Choir News January 2017

Hi everyone and welcome to 2017! We're just about to kick off the new year so let's get into it!

Term 1 Dates

Rehearsals will commence on Mon 30th Jan through to the 10th April. There will be one week off on the 13th March (public holiday). All rehearsals are at the regular time, 7 - 8:30pm.

Members - New and Continuing

If you are a continuing member and would like to reserve your music number we ask that you please make full or partial payment of your membership fee within the first 2 weeks. Sally Hyam is our new treasurer who can arrange an instalment plan for those that would prefer this option. Please note, however, that this plan will need to be finalised by the 10th April. Please click here for more details about choir fees.

We ask both new and continuing members to please fill out and present a 2017 Membership Form upon payment, to ensure we have up-to-date information for every member. Also please ensure you have a read through the 2017 Info Sheet which changes slightly each year.

Introducing the Team!

Vocalize Choir is nothing without its teams! We welcome the following support roles for 2017: 

Secretary - Cheryl Carter
Treasurer - Sally Hyam
Librarian - Annette Pelling
Performance Liaison - Jen Burford
Assistant Director - Annette Pelling
Section Leaders:       Soprano - Bron Hern, Cathie Malyschko
                                         Alto - Julie Wright, Linda Barnes
                                         Baritones - Tina Schultz (tenor), Alan Smith (bass)

Please note that we now have 2 section leaders for each vocal section. The section leaders are your point of contact for initial music questions, absence apologies and general choir matters. They are there to support you where needed and help you find your place in the choir.

This year we will be treated to the lovely piano skills of Kimberly Wong, who is replacing Heidi Schutz while she travels abroad.

We also welcome the following members to the choir builders team, which meets quarterly to discuss all things Vocalize:

Adrian Miller
Annette Pelling
Cheryl Carter
Jen Burford
Sally Hyam

Thank you to all these amazing people for your support and enthusiasm!

Marion Celebrates performance

The Marion Celebrates festival is a biennial free community festival with the theme Many Cultures, One Earth. It has been running for 18 years. It will be returning in 2017 as a vibrant twilight street party, right in the heart of Marion. The new look festival will take place at the Marion Cultural Centre plaza on Saturday 25 March 2017 from 4:00pm – 9:00pm. Marion Celebrates has a reputation as a family-friendly event with a focus on art and cultural experiences and sustainability for all to enjoy. 

We have been confirmed to perform at this event, with the time TBC somewhere between 4-9pm! Upon confirmation we will ask you to please add your name to the performance schedule on the back table.

Stay tuned for more performance confirmations as the year progresses.

That's about it for now. Looking forward to some great singing and frivolities this year!

Have a great year everybody,


Upcoming Events


First rehearsal Term 1
7 - 8:30pm


No rehearsal
Public holiday


Marion Celebrates
Call time TBC


Last rehearsal Term 1

Section Leaders

Please contact your section leader if you are unable to make it to a rehearsal:

Bron Hern 0403 168 726
Cathie Malyschko 0413 737 023

Julie Wright 8358 1720
Linda Barnes 0422 379 594

Tina Schutz (tenors) 0432 359 859
Alan Smith (basses) 0413 169 103

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