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There were several firsts at the 2016 USA Boccia Nationals!
  • This was the first time Nationals was held in the State of Missouri!
  • The first time Nationals were held at a Convention Center venue.
  • The first time Boccia was played on Sport Court flooring from USA Volleyball.
  • The first time BC5 class was given a Classification Profile from BISFED!
  • We held our First Classifiers Course.
  • The first Annual Meeting for USA BOCCIA was a success and first election of new Board members took place.
The KCI EXPO Center proved to be a great venue and the sport court experiment went well. We received positive reviews from athletes and officials. This means we can now bid for events at Convention Center locations. 

USA has led the world in opening up the BC5 Class. BISFed’s decision to expand the class to include both cerebral and non cerebral disabilities made BC5 the largest class at Nationals. The competition was very tight and will take some time to sort out who the leaders in this group will be!

We celebrated the growth of Nationals with 75 athletes registered. We also see our need for expanded infrastructure to support that growth. Sam Williams, Ruth Burd and Bruce Ashby worked very hard to hold our first Classification Course. Mary Knudson trained 8 new National Officials.

The first Annual Meeting and elections were a success. We look forward to growing as an organization promoting the sport of Boccia!

The level of competition is getting higher in USA Boccia. 

This year BC1/BC2 Team was won again by Cornelius Otis BC1, Marck Harrison BC2, and A.B. Anwar BC2. However, it was closer than in the past. Synergy played well to earn the Silver Medal, with Mason, Hiltner, Lynch, and Williams. Bronze was won on point differential with each team going 1-3 by Flora-Swick, Lagunas, Witek and Zweidinger.

BC3 Pairs saw Austin Hanson/Gary Ragland defeat Cohen/Fleisch for Gold and Dell/Gustafson won the Bronze Medal.

BC5 Pairs was won by Bostick/Shallow. Barnes/Kult/ Norris won Silver and Klemm/Williams Bronze.

Open Pairs Gold was earned by Berret/Surrell, Silver by Cluster Busters’ Ganz/Morgan-Tyra and Bronze by Albertson/Langella of the Cluster Busters.

Individual Results saw returning champions Austin Hanson BC3; A. B. Anwar BC2, and Charles Brown BC4 win Gold again. Troy Berry won his first National Championship in BC1 Class. BC5 Champion was Jamal Williams and Open Class Champion was Hack Albertson. There were several newcomers who medaled in their first Nationals; Patrick Parkes BC2 placed second. Kenneth King BC3 also won silver in his first USA Nationals. 

Plans will soon be released for the location of Nationals in 2017. We look forward to another great tournament in 2017!
View Pictures from USA Boccia Nationals

First USA Boccia Annual Meeting

The 1st USA Boccia Annual Meeting was held on July 22nd, 2016 in conjunction with the USA Boccia Nationals.  There were approximately 80 in attendance.  The PowerPoint document with updated notes is available by clicking here.


President, Jim Thomson, opened the meeting and reported on the growth of USA Boccia. Our immediate challenge is to fund an Executive Director. He invited ideas to realize this goal at

Charlie Brown, Board Athlete rep, spoke of the need for training programs, suggested communication among athletes with e-mail chains, and encouraged interaction with the international athlete community.

Reports from the National Competition Committee Chair, Cathy Drobny, and the International Competition Chair, Mark Flora-Swick, are available in the online PowerPoint document. The Bidding process for 2017-2019 Nationals is open. The International Competition Schedule is posted at and USA Boccia is committed to bid for 2 international events.

Please read reports here from Sam William, Classification Committee Chair, Louis Mitchel, Referee Committee, and Tim Dalton, Fundraising Committee. The classification committee has developed a regional classifier course. Contact for more information.

Open Discussion highlights:
  1. Developing quality of Team and Pair play by emphasis on consistency at Nationals and promoting winners to international teams.
  2. Mary Hodge announced the availability of research and development for BC3 ramps through a grant from the Nassau Thunderbolts.
  3. Supporting athletes across the country by helping to find practice spaces, training clinics, fundraising.

USA Boccia Welcomes New Board Members

New Board Members Mark Flora-Swick and Fiona Allen Assist USA Boccia Athletes at a 2015 International Tournament 


The Governance Committee prepared the election for two Board Members which took place in July 2016. It began online and finished on July 22nd at the National competition.

The 2016 elections confirmed two persons for a four year term. 

Mark Flora-Swick, from Gardner, KS, has served as an original Board Member and was re-elected. He has been instrumental in implementing the VA grant and developing the USA Boccia equipment loan bank. He coaches locally and has served as a coach for our international team. Mark’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Fiona Allen from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was introduced to the sport through Paralympic Sports Clubs and the VA workshops. Fiona has a close relationship with Bridge II Sports in Durham, NC. She was recruited to join the staff of the US Team in 2014. In 2016, Fiona has served as a boccia trainer coast to coast through the VA grant. Her term will officially start with the January 2017 meeting. However, she will be in training with the board for the remainder of 2016.

Continuing on the board are: Cathy Drobny, Jim Thomson and Charlie Brown.

Stepping down from the board is Kathy Brinker. Kathy has been a part of boccia for 3 decades. She has helped to develop local boccia programs in the Chicagoland area. Her coaching philosophy has supported the US National team over the last two quads. Kathy has been instrumental in the standardized development of our national boccia tournaments. She has served as tournament director, referee, classifier and coach. She secured a grant from the Neilsen Foundation which has allowed us to seek out and serve athletes with spinal cord injuries. Additionally, she has developed our online testing system for coaches, sport assistants, referees and classifiers. Kathy was instrumental in establishing USA Boccia, Inc and we thank her for her service to our organization.

USA Boccia Head Coach Position Open

Leaders in sport have certain attributes that make people want to be around them and play for them. We as a USA Boccia board are seeking a qualified individual with the following characteristics to lead our US Team to a winning quadrennium.
The next Head Coach of USA Boccia must have the following character, characteristics, and qualifications:
  • Have an overall long-term vision for the team, with attention to minute details.
  • A student of the intricacies of the game of boccia, and is superb at communicating that knowledge to the practice court and game situations.
  • Cares deeply for the athlete’s needs and goals.
  • Organized and disciplined in their approach to developing practices around a common theme and goal.
  • Motivates their athletes to give all of themselves on and off the court.
  • Builds consensus and buy-in of the team around a common goal that is clearly articulated regularly to all involved.
  • Develops nuanced coaching techniques for each individual athlete.
  • Lifelong learner of the sport in both physical and psychological sport performance.
  • Extremely organized with data collection and athlete logs to enhance performance through practice.
  • Understands the role of technology in enhancing data collection and practice performance and has the skill set to use such technology.
  • Humble and puts athletes first above all else.
  • Views coaching as an art that requires continuous learning.
  • Has the respect of his/her athletes and assistant coaches.
The job responsibilities of the Head Coach are to directly or indirectly (by overseeing assistant staff) to:
  • Have athlete USADA information continuously up to date.
  • Have athlete practice logs continuously up to date.
  • Develop team and individual athlete goals that are continuously up dated and revised as needed.
  • Prepare for International Competitions.
  • Run training camps.
  • Communicate regularly with athletes, the Board of Directors and Team Leaders.
  • Write coaching articles for the website.
  • Stay current with all rule revisions, competition structures and other happenings within BISFed..
  • Develop a strategic plan for medal potential over the 4-year cycle. 
All qualified persons should send resume, letter of recommendations (2), and letter of intent to no later than October 15th.

USA Boccia Endowment Fund

An anonymous donor has agreed to match any donations (until $10,000) made in 2016 towards this fund.  Please consider making a donation by making a check payable to USA Boccia and in the memo write Endowment. Donations can be made online or mailed to the USA National Office 1398 Penataquit Avenue, Bay Shore , NY 11706.
Donate to the USA Boccia Endowment Fund

USA Boccia Completes
2015-16 VA Adaptive Sports Grant

USA Boccia will complete the VA  Adaptive Sports Grant on September 30, 2016. This is the first year USA Boccia has worked with the VA in promoting the sport of Boccia.  

Our clinicians have been to 22 different locations leading clinics, tournaments, and training including: Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, Northern California, Arkansas, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, Puerto Rico,  North Carolina,  Utah, Missouri and Texas! 

We have served 179 Unique Veterans!

We have trained 214 Coaches, Therapeutic Recreation professionals, Adaptive Sport leaders, Volunteers  and family members at these events.

We have partnered with over 20 Different Organizations including: Craig Hospital, PVA, Old Dominion University, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs Paralympic Club, Abilty360, Riekes Center, Bridge II Sports, Colorado Therapeutic Rec Association, Dasa Sports, BlazeSports, and the National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

Thank you to all of the clinicians, officials, and classifiers who made time to serve in this project. We are helping to grow the amazing sport of Boccia in the VA Community and beyond.

Good News! We have been awarded a new grant for 2016-2017. This grant has a dual focus to hold clinics in strategic areas to expand Boccia and assist in locations where we have been in the past to hold tournaments that may grow into Regional Events for USA Boccia. We were awarded $8K more to total $90,000 for this year.

Schedules are beginning to take shape for the new grant. Look at the USA Boccia website and Facebook page to find out where we are sending clinicians. If you are interested in helping to serve, please let the Board know.
2016 USA National Rankings
1. Cornelius Oatis
2. Troy Berry
3. Brigid Mason

1. AB Anwar
2. Marck Harrison
3. Matt Hiltner

1. Austin Hanson
2. Charles Fleisch
3. Howard Cohen

1. Charles Brown
2. Bobby Jackson
3. Michael-Scott Richards

1. Jamal Williams
2. Mike Norris
3. Doug Barnes

1. LeRoy Smith
2. Hack Albertson
3. John Powell

View Complete Ranking List Here
USA Boccia
Nationals Results

BC1 Individual 
1. Troy Berry
2. Cornelius Oatis 
3. Elizabeth Flora-Swick 

BC2 Individual 
1. AB Anwar
2. Patrick Parkes
3. Matt Hiltner

BC3 Individual 
1. Austin Hanson
2. Kenneth King
3. Fawad Zakai

BC4 Individual 
1. Charlie Brown
2. Bobby Jackson
3. Adam Burnett

BC5 Individual 
1. Jamal Williams
2. Mike Norris
Doug Barnes


1. Hack Albertson 
2. John Powell 
3. Hannah Frew

BC1/BC2 Team
1. Oatis/Anwar/Harrison
2. Mason/Hiltner/Lynch/Williams
3. Flora-Swick/Zweidinger/Lagunas/Witek

BC3 Pairs
1. Hanson/Ragland
2. Cohen/Fleisch
3. Dell/Gustafson

BC4 Pairs
1. Brown/Richards
2. Jackson/Brady/Burnett

BC5 Pairs
1. Bostick/Shallow
2. Barnes/Kult/Norris
3. Klemm/Williams

Open Pairs
1. Berret/Surell
2. Morgan-Tyra/Ganz
3. Albertson/Langella

View Complete Nationals Results Here
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