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March 2017 Issue
This month, we’re proud to announce that Autocase was the featured technology in USGBC+ Magazine, read by USGBC’s 12,000 member organizations and 200,000 LEED accredited professionals.

The 3-page feature article, called “Making the Case”, makes it plain.
“To John Williams, it’s simple: Convincing investors, owners and other stakeholders that green buildings are worthwhile propositions means going beyond high-minded virtues and instead, letting the dollars do the talking. “I’m a pragmatist,” says Williams, chairman and CEO…Adds Emma Stewart, Chief Business Development Officer “In survey after survey of the real estate industry, the number-one reason owners say they don’t upgrade or retrofit their buildings beyond code is upfront capital costs…we’ve become obsessed with first cost, but we forget these buildings can last 100 years. By using Autocase, you can see the comprehensive value—financial, environmental and social—across the entirety of the building lifecycle, you can see what benefits you’re accruing as an owner, and what benefits you’re passing along to tenants and even the local community.”
Click here to read the full article.

How We Work Alongside Customers to Improve and Grow Autocase

This month we won 2 new customization projects and 1 R&D grant for Autocase:
  • San Antonio River Authority: Watershed planning and in-house capacity building
  • Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority: Sustainability master planning support
  • Rockefeller Foundation: A grant to incorporate ecosystem services valuation database from Earth Economics
  • These projects reinforce the recognition from Autocase clients of the value proposition generated from pairing Autocase with our roster of expert economists. 

    New Autocase Features

    Auto-Generated Full Results Report
    Want to dive deeper into Autocase’s calculations? The 2-page Executive Summary results not enough? Now you can auto-generate a 125-page Full Results Report, complete with bibliography, derivations, and assumptions, at the click of a button.

    Modifiable Social Cost of Carbon
    Autocase defaults the social cost of carbon at close to $40, but now you can customize that value. So, if you’d rather use a social cost of carbon closer to $100, or replace it with an impending “carbon tax” in your area, you now have the capacity to do so.

    Modifiable Project Discount Rate
    The value of $10 in your pocket now as opposed to $10 in your pocket a year from now underlies the concept of “Discounting” future value. Autocase defaults the discount rate to 7%, and now you can modify the value to just above 0% or as high as 40%, depending on how conservative you’d like the analysis to be.
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