Summer of Screenwriting Newsletter #5
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Newsletter #5
Friday 8/21
From the Founders
Dear <<First Name>>,

Are you planning on entering your script in our national contest? If not, we hope you'll change your mind! Thanks to the generosity of Final Draft, ShotPro, and Shot Lister we have AMAZING prizes to award to 3 winners. Visit the contest page to read more about the prizes and review the contest rules. Deadline is September 30th. 

If you haven't yet, be sure to visit the Summer of Screenwriting Participants Page where you can learn all you need to write your script and get in on all Summer of Screenwriting has to offer. 

Keep writing! 

Audrey Larson
Co-Founder, Producer, Director
Fountain of Youth Productions
Book Pick
50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Stories

Edited by Peter Hanson, Paul Robert Herman

Discover the secrets of Hollywood storytelling in this fascinating collection, in which fifty screenwriters share the inside scoop about how they surmounted incredible odds to break into the business, how they transformed their ideas into box-office blockbusters, how their words helped launch the careers of major stars, and how they earned accolades and Academy Awards.
Guest Blog Post
"4 Tips for Winning Screenplays"

By Renée J. Lukas

No matter what you’ve heard, there is no magic formula to writing a screenplay. There are, however, guidelines that can make your life much easier when you set out to write your script. These 4 tips are good rules of thumb to remember.  

1. A story needs CONFLICT. 

What do movies like The Hunger Games, Finding Nemo, Alien. . . all have in common? From science fiction to animation, what common link could they possibly share? You guessed it, conflict!...
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Join us for a Young Writer's Meet-up at the Walpole, MA Barnes & Noble Cafe.

We'll meet each other, do some fun activities, and learn about creating stories for the screen. All are welcome - no experience required.

Upcoming dates:

Wed. 8/26
6-7 pm
More Info and RSVP Form
5 Ways to Create Conflict
Conflict drives a story. I might go so far to say that conflict is your story. But I think too often, we miss that pivotal connection between conflict and character. If we don’t tie conflict directly to our characters we end up either with stories devoid of conflict and full of missed opportunities, or we force unnatural conflict on the story that doesn’t ring true. And it doesn’t help that a lot of advice on creating conflict is so high-minded (external vs. internal, blah, blah, blah) and often abstract — stakes! progression! empowerment! universality! — what does any of that mean and more importantly, how do you translate it into actual writing?  Here are five ground-level ideas that will infuse your story with conflict and that you can put into practice right away.

1.  Give your characters clear goals. Conflict stems from different people, different groups, different forces, different anything wanting different things—or sometimes, the same person torn between different things. But if you don’t know what your characters want, it’ll be difficult to wring any conflict out of them at all, let alone a serviceable story. Setting a story goal for your characters — the things they are striving for, seeking, wanting, going after, however you define it, really is the lifeblood of your story. Get these goals right, place them in opposition to each other, and the plot almost takes care of itself. Again, I’m not talking about high-minded theory here. This can really be as simple as asking, what does my character want? A new job, to save the world, the death of his enemies? The answer is up to you....

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Should Characters be Likable? 
The #1 Tip To Writing Likable Characters by Steve Kaplan
Comedy screenwriter Steve Kaplan discusses whether characters have to be "likable". 
Movie Script of the Week
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Screenplay by: Lawrence Kasdan
Story by: George Lucas


Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the US government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis.

Read the script here
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