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Health & Wellness Round Up

5 tips for coping with sciatica
By Harvard Healthbeat


"Sciatica is one of the most common, yet misunderstood, types of pain. As many as 40% of people will get it during their life, and it becomes more frequent as you age. Sciatica tends to get lumped in with regular back pain, but it is different. The pain originates with the sciatic nerves and often goes away by itself within a few hours or days."  Read more

Yoga Practice of the Week
Boat Pose


Boat pose deeply challenges the abdomen, spine, and hip flexors, building strength and steadiness at the body’s core. It stimulates the abdominal organs, including the kidneys and intestines, which improves digestion. This pose also encourages healthy regulation of the thyroid and prostate glands, helping to maintain metabolism and relieve stress. Often strenuous at first, this pose requires concentration and stamina. Practicing this pose regularly will increase your ability to stay focused, internally aware, and emotionally calm.

Step 1
Begin seated with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hands resting beside your hips. Draw your awareness inward and focus on your breath. Allow your inhalations and exhalations to be smooth, calm, and even. 

Step 2
Keeping your spine straight, lean back slightly and lift your feet, bringing your shins parallel to the floor. 

Step 3
Draw in your low back, lift your chest, and lengthen the front of your torso. Then, extend your arms forward, in line with your shoulders with your palms facing each other. 

Step 4
Balance on your sit bones, keeping your spine straight. Take care not to let your lower back sag or chest collapse.

Step 5
Lengthen the front of your torso from your pubic bone to the top of your sternum. The lower belly (the area below your navel) should be firm and somewhat flat, but not hard or thick.

Step 6
With an exhalation, straighten your legs to a 45-degree angle from the ground, bringing your body into a "V" shape.

Step 7
Keep your breath easy, steady, and smooth. Focus your awareness within. Soften your eyes and your face. Gaze at your toes. 

Step 8
Spread your shoulder blades wide and reach out through your fingers, actively engaging your hands.

Step 9
Stay in the pose for five breaths, gradually working up to one minute. To release the pose, exhale as you lower your legs and hands to the floor.

Want to learn more about Boat Pose and go deeper into your practice?
Join Gayatri on Sunday, October 13 for
Yoga for Beginners
6 week series 
Any concerns or questions please write to
Workshops at Washington Yoga Center

Yoga for Beginners
6 week series

with Gayatri Devi
Sundays, October 13-November 17, 2019
1:30-2:45 p.m.


For those who are brand new to yoga; or who have been doing yoga for some time and would like to delve deeper into the practice.

Each class we will do a full series of asanas with a specific focus in a different key aspect of the physical practice of yoga. In addition to the focus for each week, we will build up a study of the sun salute over the six weeks with attention to different parts of the sun salute each week. We will also weave in study of yoga philosophy and history to give context for what we are working on in the physical practice.

Gayatri has been teaching yoga in the DC area since completing teacher training at Tranquil Space in 2007. Her teaching style is influenced by the Sivananda and Iyengar yoga traditions. She also studies and teaches Ayurveda and is a professor of yoga at American University. Gayatri has been a resident Shanti Yoga Ashram in Bethesda Maryland, since 2007 where she studies practices the path of yoga in daily life.

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Upcoming Workshops and Series
All About the Joints: Feet + Ankles
with Rhia Morsberger
Saturday, October 19, 2019 | 5:30-7:15 p.m.

In this lecture + predominantly movement-based workshop, you will learn the fundamental movements of your feet and ankles as well as specific exercises to build foundational strength, flexibility, and how to more efficiently prepare the ankles for more load and complex movement.

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Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra
Moving into Stillness
with Alston Taggart
Sunday, October 20, 2019 | 5:30-7:15 p.m.

Come explore a slower, more contemplative side of yoga — of you. This workshop is a space to step outside of your routines and explore a deeper world inside (paying close attention of the different layers of self, a space to sift through the state of your physical, energetic, emotional/mental and spiritual body).

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Relax & Renew
with Pleasance Silicki
Friday, October 25, 2019 | 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Do you ever feel stressed at the end of a long week? Do you ever feel the heaviness of your work, family and life in your body and not sure what to do with that? Join us once a month, on Friday evenings for a practice to relax and renew body, mind, soul.

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Introduction to Mat Pilates
with Jacinda Li
Sunday, October 27, 2019 | 1:00-2:30 p.m.

This 1 ½ - hour workshop will cover the fundamental Pilates mat work (floor work) series of this full-body exercise system created by Joseph Pilates. These exercises will target the abdominals, upper and lower back, hips and glutes to provide a full-body strength and flexibility workout.

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Serenity Restorative Yoga Workshop
with Tiffany Kou
Sunday, October 27, 2019 | 5:30-7:00 p.m.

This workshop is an excellent complement for the on-the-go person, as well as anyone experiencing fatigue, burn-out, general aches and pains, or recovering from injuries.

During this practice, find an ease-filled rest through supported resting postures designed to be held for long periods of time. Receive breath work, guided meditation and imagery, and hands-on healing modalities designed to enhance your body’s own capacities to heal.

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Exceptional Teachers Exceptional Classes

Meet Wendy McGrath!


Wendy is a former ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness instructor with a background in dance. She has practiced yoga regularly since 1994, starting with the Kripalu and Bikram styles in Burlington, VT. She began practicing Ashtanga in 1999, and has had a daily Mysore practice since 2004. Wendy apprenticed with David Ingalls and began teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Center in 2011. She currently teaches at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio. Wendy has a Ph.D. in educational leadership and lives with her husband and two children in the Tenleytown area.

Join Wedndy every week for class.
Mondays  | 6:45-8:00 a.m. | Vinyasa All Levels
A schedule to fit yours

Classes highlighted in blue are located upstairs in studio #400

Please refer to website to see weekly sub and class changes
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