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Coffee. Concerts. Community.

I'm writing in a library in Los Angeles, enjoying the last few hours of high speed internet and soft chairs before I hop on the plane back to Fiji tonight. It's Wednesday June 20th and I'll be in Fiji for about a month. I have been in Utah where my younger brother Jackson got married, and I have been serving in the Park City Community, and now I'm ready for what will be a breakthrough month for Mission Fiji...
A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the Park City Roasters Coffee shop and stood up to talk to the man passing by me. He was the owner of the shop, named Rob, and there was something I had been wanting to ask him. 

We had never met before, so I introduced myself and shared with him my idea. "Hey Rob, I have some wild fijian Coffee beans I brought back from Fiji, and i was wondering if you would be interested in helping me roast them... and what if we put on a small fund-raising concert here in the shop for a single mothers project?"

His response shocked me. A huge smile came across his face and he was so into it! He began asking stories about the village, about our projects helping single mothers, how I lived there for the majority of the last five years working in Christian Churches, and hosting mission trips. Rob asked me to meet him at their wear house to roast the bean. Later that week we scheduled a date for the concert.

Then Fast foward a few weeks....

The coffee house was full to capacity with friends and family around the Utah community. The bean was roasted and tasted delicious, and my friend Corey Harper put on the most awesome acoustic set for the benefit concert.

People were laughing, dancing, drinking the coffee, and we raised over $1,000 dollars that night toward the cause of serving single mothers. We had close to 20 bags of wild fijian coffee and they sold out just as the concert was beginning. It was a great night.


High School Mission Team

So, I'm heading back to Fiji where I will be joined by a team of 16 men and women from Salt Lake City. The thing about this group is that most of them are high schoolers. This is our first high school mission trip in the village, and it has been a road of uncharted territory up to this point.

To be honest, the process up to this trip has not been easy. I'm definitely learning a lot.... we have led amazing college age groups... but high school is a different dynamic than college... It's one thing for a college age person to go for it and face some adversity... its another thing for a young student to face some adversity, and then for me to have to answer to mama bear back home. And rightfully so... (I'm joking but serious)

The Leadership at Lifeline Community has been amazing and I'm so thankful for their graciousness and patience with me as we prepared for this trip. However after the planning and honest discussion, I really do believe we are ready to step into this new realm of impact and mission. 

We will have 10 days full days of serving in the village with carpentry projects, painting, farming, group times of teaching, praying, reflection, worship, and of coarse times out enjoying nature and spending time with the Fijians and learning a life-style referred to as "Fiji time" that revolves around relationships rather than a clock and a schedule.  

What an honor it will be to shepherd and lead a group of teens into their first experience of a third world village. To wrestle with the reality of poverty and marvel at how joy and community can thrive even in the midst of material hardship.

Who knows, maybe some of these students will be sparked with a passion and a dream to make a difference in countries like this - maybe in this group are future doctors and non profit leaders and world changers?

Please pray for me as I lead this trip. Please pray for the Lifeline team of 12 students and their 4 adult leaders. Pray for courage, boldness, wisdom, safety, impact, and a life changing experience. Pray for understanding and graciousness and humility. Pray for Mission Fiji as we continue to stretch beyond our comfort zone and discover the potential of this ministry and mission.

Sincerely and with massive love,
Seth Coleman and the Mission Fiji Family.

Give to Mission FIJI
We are a non-profit operating on donations and the giving of people who believe in our impact and mission. With joy and humility I'd like to invite you to contribute so we can continue serving and impacting lives. We are praying for a few more monthly donors so we can support Fijian pastors like Pastor Dan, who we support every month as he serves God and works in the village.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed!
Matthew, Currently the leader of YWAM in Fiji. This is the man that inspired me to play guitar when I was 18. He will lead a project for our high school trip.
Had the privilege to teach at a summer camp for 3 days in Utah with all these awesome kids!
Corey putting on a show for the Utah Crew and our Mission Fiji Fundraiser. So fun making a difference with amazing friends.
Praying with the youth and sharing stories about our Fiji projects during the concert.
Awesome photo of Pastor Dan praying for our upcoming trip during a FaceTime call the other day! Love it when I hear Fijian prayers pouring out for our American Youth. Strong!
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