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Denise Gitsham (CA-52)

Denise Gitsham, candidate for CA-52.

In California, there is no Congressional District race that has become as competitive, expensive or as closely watched as the 52nd Congressional District. Here, Maggie’s List endorsed candidate Denise Gitsham is waging an incredible campaign in the San Diego area of this very blue state.
Denise is fighting a well-known incumbent who supports the same, tired liberal tax-and-spend, high-regulation policies that hurt Californians and those living in other ‘blue’ states. We believe she can flip this competitive district and are proudly endorsing her.
She has a stellar background having earned a law degree at Georgetown University and served on George W. Bush’s first campaign for president and, also, later in the Department of Justice under former Attorney General John Ashcroft. She touts the national security experience that she would bring to office having worked to develop and implement the Patriot Act and the Violence Against Women Act among other projects.
It’s not only her amazing background and qualifications but also the nature of her district that make Denise’s candidacy especially interesting. District-52 is a swing district and is evenly divided among Republicans, Democrats and Independents. So not only is Denise incredibly talented and electable, but also the district map gives her a very good chance.
Maybe it will be Denise’s win that generates the momentum that can someday turn California ‘red’ again. That said, time is starting to run out for all of us to make a difference for Denise and other Maggie’s List endorsed candidates. We have got to hold onto Congress! AND WE NEED MORE WOMEN IN CONGRESS WHO SUPPORT OUR VALUES OF MORE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, FISCAL CONSERVATISM AND STRONG NATIONAL SECURITY!  
Maggie’s List is doing our part to help Denise with in-kind donations with Facebook ads running in her district featuring her. But, we need everyone’s help!
Early voting is now underway in California. If you live there and are registered to vote, turn out to the polls for Denise. Do you have a friend or loved one in the San Diego area? Please share the Weekly Brief with them, tell them about Denise, and remind them to vote for Denise.

If you watch the news and you read the paper, then you know there is much at stake this election cycle.

On the right: Maggie's List endorsed candidate Denise Gitsham.
If you can’t vote for Denise but would like to donate, click here!
Member Spotlight:
Senator Lisa Murkowski, AK
Senator Lisa Murkowski, AK

We are pleased to report that despite serious efforts from all corners to defeat Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Maggie’s List endorsed candidate—she is holding a very sizable lead!
In what’s become a three-way race, Murkowski polls at 50% while her next closest opponents follow with a distant 18% and 12% of the vote according to the Alaska Dispatch News. Murkowski is no stranger to hard-fought elections. In 2010, she won the election with 39% of the vote with a write-in campaign after she lost the Republican primary! (Yes, she is a rock star!)
In the Senate, she is a member of the Committee on Appropriations; Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; and the Committee on Indian Affairs. In September, her bill creating a Native Children’s Commission headed to the president’s desk. That same month, a bill she co-sponsored to empower native communities and boost tourism was signed into law, and she also introduced a bill to honor recent veterans of the Second Division.
Murkowski would have to take a big tumble in the polls or support would have to coalesce around a second candidate for her campaign to be at risk. We cannot let this happen!
Today, we ask that you join us in supporting Senator Lisa Murkowski, so that we can help protect her lead. If you are registered to vote in Alaska, early voting starts October 24. Do you have friends and family there? Call them today and tell them to vote for Lisa Murkowski. This is so important.
Your efforts to help Senator Murkowski can help us keep control of the U.S. Senate. Why risk more of the same, old, tired, failed policies of the left that rack up our national debt and hurt American families?! You can make a difference.

To support Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Maggie’s List endorsed candidate, click here now!
Member Spotlight:
Congresswoman Susan Brooks (IN-5)
Congresswoman Susan Brooks (IN-5) with students on Capitol Hill.
In Indiana where Governor Mike Pence was tapped to become GOP vice-presidential nominee, Hoosiers are energized! That bodes well for Congresswoman Susan Brooks (IN-5) a Maggie’s List endorsed candidate!
“It has been a chaotic summer in Indiana,” she recently said at an Indiana Republican Town Hall Meeting. “It has energized all of us. Republicans up and down the ticket are going to win.”
Maggie’s List backed Susan since her first run and primary in 2012. Our dynamic Indiana State Chair Anne Hathaway knew Susan was the kind of leader we need in Congress. Susan previously served as Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis before serving as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana from 2001-2007. Susan sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Ethics Committee. She has been incredibly productive in Congress where she introduced the Strengthening Public Health Emergency Response Act of 2015; the Heroin and Prescription Opioid Abuse Prevention, Education, and Enforcement Act of 2015; the Social Media Working Group Act of 2014; the Cooperative and Small Employer Charity Pension Flexibility Act. At one point, she was a candidate to replace Gov. Pence in the 2017 Indiana Gubernatorial Election.
This year, Congresswoman Brooks successfully won a three-way Republican primary with 71% of the vote, and for the first time in the history of District 5 two women will compete for the seat in the U.S. House. (District 5 includes Marion County, Hamilton, Tipton, Madison, Blackford, Boone and a portion of Howard Counties.)
Congresswoman Susan Brooks with U.S. veterans, our American heroes!
If anyone deserves another term, it’s Congresswoman Susan Brooks! To contribute to her campaign, click here!
Maggie's List Announces New
Congressional Partner:
Congressman Frank Guinta (NH-1)
Congressman Frank Guinta, (NH-1)

Maggie’s List is pleased to announce Congressman Frank Guinta of New Hampshire as our newest Congressional Partner! Congressman Guinta made it official last week with Maggie’s List Chairman Sandra Mortham and Maggie’s List New Hampshire Chair Jan Face Glassman.  
Congressional Partners including Representative Guinta are critical to the mission of Maggie’s List. When U.S. Members of Congress become a Congressional Partner, it sends a credible public message about support for women in Congress.
Congressman Guinta is a Member of the House Committee on Financial Services and, also, the House Committee on the Budget. He is also campaigning for reelection in New Hampshire’s first congressional district. Congressman Guinta, thank you for supporting Maggie’s List.

Maggie's List Launches Social Media Blitz for
Candidates in California, Texas and Maryland
If you’re a social media user, you know all too well how a simple post, photo or alert on Facebook can make a powerful and lasting impression. The popular social media application is no longer for just personal updates or photo sharing. It’s also changing political campaigns.
Consider Maggie’s List as among the influencers utilizing this strategic tool to impact voters and, thus, make a difference for outstanding Maggie’s List endorsed candidates as we help send them to Washington!
If you are on Facebook in California, Texas or Maryland, you may have seen our digital ad blitz promoting our endorsed candidates from your state this week. These paid ads specifically target social media users living in the districts in which our ladies our campaigning. The goal is to encourage voters to support our candidates in preparation for early voting.
This week, we are promoting the following candidates in these states where early voting is now underway:

In California:
  • Rep. Mimi Walters (CA-45)
  • Casey Lucius (CA-20)
  • Denise Gitsham (CA-52)
In Texas:
  • Rep. Kay Granger (TX-12)
  • Susan Narvaiz  (TX-35)
  In Maryland:
  • Kathy Szeliga for U.S. Senate
  • Amie Hoeber for Congress (MD-6)
Remember, if you see the ad, like it! Share it on your Facebook page! Comment on it! By doing so, you are helping us spread the word about Maggie’s List endorsed candidates with your friends and followers. If you don’t live in one of these three states, you will see the ad on our Facebook page, and we ask that you share it anyways as it can have an impact on your friends in these states. This simple gesture could mean the difference in a big win for our ladies.
We thank Maggie’s List supporters like you who have helped make these paid posts possible!
Are you following us on Facebook? If not, click here now!
Early voting has now begun in some states. If you live in one of these states, don’t wait to vote! Cast your vote early! Tell your friends to cast their votes early! One of the greatest gifts you can give them is the reminder to exercise their right to vote and to ensure that it will count.

When does early voting start in every state? 

Alabama — There’s no universal early voting in Alabama, as voters need a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Alaska —Oct. 24.

Arizona — Oct. 12.

Arkansas — Oct. 24.

California — Early voting opening dates are set by the county/municipality. Oct. 10 is the first day to vote early in Los Angeles County.

Colorado — Oct. 24.

Connecticut — There is no early voting in Connecticut, as voters need a state-approved excuse  to vote absentee.

District of Columbia — Oct. 22 at One Judiciary Square, Oct. 29 for all other locations.

Delaware — There is no early voting in Delaware, as voters need a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Florida — All counties are required to allow voting from Oct. 29 to Nov. 5. Some have the option to start earlier.

Georgia — Oct. 17. Voters can sign up for an absentee ballot starting Sept. 20.

Hawaii —Oct. 25.

Idaho — Counties must send out absentee ballot requests no later than Sept. 23rd, but are allowed to offer early voting. Early voting opening dates are set by the county/municipality.

Illinois — Sept. 29 to Nov. 7. Starting Sept. 29, voters can only cast their ballots at their local election authority or a temporary location, but early voting expands to permanent polling places starting Oct. 24.

Indiana — Oct. 12. Early voting starts at the local county election board office or another designated location, but with an excuse, voters can cast a ballot by mail.

Iowa — Sept. 29.

Kansas — Oct. 19. Counties are allowed to set earlier extended early voting dates.

Kentucky — There is no early voting in Kentucky, unless voters have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Louisiana —Oct. 25 to Nov. 1.

Maine — Oct. 9 is the general opening date, but the state allows you to vote as soon as the ballots are printed, and some people have already cast their ballots.

Maryland — Oct. 27 to Nov. 3.

Massachusetts — Oct. 24 to Nov. 4.

Michigan — There is no early voting in Michigan, as voters require a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Minnesota — Sept. 23.

Mississippi — There is no early voting in Mississippi, as voters need a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Missouri — There is no early voting in Missouri, as voters need a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Montana — In-person early voting begins as soon as ballots are ready.

Nebraska — The first day to vote early in-person is Oct. 7.

Nevada — Oct. 22.

New Hampshire — There is no early voting in New Hampshire, unless voters have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

New Jersey — Sept. 24. 

New Mexico — Oct. 11 to Nov. 5. Voters can apply for an absentee ballot on Oct. 11, but starting on the 22nd they can vote early in person.

New York — There is no early voting in New York, as voters require a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

North Carolina — Sept. 9, Oct. 20 to Nov. 5. Absentee ballots have already been sent out, but the formal early voting period does not start until October.

North Dakota — Sept. 29. Absentee and mail ballots can be sent out by county officials starting on the 29th, but the exact date might vary from one location to the next.

Ohio — Oct. 12.

Oklahoma — Nov. 3 to Nov. 5.

Oregon —Oct. 19

Pennsylvania — There is no early voting in Pennsylvania, as voters need a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Rhode Island — There is no early voting in Rhode Island, unless voters have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

South Carolina — There is no early voting in South Carolina, unless voters have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee. The state does, however, give voters more absentee leeway than many.

South Dakota — Sept. 23.

Tennessee — Oct. 19 to Nov. 3.

Texas — Oct. 24 to Nov. 4.

Utah — Oct. 25 to Nov. 4.

Virginia — There is no early voting in Virginia, unless voters have a state-approved excuse to vote absentee.

Vermont — Sept. 23 to Nov. 7. 

Washington — Oct. 21. Some voters may receive their ballot earlier, but this is the latest counties can mail them out.

West Virginia — Oct. 26 to Nov. 5.

Wisconsin — Early voting opening dates are set by the county/municipalityWisconsin Rapids began voting Sept. 19.

Wyoming — Sept. 23 to Nov. 7.

Get to the polls! Our Maggie's List endorsed candidates need you more than ever!
To see a complete list of Maggie’s List endorsed candidates, click here!
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