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July and August.


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My Friends,

Ever since I moved to the village by myself 2013, I dreamt of the day when others could come out and experience seeing the Fijian people with me.

In July that dream became a reality. A group of 13 men and women from Hawaii came and stayed in the village, and helped us on our ministry base up on the mountain side.

I witnessed once again the powerful life-change that happens when westerners leave their lives back home and step into the village life with the Fijians. The simple life, contagious generosity, and unexplainable joy of the natives make such a profound impact on us, and it is so awesome to see the ways that we can bless them.

Thank you to all of you who help make this life-change possible... both for the villagers, and for whoever comes out to serve.

Thank you for being a part of the Mission Fiji Family.
Seth Coleman 


OneLove in Fiji

Hawaii Team

One Love Ministries, a church from Honolulu Hawaii brought thirteen team members to come help us build a dorm hut, install a water tank, and serve in the community.

A few years in the making...

I met Karly and Kerry a little over two years ago when I made a stop in Hawaii. I was staying in their friend's house after I had been living in the village for about 8 months.

During that trip we talked about what I was doing in Fiji and I could see the curiosity in their eyes. Back then I had no idea that a non-profit was in the making. I was just a solo guy working with a group of natives in a village. They probably thought I was crazy.

Fast forward two years and I received an email from Karly sparking conversation about a possible mission trip. Then a few months later Karli, Kerry, and a crew from One Love landed in Fiji as the first group to come help our newly formed non-profit!

Learning Culture.

This was our first meeting talking about the culture and how to respect the "way of life" in the village. There are many ways of showing respect in a Fijian village, and at the same time there are many ways we can unknowingly offend them.

For example, you cannot wear hats in the village. You must always take off your shoes before entering a house. And if you walk around someone who is sitting you must say, "too low too low" to show respect. 

When we respect them with their traditions and culture it really makes a big impact in their eyes. Fijians aren't used to seeing white people cater to their ways. With tourists, it is usually the other way around.


Making Progress on a Dorm Hut.

We started to construct a building where we can host cross-cultural groups, as well as hold local leadership training, marriage counseling, health education, and music for those in the community.

Hut Roof - So Much Bark!

The hardest and most tedious job was the roof material. We got a sturdy wood from the mangroves on the reef, and slowly chipped away at the bark.

I think we spent the whole first day smashing bark. Our friends could barely grip their tea cups by the end of the night. 

But the bright side is we spent hours "talking story," laughing, and just getting to know each other. We all had sore hands and aching backs, but our hearts were full.

Landscape and Planting.

A swiss man living in New Zealand named Joshua, joined the team. He happened to be a landscaper and really helped us start shaping the land and planting different trees and flowers.

We planted Mango trees, coconuts, banana, passion fruit, avocado, and all kinds of flowers and bushes. It was so fun learning from the master. Thank you Joshua for shaping our land so much and educating us. 

I'm excited for you to come back and see all the plants growing.

Water Tank.

I've been living on this land all year without water. Everyday I'd walk about 300 meters with a wheel barrow to fill gas cans from a water well. 

One Love Church made the move to hook us up with water! No more walks to the well! Now we can fill up our tea kettle and brush our teeth right outside the door. So good:)

Women's Ministry

The women went around the community and helped in the village primary school, in the village community hall, and building on the land. They charged so hard! I don't know how they had so much energy to pour out. 


At the primary school they read with the kids, led an exercise day, did a puppet show, and just loved on the kids. 
Fijian kids are so fun to hang out with.

They sing so loud and smile so big. The puppet show was definitely a hit!


Health Education in Fiji is crucial. Much of the diet is so full of heavy carbs and sugar. Diabetes and heart attacks are an epidemic in the village. Its common for life spans to only last between 40 to 50 years of age. 

For this reason the girls on the team met with the village women in the community hall and did exercises, talked about physical health, spiritual life, and just had a good time. The whole village was ringing with laughter during these sessions.

To Bless and Be Blessed...

The Hawaiian women had an opportunity to serve the ladies of the village in a profound way. With so many of the Fijian ladies working at resorts nearby, they are always serving and accommodating the tourists. So the last thing they'd expect is for the "tourists" to serve them. You can imagine the impact a day of foot washing and massage had:)

The Fijian ladies decided to hold an honorary "tea time" at the end of the week for the Hawaiian team. Each visitor was given a lei to wear and a face full of baby powder... this is one of the richest ways to honor and bless someone in Fijian Culture. Safe to say the day was capped it off with plenty of tears and hugs...

Thank you Heather!

After 2 months in Fiji, we said goodbye to Heather. We couldn't have asked for a better teammate! Within her short time she formed rich relationships with so many Fijians... You would think she had been here for 2 years rather than just 2 months!

She also gave and organized medical supplies in Momi, Nabila, and even in our own bure hut. And we literally couldn't have led the ladies from One Love without her.

Thank you my sista! Can't wait to see you back out here!

Heather's Blog.

"Life changing.

That is the only way I can explain the last two months. I could never have imagined how the people of Fiji would transform me and my heart. There are countless stories that depict the goodness, and generosity of the women, men, and children I got to know during my stay in the little bure house on the hill..."

Click to Read More

Life Change.

"It's easy to think that we are here to help the Fijians. But on a trip like this, I discovered that we are the ones being blessed by them."

A brother and sister on the team both decided to be baptized on the reef, just outside of the village. 

The two team members were from Switzerland and they met here in Fiji for the first time in years. Josh had been living in New Zealand and searching for purpose and depth in his life, while his sister Dina had been living in Hawaii.

However it was here in Fiji, after long journeys that they decided to be baptized and commit to a life of learning how to love God, and love others. 

Josh expressed to me and the team at the end of the trip in his awesome Swiss accent, "Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this trip and showing me something more real than any drug. I have found my path again. I have found the Lord."

I was amazed to see the impact that happened with our first mission team. It couldn't have been better and more fulfilling. I can't wait to see them back again someday.

Prayer Requests.

1. Vision.

Pray for God it give us clear vision and wisdom on how to best serve the villages and bring others into this experience.

2. Mission Teams

Thank the Lord for the amazing groups that came and all the ways we experienced his love and power. This is a summer I will never forget.

Thank the Lord Pray for the unity and growth that we experienced.

3. Character

Pray for the Character of Christ to be formed in us as we seek to love unconditionally, serve humbly, and share effectively.

4. Provision

Pray that we can continue to be resourced financially so we can be creative and effective as we serve the villages.

5. Short visit to Hawaii.

At the end of August I have to leave Fiji to renew my visa. I'll be flying to Hawaii and speaking at One Love Church in Honolulu. Please Pray that God will lead me while I am there to encourage and share with the churches.


Help Support the Mission

Thank you so much to those who help resource us financially. 

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. "

1 John 3:16

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