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This Children's Home Supports its Community

The short videos embedded below give you a picture of my Tepic family and our project I am inviting you into. I fly out October 6th, and will stay probably through December. While there. I'll be moving next door, back to the "old" CasaGrace, which has been totally remodeled (a miracle I'll share in another letter). There is plenty of room to receive you, so come on down! And please share this invitation with others.
A quick video of how donations are presently stored.
Donate for shelves and bins
A receipt for tax deduction for your donation will come promptly in your email. As of the 29th, $105 has already been raised!
This is the Casa de Niños library. You can see part of the campus and the school building through the window and door.
I'm a 25-year friend of Casa de Niños Frank Gonzalez,, a norofit children’s home. Since 1970, they have cared for thousands of at-risk kids  in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Their love for the kids hosts and teaches them well. The kids have been neglected, abused, orphaned or a combination of the above. Their parents are either absent, in jail, addicted, incapable or deceased. Casa de Niños is well-trusted by their community and the government. Even Mexico's department of infants and families, DIF, brings children to them. There is no foster care system in Mexico. The children arrive at Casa de Niños without funding, so it is often a struggle to meet the budget. Within hours of first arriving, the kids are laughing and playing, as they begin to experience how safe and valuable they really are.
These caregivers at Casa de Niños have found a creative solution for some budget shortfalls: putting on a monthly or bi-monthly Bazaar, which provides a bit of cash for kids’ needs, like bus fare and lunch for those who attend schools off campus, uniforms, haircuts and more. The Tepic community is generous to donate many used items to the children's home, especially clothing, but also toys and even furniture. Periodically, the caregivers get together and sort through the generous provision. After setting aside things the children can use, they prepare the rest for the bazaar or for donations to remote villages. It can take days and several people to go through the donations, which wait in large black plastic bags in a crowded storeroom. 
Besides a move towards self-sustainability, the Bazaar is also a generous community service by the Casa de Niños family, since the bazaar buyers are neighbors living at subsistence level. Most of the caregivers live in the same neighborhood and walk to work. They love the kids a lot, and earn minimum wage, $200/mo. New, needy children arrive almost weekly, for stays lasting from days to years. Much more is accomplished at Casa de Ninos than food, clothing and shelter.
These are the people who inspired me to build Service Synergy, an educational 501(c)3, Service Synergy invites you to help raise money to buy TOOLS for this cottage industry: heavy duty shelving units and clear plastic bins. With them, things can be sorted, labeled and easily accessed as needs arise. You can help build this self-sustainable cottage industry & community service which also provides a teaching example of business and service for the children, .
Tepic is large city, state capitol of Nayarit with 400,000+ population. It has a Home Depot, where we can purchase bins and shelves. 6, 6-foot metal units with deep, wide shelves to create space in the bodega (storeroom) are $95 each. 2 bins per shelf at $9 per bin, adds up to 60 of them. The tropical climate in Nayarit includes 5 months of rain, and many critters thrive there, so strong moisture-proof  bins are necessary.
Casa de Niños also has an on-site school, Colegio Rachel, for grades K-6, that also needs shelves. 4 shelf units will carry the books in the library, and 2 more will be put into each of the three classrooms. Those units cost $46 each. If you have ever experienced large groups of children, you know that only durable shelves will do. A good coat of oil-based paint will prolong the units' lives and make them more cheery, so 3 gallons of oil-based paint at $40 per gallon will do beautifully. 
On top of the cost of these materials ($1,690), there is the cost of assembly, transportation and organization, bringing all to about $2000, our first goal.

Since Service Synergy is focused on learning from relationships built through service abroad, alongside local people, 10% of our goal will be shared as 1) a cash bonus for the caregivers. Anything over our goal will go towards 2) scholarships to help people from here to get go Tepic to meet, enjoy and serve with these gracious people--- perhaps preparing for the next bazaar. 

There is a BIGGER PICTURE to Service Synergy than this one small project, and so much more  to accomplish, but meanwhile, thank you for reading, praying and encouraging.

Bernie Weigand
541-621-7467 (This local # will reach me in Mexico, too)
Besides the donate link above, There are two cashless ways to participate with Service Synergy through Fred Meyer and Amazon:
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