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October 20th, 2015

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Polaroid: Back to the past



Giorgio de Chirico, 79.8 x 60 cm.,

painted in 1963: sold last week at $ 560'000 against a high estimate of $ 534'000


October 2015 is starting with yet another all time record sales ! 

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Polaroid: Back to the past

In the 1970s and ’80s the Polaroid instant camera quickly captured family moments and delivered the images on the spot. Canadian artist Kyler Zeleny has over 6,000 of these in his Found Polaroids project, which is asking the public to create new narratives for the images with flash fiction, and to help track down the true stories behind the lost photographs. Zeleny explained that since Polaroids are “unique productions,” with no digital files or negatives, it “means the image I have is the only one in existence. 

Part of trying to identity them is to understand how these very singular images — as well as precious to someone — would end up being sold online, in free markets, and discarded in garbage bins. At what point did such magical images lose their value?” Found Polaroids launched last month, with a homepage gridded with the white-framed photographs, their saturated colors each revealing a portrait. 


An elderly lady is posed with an exuberant cactus, a man stands next to a Mexican flag against a painted backdrop of a winter mountain, and a pair of very glum children are at what seems to be a school event. “The photo-as-object is something we’ve lost, and so I think it is important to interrogate this concept when we can,” Zeleny said. “Past and present I’ve used this project to think about family albums, image object journeys, and online archival work.” 



Michel Santi




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