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Screenwriting Challenge of the Day
Creating Conflict

If you feel like your plot isn't going anywhere the problem is usually lack of conflict. Conflict - challenges, problems - drives the story forward and makes us root for the main character. People watch movies to see things happen. The bigger the problem and the more at stake for the characters, the more compelling your screenplay will be. 
For a conflict to be compelling it must:

1. Be relatable to the audience. 

2. Have the opposition be as strong as the effort to pursuit it (i.e. the villain in superhero movies has to be strong enough to convincingly challenge the hero's powers- if the villain wasn't, the hero would easily overpower him and the audience would lose interest)

3. Be a problem of sufficient weight that can't be solved in just one conversation. 


In Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, the Sheriff of Nottingham has let power and greed go to his head. While noble King Richard is off fighting in the crusades, the Sheriff is orchestrating an alliance with the barons and robbing the poor. Enter Robin Hood who decides that robbing the rich is a much better idea to restore balance to Richard's kingdom. His quest for justice is relatable to audiences because everyone - at some point n their lives - has been victimized by a bully. By training the men of Sherwood Forest to become fighters, he poses a formidable threat to the Sheriff's plans. Lastly, the intensity of Robin and the Sheriff's conflict can't be resolved in one chat over a cup of latte. The presence of these three critical components drive the plot forward. 

From Screenwriting for Teens, by Christina Hamlett

1. Identify wat aspects of the conflict in your script are relatable to audiences. 

2. What or who is the opposing force trying to keep your main character from achieving his/her goal? 

3. Could your opposing characters resolve the conflict in one conversation? Why or why not? If so, you might have to make it a bigger problem to keep the audience's attention. 
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