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Health and Wellness Round Up
COVID-19: How much protection do face masks offer?
by Mayo Clinic Staff

"Can face masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)? Yes, face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the disease.

So why weren't face masks recommended at the start of the pandemic? At that time, experts didn't yet know the extent to which people with COVID-19 could spread the virus before symptoms appeared."  Read full article
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Yoga Practice of the Week

Chair Pose

Chair Pose is a standing yoga posture that tones the entire body, particularly the thighs! The pose strengthens the thighs and ankles, while toning the shoulders, butt, hips, and back. It stretches the Achilles tendons and shins, and is known to be therapeutic for flat feet. Chair stretches the shoulders and opens the chest. It tones your digestive organs and heart. Holding this pose for several breaths increases the heart rate, stimulating the circulatory and metabolic systems. It builds a lot of heat in the body, and fast!


Step 1
Begin in Mountain Pose. Stand with your feet together, with your big toes touching. Beginners can stand with their feet hip-distance apart.

Step 2
Inhale and raise your arms above your head, perpendicular to the floor.

Step 3
Exhale as you bend your knees, bringing your thighs as parallel to the floor as they can get. Your knees will project out slightly over your feet and your torso will form approximately a right angle over your thighs.

Step 4
Draw your shoulder blades into your upper back ribs as you reach your elbows back towards your ears. Do not puff your ribcage forward. Draw your tailbone down to the floor, keeping your lower back long.

Step 5
Bring your hips down even lower and lift through your heart. There will be a slight bend in your upper back.

Step 6
Shift your weight into your heels. Enough weight — approximately 80 percent — should be transferred to your heels so that you could lift your toes off the mat if you wanted to.

Step 7
Keep your breath smooth, even, and deep. If your breath becomes shallow or strained, back off a bit in the pose until breathing becomes easier.

Step 8
Spread your shoulder blades apart. Spin your pinky fingers toward each other so your palms face each other, rotating your arms outward through your thumbs.

Step 9
Gaze directly forward. For a deeper pose, tilt your head slightly and gaze at a point between your hands.

Step 10
Hold for up to one minute. Then, inhale as you straighten your legs, lifting through your arms. Exhale and release back to Mountain Pose.

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Workshops at Washington Yoga Center
Happy Hips + Healthy Heart
with Jessica Sandu
Sun, May 24, 1:30-3:00pm

You’ll feel great after Jessica Sandhu guides you through a 90 minute workshop going deep into hip and heart opening poses. These will invite space, calm and peace into your body and your heart.
Yoga for Stress Management
with Angelena Stokes-Wickersham
Sun, May 24, 5:30-6:45pm

This workshop combines gentle movements, restorative and/or yin yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques and meditation. If you are a constantly on the go, restless, work with anxiety and/or depression, or find it challenging to quiet your thoughts this practice can be of benefit to you.
Mark your calendars

Tools for Self-Care w/ Jessica
Sat, May 30 | 2:00-3:30pm

Yoga Basics for Beginners w/ Abby
Sun, June 7-28 | 10:00-11:30am

Yoga for Injury Prevention w/ Angelena
Sun, June 7 | 1:30-3:15pm
Exceptional Teachers Exceptional Classes

Meet Rhia Morseberger!


Rhiannon / Rhia is a yoga + movement educator, traditional Thai yoga practitioner, and professional dancer. Rhia’s work, in this lifetime, is to help people connect to a deeper part of themselves, to know themselves, & to move better in order to live better. Her foundational teaching point is that human bodies love variety, and we can use a movement practice to prepare our body/minds for the unknown possibilities that life will throw at us - so we can handle them with grace. Rhia began her yoga journey in 2005 while recovering from a serious dance-related injury. Through regular practice, not only did she experience a shift in strength & body awareness, but also in her attitude, overall awareness, and relationship to life. Since her initial 200hr Hatha/Vinyasa based training, Rhia sought out additional training in prenatal yoga, Thai healing arts, functional strength, and more recently has trained in the Functional Range Systems & with the physios at Integrated Kinetic Neurology-- which has been very influential. What initially started as a journey of physical recovery and self-exploration, turned into a lifelong exploration of how movement, in tandem with a contemplative practice, can heal, build community, unite us, & help us reach our best selves. Rhia's intention is for students to walk away not only feeling good and more "at home" in their bodies, but also more confident, resilient, and to have more tools in their toolbox to increase their quality of life.

Join Rhia every week for class.
Tuesdays  | 9:00-10:15 a.m. | Mobility + Meditation
Saturdays | 11:30-12:45 p.m. | Hatha I
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