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Health & Wellness Round Up

The Physical Benefits of Yoga
By Harvard Healthbeat


"Yoga promotes physical health in multiple different ways. Some of them derive from better stress management. Others come more directly from the physical movements and postures in yoga, which help promote flexibility and reduce joint pain."  Read more

Yoga Practice of the Week
Head-to-Knee Forward Bend
(Janu Sirsasana
Janu Sirsasana or Head-to-Knee Forward Bend is appropriate for all levels of student and is an excellent spinal twist. The pose is known to help to calm the brain and relieve mild depression. It also stretched the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and groins. It is also a therapeutic posture for high blood pressure, insomnia, and sinusitis. 


Step 1 
Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Use a blanket under your buttocks if necessary. Inhale, bend your right knee, and draw the heel back toward your perineum. Rest your right foot sole lightly against your inner left thigh, and lay the outer right leg on the floor, with the shin at a right angle to the left leg (if your right knee doesn't rest comfortably on the floor, support it with a folded blanket).

Step 2
Press your right hand against the inner right groin, where the thigh joins the pelvis, and your left hand on the floor beside the hip. Exhale and turn the torso slightly to the left, lifting the torso as you push down on and ground the inner right thigh. Line up your navel with the middle of the left thigh. You can just stay here, using a strap to help you lengthen the spine evenly, grounding through the sitting bones.

Step 3
Or, when you are ready, you can drop the strap and reach out with your right hand to take the inner left foot, thumb on the sole. Inhale and lift the front torso, pressing the top of the left thigh into the floor and extending actively through the left heel. Use the pressure of the left hand on the floor to increase the twist to the left. Then reach your left hand to the outside of the foot. With the arms fully extended, lengthen the front torso from the pubis to the top of the sternum.

Step 4
Exhale and extend forward from the groins, not the hips. Be sure not to pull yourself forcefully into the forward bend, hunching the back and shortening the front torso. As you descend, bend your elbows out to the sides and lift them away from the floor.

Step 5
Lengthen forward into a comfortable stretch. The lower belly should touch the thighs first, the head last. Stay in the pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Come up with an inhalation and repeat the instructions with the legs reversed for the same length of time.

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Workshops at Washington Yoga Center
Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra
Moving into Stillness

with Alston Taggart
Sunday, August 18, 2019 | 5:30-7:15 p.m.

Come explore a slower, more contemplative side of yoga — of you. This workshop is a space to step outside of your routines and explore a deeper world inside (paying close attention of the different layers of self, a space to sift through the state of your physical, energetic, emotional/mental and spiritual body). 

Register Today
Floating + Flying:
Up-Level Your Yoga Practice

with Abby Dobbs
Sunday, August 25, 2019 | 12:00-2:30 p.m.

Join Abby for this workshop centered around how to take your practice to the next level - through incorporating stronger and smoother transitions. You'll learn how to get lighter and quieter in your floats and jumps, how to smooth out the edges of your movements, and how to optimize your movements to eliminate unnecessary energy dumps. 

Register Today
Relax + Renew
with Pleasance Silicki
5 Monthly Sessions
starting Friday, Aug 30 
| 12:00-2:30 p.m.

Do you ever feel stressed at the end of a long week? Do you ever feel the heaviness of your work, family and life in your body and not sure what to do with that? Join us once a month, on Friday evenings for a practice to relax and renew body, mind, soul. 

This class helps with racing minds/ thoughts and/ or physical tension in the body.

Register Today
Acupuncture + Yoga Clinic
with Lindsay MacDougall
Saturday, September 7 2019 | 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Come explore a perfect wellness pairing and total health reset in this two-hour workshop. We will start with gentle yoga asana to warm up and open up the body and then move into Savasana when needles at acupuncture points inserted at the hands and feet and top of the head. 

Register Today
Mindfulness in Daily Life
with Vicki Goodman
Sunday, September 9, 2019 | 5:30-6:45 p.m.

In this class you will learn not only formal sitting mindfulness meditation. You will also learn how to bring mindfulness more fully into your life by becoming more aware of and witnessing your thoughts, more present with bodily sensations to bring you more into the present moment and to be less disturbed by life’s inevitable ups and downs.

Register Today
Asana Lab: Handstands 
3 Part Series

with Jen Dryer
Sundays | 
2:00-3:30 p.m.
September 22 - October 6, 2019

If you are either “handstand curious” or wanting to refine your existing handstand practice and play with variations (or anything in between), this is the workshop for you. It is suitable for those with some experience with yoga, ideally, those comfortable with Vinyasa style classes and those who are looking to take their practice to the next level to try out a challenging pose in a methodical and supported way.

Register Today
Exceptional Teachers Exceptional Classes

Meet Pleasance Silicki!


Pleasance Silicki is an entrepreneur, coach, creator, teacher, author and magic-maker. She is the founder of lil omm , a wellness and lifestyle movement that leads courses, workshops, retreats, using wisdom traditions and modern research to enhance our daily lives. Lil omm is a community of people who thrive to live well and nourish all the relationships in their lives. Pleasance’s life mission is to inspire communities and create meaningful connections for human beings through yoga, play, meditation, journaling, reflection, laughter, and honest conversations..

Pleasance has been a teacher in various forms for more than fifteen years, working in yoga studios, public and private school and University classrooms, and all size workshops and retreats. Her background includes collaborations with other social entrepreneurs and community organizations.

As co- founder of The National Kids Yoga Conference, Holistic Moms DC, and Septima Clark Public Charter School, Pleasance is an active and empowered creator who engages in meaningful projects that bring people together. She is currently on the board of Tenleytown Main Streets Program and Fitscene, a women’s fitness movement. She has taught at George Mason University and American University and published her first book in April, 2016 called Delight: Eight Principles for Living with Joy And Ease.

Pleasance currently lives, creates and loves in Washington, DC, with her partner of 21 years and two children, spreading love, magic, and glitter to those around her. You can find her online at


Join Pleasance in her monthly class to reset your mind.
Relax + Renew I 5 Monthly Sessions
Starting, Friday August 30 | 7:00-8:30 p.m.
A schedule to fit yours

Classes highlighted in blue are located upstairs in studio #400

Please refer to website to see weekly sub and class changes
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