Summer of Screenwriting Newsletter #1
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Newsletter #1
Friday 7/16
Video Introduction
FYP Co-Founder Audrey Larson
How to Write A Scene
From John August's blog (screenwriter of Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate factory)

1. Ask: What needs to happen in this scene?

"Many screenwriting books will tell you to focus on what the characters want. This is wrong. The characters are not responsible for the story. You are. If characters were allowed to control their scenes, most characters would chose to avoid conflict, and movies would be crushingly boring.

The question is not, “What could happen?” or “What should happen?” It is only, “What needs to happen?” If you wrote an outline, this is the time to look at it. If you didn’t, just come up one or two sentences that explain what absolutely must happen in the scene..."

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New Blog Post

"Launching Summer of Screenwriting"

You may have heard about our exciting new program Summer of Screenwriting. It’s free and open to youth 18 and under. And the best part— you can live across the country from us and still participate! We’re so excited to see kids sign up from California, Oregon, Montana, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and New York (in addition to our home-base of New England)... 
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What Are Film Genres? 

Are you interested in adventure? Comedy? Romance? Do you prefer to be scared or to visit fantasy worlds?

These are all genres of filmmaking and every filmmaker needs to have a solid understanding of what the genres are, and what are the best genres for them to make...

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Screenwriter Peter Russell discusses the first step in writing a screenplay. From Film Courage. 
Movie Script of the Week

Script written by Chris Miller & Phil Lord

Read the script here
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