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PN Bulletin - February 2016


  • News from the Network
  • Interview with an MP
  • Member Debrief: "Parliamentarians in the Field" programme to Indonesia
  • Elections from around the world

News from the Network

2016 Parliamentarians in the Field programme

The Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & IMF organised a "Parliamentarians in the Field" visit bringing a Delegation of 30 MPs from 17 countries to Indonesia from 1-4 February 2016. A Member Debrief is available below, and a full report will be available soon.

2016 Global Parliamentary Conference registration now open

The 2016 Global Parliamentary Conference, jointly organised with the World Bank & IMF, will take place in Washington, D.C. during 10-12 April 2016. Members of the PN are encouraged to fill out their registration for the event by clicking here or the link below:

The deadline for registration is 11 March 2016. Registration is contingent on the geographic and gender representation of the participants.

Kindly note that travel and accomodation is the responsibility of the

Interview with Alain Destexhe (Senator, Belgium)

The Parliamentary Network Secretariat had a chance to sit down with Senator from Belgium, Honourable Alain Destexhe. He is the former Chair of the PN, and has seen much in terms of the global development debate in his time as a legislator and practitioner. We were able to have a candid moment with him, asking questions about what he sees for the Network in the future, as well as...
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Member Debrief: Parliamentarians in the Field Programme to Indonesia
by the Parliamentary Network International Secretariat
“Indonesia is at a crossroads.” World Bank Group (WBG) Country Director Rodrigo Chaves gave a comprehensive overview of one the largest countries in the world, with over 17,000 islands and 740 languages. Its share of the working population by 2025 will not be large enough to sustain its economic growth going forward... 
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Elections from Around the World

Pillars of Truth (Boutokaan te Koaua) - 26 seats
Tobwaaan Kiribati Party (TKP) - 19 seats

Democratic Progressive Party - 68 seats
Chinese Nationalist Party - 35 seats
New Power Party - 5 seats 
People First Party - 3 seats
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union - 1 seat

Independent - 8 seats
Our Land Party - 6 seats
Union of Moderate Parties - 6 seats
Land and Justice Party - 6 seats
National United Party - 4 seats
Iauko Group - 4 seats
Nagriamel - 3 seats
Reunification of Movements for Change - 3 seats
Vanuatu National Development Party - 2 seats
Vanuatu Green Confederation - 2 seats
Peoples Progressive Party - 1 seat
Leaders Party of Vanuatu - 1 seat
Vanuatu Labour Party - 1 seat
Friend Melanesian Party -1 seat
People's Service Party - 1 seat
Melanesian Progressive Party - 1 seat


Results to be published. Kindly click here to access the Electoral Commission.

Jamaica Labour Party - 32 seats
People's National Party - 31 seats

Fine Gael - 46 seats
Fianna Fáil - 43 seats
Sinn Féin - 22 seats

Labour Party - 6 seats
AAA-PBP - 5 seats
Independent Alliance - 4 seats
Social Democrats - 3 seats
Independents 4 Change - 3 seats
Green Party - 2 seats
Workers and Unemployed Action - 1 seat

Pervasive Coalition of Reformists - 72 seats
Principalists Coalition - 52 seats
People's Voice Coalition - 12 seats
Common Candidates - 1 seat
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