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Friday, July 22, 2022
Alternative Shelters also receive ARPA funding 
This map indicates both the Safe Rest Villages and other Alternative Shelters that are funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The City of Portland, through the Safe Rest Village team, is responsible for the physical infrastructure for each of these. Currently, the Multnomah SRV, the Queer Affinity Village, and the BIPOC Village are open.  Multnomah County, through the Joint Office of Homeless Services, is responsible for the programming (shelter referral, overseeing non-profit partners that manage shelters, etc.)
In the early days of the pandemic the City, in collaboration with community organizations and the Joint Office of Homeless Services, set up three emergency outdoor physical distancing shelters. Two of the three shelters provided space and support for culturally specific groups. One, the Queer Affinity Village was created to build a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQIA+ self-identified neighbors.  Another, the BIPOC Village (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) was founded to create an atmosphere meeting the needs of People of Color.  The third was Old Town Village, which was not culturally specific and has since closed.

As of July 2022 (the start of the City's fiscal year), BIPOC Village and Queer Affinity Village are funded by the City of Portland’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation. These two alternative shelters have a slightly different program model than the Safe Rest Villages but share the same goal of providing services and stability to people experiencing unsheltered houselessness to help them move to their next step – housing. As with the other ARPA-funded sites, the physical infrastructure is managed by the City of Portland (through the SRV team) and the programming is managed by the County's Joint Office of Homeless Services. The JOHS contracts with All Good Northwest to manage BIPOC Village and Queer Affinity Village.
Hot Weather Coming

Portland is anticipating hot weather next week.  At the time of publication of this newsletter, it is anticipated that the Mayor will make an Emergency Declaration and that Multnomah County will open cooling shelters.  
  • To learn more about how hot weather may impact City of Portland Services, stop by here.
  • For information about County-run Cooling Shelters and other resources, check the County's Help for When It's Hot.
  • Note - Safe Rest Villages and the BIPOC and QA Village Alternative Shelters have air conditioning for their program participants, but they do not serve as cooling shelters for people not already in their program.  

Accessibility in the Safe Rest Villages

View of the ramp access to the shared restroom,
shower, and laundry facilities at the Multnomah SRV during Sneak Peek Tour in June.

Safe Rest Villages and accessibility 

A disproportionate number of people experiencing houselessness (as compared with the general population as a whole) come from already marginalized communities. This includes individuals from the queer community, those from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Some people identify with several of these communities.  

Safe Rest Villages are considered outdoor shelters in Portland’s Zoning Code. They are being permitted and built as temporary outdoor shelters. (See Temporary Outdoor Shelters Program Guide for more information).  As the structures in each Safe Rest Village are temporary, different rules apply to them than to commercial, residential, and other categories of structures that are intended to be permanent. 

Incorporating the ADA and access-thinking in SRVs 

Providing for people living with disabilities is a core priority for the SRV team, the City of Portland, and the American Rescue Plan (ARPA) implementation team. From ensuring that the sites are flat to designing village layouts with on-site navigation in mind, our team is thinking about accessibility. Lighting, ramping, ground surfacing, and more – all decisions are reviewed with a thought towards access, safety, and functionality. 

“I believe the project team made a good faith effort to construct shelters that could be as usable as possible within the limits of temporary dwelling construction,” says Nickole Cheron, the City of Portland's ADA Title II and Disability Equity Manager.
Multnomah Safe Rest Village has seven sleeping units with access ramps near the accessible restroom/shower/laundry building. Image from the rainy-day Sneak Peek Tour in June, a few days before the village opened.
Updates on Specific SRV Sites
Menlo Park SRV
  • Site development begins next week!
Multnomah SRV
  • The 7' privacy fencing is up now.
  • Friends of Community Gardens are helping develop raised beds in the village.
  • The Multnomah SRV Site Manager is Brian Linné. His email is:
NW Naito SRV
  • We have a signed lease for the use of the property. The lease limits the site use to no more than three (3) years.
  • The team is engaging with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to determine remediation actions needed for temporary use.
Peninsula Crossing Trail SRV
  • The Street Services Coordination Center (SSCC) has been addressing camping in the area.
  • The SSCC is working with its partners to install barriers to prevent vehicle access to the site.
  • The SRV team has been working with an arborist to assess trees on the property – including the Heritage Tree.
  • Our architects are working on a draft site plan and village design.
SE Reedway SRV
  • No current updates.  Awaiting the soil test results.
Sunderland RV Safe Park
  • The SRV team is working with PBOT to begin relocation of the Maintenance Operations from Sunderland Yard North to its new location on NE 33rd Ave.
  • Our architects are working on a draft site plan and layout for the RV Safe Park.
Commissioner Ryan and a villager at the Queer Affinity Village Alternative Shelter on a recent site visit.
Updates on specific Alternative Shelters
Queer Affinity Village
  • Commissioner Ryan and the SRV Team visited the Queer Affinity Village (QA) last week. Exciting things are underway at this site, which moved to this location back in May 2022.
  • A community garden committee has formed, with support from inside the village and the surrounding community. 
  • Community members brought welcome gifts and gift cards to share with the village, and the nearby schools created welcome banners as well.
  • Coordination of neighborhood litter pickups between program participants and those in the nearby condominiums is starting. 
  • Several program participants have moved on to housing in the past couple of weeks.
  • With the development permit allowing this site's construction came an address. For purposes of emergency response (911) the address for this village is 2185 SW Naito Parkway.  (It is no longer the 2300 block of SW Naito.)
Community information at the Queer Affinity Village Alternative Shelter
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