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Jesus was/is anointed with joy.
(Family Camp is the source of most of the pictures)
Some of my favorite crazy revivalists. New Song will recognize Daniel and Ricky among the team.
This is how the Tabernacle went up. This is how the whole camp meeting went together: teamwork, honor and fun.
The Pilot School of Supernatural Ministry, “Sinergia Nayarita” is growing. Casa de Niños has been a perfect place for the meetings, even though it was thought to be a bit far away by some. The space, tools and furnishings are perfect. Donations from participants will be spread among the children’s workers as much appreciated cash gifts.
Kathryn and Omar were at Family Camp, too, and  Frances, Kathryn's mom, too. She enjoyed that the Spirit does not have a language barrier.
Further confirmation of Sinergia Nayarita's location at the children's home came in the form of the Casa de Niños’ kids attending the 2nd meeting. First, 4 boys came, 12 to 6 years old. One had to get help writing his name. How was he to get anything out of the Spanish subtitles on the BSSM DVDs? The 12 year old was certainly following the hour-long teaching, but the others? Afterwards, while doing a recall and reflect  exercise, Josué, 9, said he didn’t understand anything. So why didn’t he and the two other younger ones just go back home across the yard? I offered them all to leave if they wanted. None did.  The DVDs are certainly not flashy with action. Not a single car chase. I was asking God about this strange miracle: wiggly boys sitting still for an hour fully engaged in a rather plain DVD in a language they don’t understand. Was it as if Bill Johnson were speaking in tongues over them, imparting something special? If a prayed-over cloth can heal the sick when brought, why can’t a DVD carry an anointing that touches children 7 years later and 2500 miles away? I love how out-of-the-box our God is. 
Weekly Saturday evening Sinergia Nayarita classes will resume April 2: fellowship and food, worship and testimonies, DVD teaching and live activations take about 3 hours. Please pray for God’s Presence and a strong sense of community/family in “Sinergia Nayarita.” Zaira is going to bring friends to the pilot school this week, and Omar Ocho and Kathryn Cloyd  will be there to help and to report on their visit to the Mexico City School of Supernatural Ministry.

       Later the 8 Casa girls came in to the class with their “tía,” Esperanza. They, too were engaged, even though they caught only the last 20 minutes of the DVD. Esperanza, their foster mom, took a copy of the DVD so they could all watch the first part. She had been saying earlier in the week how her spirit needed more “food.” The four older girls were very interested, and were also looking over the other books. Donations for books for them would help. Esperanza needed prayer, and her husband, Chayo was at home really sick (about a “2” on the scale of 0-10, 0 being dead and 10 being fully healed. They reported today that when we prayed together for him they went home to find him at an 8. God is good! This is what the school is all about: discovering who we are in Jesus and practicing it. 
        Family Camp began for me on Monday the 21st and went through Sunday afternoon. Family Camp is a multi-congregational multi-generational conference of 250 people with great fun, good food, teaching, vision-casting and tents. I hope you catch the flavor and fragrance. I had the honor of leading one of the workshops among this very diverse and wonderful tribe. The prophetic drawings participants did were really powerful for both those who did them and received them as gifts (from God). 
       The week before camp I was much involved with setting up the school and my Casa Grace homestead. Things tend to fall apart while one is absent. One trip to Home Depot Tepic to buy shelves was especially fruitful. I chatted with a clerk asking if there might be a bulk discount, or perhaps a charitable discount because of the work  Casa Grace hopes to do. I was amazed.  
FAVOR! I showed them a brochure, and apologized that I wasn’t “officially” a charity. After explaining what Casa Grace is for, and a wait of about an hour for the clerk to get to the right person, those gracious people gave me about 20% off!  This week after camp is similar: connecting, inviting, preparing for the school and remodeling, (I am excited about Casa Grace's new kitchen sink).

Thank you for praying and helping so much! Bernie
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