catalunya - 16 seats
Catalunya Yes We Can - 11 seats
People's Party of Catalunya - 11 seats
Popular Unity Candidacy - 10 seats

Syriza Unionist Social Front - 145 seats
New Democracy - 75 seats
Golden Dawn - 18 seats
Pan Hellenic Socialist Movement - 17 seats
Communist Party o Greece - 15 seats
The River - 11 seats
Independent Greeks - 10 seats
Union of Centrists - 9 seats

People's Action Party - 83 seats
Workers' Party of Singapore - 6 seats

Trindidad and Tobago

People's National Movement - 23 seats
United National Congress - 17 seats
Congress of the People - 1 seat
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