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This morning I woke up alone. I rolled off my sleeping matt and crawled out from under the mosquito net. I grabbed a bottle of water and poured it into my electric tea kettle then flicked the switch. The only sound in the hut was the ticking of the water starting to cook. It was my first breakfast alone in a long time.

It was so strange because my hut has been full of guests most of the year - small mission teams, nurses, larger church groups, Fijian family coming in and out.... During all the action I was actually looking forward to this moment. Finally I could have some time to relax and have some "me-time". 


But as I sat there listening to the sound of the water cooking in the kettle, and the occasional rooster crow from outside, the silence in my hut felt hollow. Something about it just didn't feel right. I was lonely. 

Then suddenly my phone rang and broke the silence. It was my Fijian Mom, who had recently become a widow since her husband, the village chief passed away last February.

"Sethy my sonny boy! I'm coming over to stay with you. Me and my Prayer Warriors! 

Nene Mary was just what I needed in that moment of visitor withdrawal. 

"Nene thats perfect timing. Come on over!" I said. "But one thing... I don't have any extra beds. And the bathroom is like 200 meters from the house. You will have to sleep on the floor and have to walk pretty far to use the restroom."

"Ohhhhh no worry my sonny boy! We are on a mission. I can sleep on the floor and live in the bush if I need too! We are the prayer warriors and we need to pray for what God is going to do through our Mission Fiji Ministry!  We are coming!"
I hope to share a few stories and photos of this past month. God is so faithful and so many prayers have been answered. I hope you are encouraged by the things God is doing through us in Fiji, and through those of you who have shared in the sacrifice and joy of this ministry. From the Bottom of my heart I'm so thankful and feel so blessed to share in a work that is shining bright light in the South pacific. Wow.... Thank you Jesus.

Seth Coleman and the Mission Fiji Family.

Prayer Warriors Week.

Nene Mary brought her team of "Masu (Prayer) Warriors" and was so excited to spend a week together praying and fasting. We made a plan and got after it!

"Alright Sonny boy, lets wake up and start prayer at 4am!" She said.

"what!.... Nene I need to sleep. Can we do 6am?"

"Riiiiiight.... You are still young and need to get your sleep. We will start at 6."

Nene Mary is so funny and so stoked to see God do amazing things! If I could see the human Spirit, Nene Mary would look like a beast! She is a serious threat to the kingdom of darkness! I am learning a lot from her.

(She is on the right, ready to do work. Straight business face!
"Masu" is the Fijian word for prayer.
Nene Mary sharing a testimony at church.

I don't think it is a coincidence that after this week of Prayer some amazing things have happened.

This month we raised  over $6,000 to help the single mothers and children in Fiji for Christmas

Thank YOU!

To Pastor Bryan Hurlbutt and Lifeline Community 

For hosting our "Fiji Day" fundraiser and being so involved with our mission, as well as being a constant and loyal mentor to the formation of Mission Fiji.

So awesome to see my hometown in Salt Lake City, Utah experience and share some island culture!

To Agnes Lomu-Penitani

For not only being an amazing community leader and organizing her army of Polynesian friends and family, but also assembling and shipping a crate of much needed materials to the village. Agnes is the engine behind so many programs and organizations raising money to do amazing things in the world. Thank you for doing so much to support your Fijian Family and helping Mission Fiji!!!!

Heather Matthison

She has made such an impact for mission Fiji, not only coming out here for almost two months, but organizing businesses and donors to support our fundraiser. Heather you are the bomb so blessed to have you on our team!

Thank you for being a part of our Mission Fiji Family!


Fiji Moms Preview

Meet our native single mothers.

Click to Watch Video
Click to Meet Nene Torika and see how we are going to help her.

Mission Base.

Pounding Nails with my Dudes!

We also received an amazing donation to help us complete the outside of our All-Purpose Hut for hosting visitors and teaching. 

It's coming along.

So excited to see this hut filled with people from the around the learning how to live out the Gospel!

This is Mika our lead carpenter and manager of the construction crew from the village. 

Every lunch we dig into the Bible and talk about Life. 

This session the men were especially impacted by our discussion about leading their families and humbly serving their wives.

I pray that these men will become strong leaders, not only for their families, but for the villages and communities.

These are my dudes. I Love these guys.
It's so amazing because most of these men are coming out of broken pasts and many people in the community have told me I'm wasting my time with "bad guys." But I'm seeing their hearts change and I have a big dream of seeing them become  bright lights in the village. Slowly I believe it will happen. 

We are a ministry focused on teaching and practicing the words of Jesus: Forgiveness. Humility. Sacrifice. Commitment. Second Chances. Family. Love.

My man Darren Yager, one of our Board of Directors, during a Bible Study and Dinner with "Da Boyz". 

Prayer Requests.

1. Vision.

Pray for God to give us clear vision and wisdom on how to best use our relationships and resources to be a light to the nation of Fiji.

2. Finish building the All-Purpose Hut.
Pray for hearts to be sparked to help financially with this project. We really want to finish it in time for the Fiji Moms Mission Team the first week of December. It's very exciting to see the possibilities of how we can serve the Fijians, as well as bring westerners to visit and make a difference in the village. Pray that God would raise up joyful givers to help us reach our vision.

3. Mission Fiji Moms

Thank God for the Fiji Day Fundraiser in Salt Lake City where we were able to raise over $6,000. Pray for God to guide us to help the families that are in most need during Christmas. We need God's wisdom, discernment, and creativity as we seek serve physically in order to bring inward healing and love to the village.

4. Shine

Pray that we will be filled with the character and Spirit of Jesus to shine HIS light and love wherever we are. 


Help Support the Mission

Thank you so much to those who help resource us financially. 

"This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. "

1 John 3:16

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