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Screenwriting Challenge of the Day
Characters Shouldn't use dialogue to explain things to each other that they already know. 
It's tempting! A big mistake most beginning screenwriters make is to resort to divulging clues, strategies, and relationships to the audience through conversations that would either already have happened or else exist in unspoken understandings between characters (like a job). 
Examples and exercise adapted from "Screenwriting for Teens" by Christina Hamlett


- Criminals review their secret plans in extensive detail

-  Guests at a party are introduced by their entire life story

- Historical events mentioned to provide context for the audience resulting in improbable conversation. 

Bottom line: If it won't pass for plausible chatter, find a different way to reveal it to your viewers.


Identify 6 different ways to reveal a character's name and occupation to the audience without another character having to make a formal introduction. Example: a nameplate and title on the door of a character's office

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