5 Tips for Healthier Grilling
From The Whole Journey

1: Don’t grill processed meat because they are full of chemicals that when heated, become carcinogenic. If you MUST grill hotdogs, upgrade to a cleaner brand like Applegate Farms.

2: Marinate your meat before grilling. Studies show that there are 50% fewer carcinogens in marinated vs. non-marinated meat. The caveat is to use thin oil/vinegar based marinades because the thicker BBQ sauces that contain sugar because it will drip into the grill, creating smoke and therefore, toxins.

3: Go Lean. Lower fat meats are healthier on the grill. There’s a chemical called PAH that is produced from the smoke when we grill fattier meats like sausage.

4: Use smaller cuts of meat. They cook faster, and less time on the grill means fewer carcinogens.

5: Flip your meat every 60 seconds. According to studies in the Journal of Food Protection, flipping your meat every 60 seconds dramatically cuts down on bacteria, especially E. coli. Also, don’t char your meat because consuming charred meats correlates to a higher propensity for tumors.

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