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It takes DAYS to fashion a good newsletter. Just THINKING about it is work (of love):  placing photos that tell the stories, editing, making concise sense of all God and I did in and with each other, reporting what interests the reader, sifting down months of activity to the gold nuggets, imparting something God-given, changing my thoughts into written words so the reader might understand my mind and heart….This time I thought I’d just ramble on, instead, breaking newsletter rules,  but then the bullet points below emerged. Just your reading this supports me by keeping me and this work in your mind and heart, especially when you invite Holy Spirit to read with you. Click on a few links for the bigger picture.
(above is a view of the New Casa Grace from Casa de Niños' playground peeking orange through the leaves)

Anything can happen in a Casa de Niños office. These pre-schoolers just burst in with their “kidness” and we laughed out loud.
Aletia’s quinceañera was a beautiful time of recognizing her entry into womanhood surrounded by the whole Casa de Niños family of kids, caregivers, adoptees and caregivers past & present. Inspiring, the depth and breadth of their family.
So much has been going on both here and in Tepic:
  • Moving into the new Casa Grace, which moves a big part of the vision forward: to support itself AND the Children’s caregivers.
  • Setting up the new Casa Grace as a cottage industry managed by Norma, one of the Casa de Niños collaborators, a former child there, and mother of 4. LOOKING FOR VISITORS! Call or see our AirBnB listing with great pictures.
  • Creating our new Non-Profit 501(c)3, www.Service, to cover Casa Grace operations and make bookings tax-exempt donations.
  • Multiplying books to create two more congregations’ libraries in Tepic, four total, who now have transformational books in Spanish to loan to their people.
  • Setting up a blog for Casa de Niños: “Dando Gracias,” Giving Thanks, (still in process) to highlight local people who are doing things for the children’s home.
  • Listening to, encouraging, and bringing gifts to Casa de Niños staff and kids
  • Connecting, right after returning from Tepic the 12 of October, with my adult kids and their beloved ones, Joy in Montana, and Jake at His In-law family in California.
  • Moving slowly forward on the Phoenix, Oregon homestead towards co-housing, community-building, replatting 2 lots into 3, remodeling, and a much-needed new roof with a garage.Substitute teaching in some local middle and high schools which gives me the privilege of influencing some fantastic young people.
  • Adding to my church family. I am so honored to be a part of them--of YOU)
New Song recognizes Josh Krube who couldn’t resist injecting some crazy fun into an otherwise formal event, teaching everyone a dance
Victor and Pedro free the old Casa Grace from the encroaching jungle
NEW Casa Grace  When I left Oregon for Tepic, August 21, I didn’t know that within a few weeks I would be moving from the beloved old adobe-and-cement casa to the house next door. My vision for using the house to support the caregivers at the children’s home across the street was wrapped up in the old place: five years of hard work.  Somehow the grace came to whole-heartedly welcome those who took over my 5 years of improvements. It was glorious to interact a lot with the new owner, Pedro, and watch his crew make my old remodel dreams come true. Pedro and his wife Gloria actually lived as children and later worked at the children’s home. I laboriously walked all the furnishings, food, supplies, tools and books to the new place next door, with help from the church family for the heavy stuff. Everything fit so well! Even the old curtains matched the new walls. God greatly improved my plan, and preserved the vision and possibilities. Furthermore, Pedro is willing to share the old Casa Grace if ever a large team comes that don’t all fit into the New.

Think family reunion, team outreach, creative retreat, alternative education, girlfriends’ vacation. Create your own adventure
Please be in touch, and share this new as Holy Spirit leads. Your prayer and encouragement means a lot to me and many others. Bernie Weigand 541-621-7467
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