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30 De Joven a Joven youth (age 16-30)  from about 10 congregations met for fun and fellowship at a monthly event called "Cafe con Gracia,"  Coffee with Grace. They network and serve together. Find me among my tribe here. I have a lot to learn from them and support them more.

Making this month's thoughts visible

I was getting ready to leave Tepic May 2nd with the feeling that I'd just begun there and would be just beginning again in Oregon after a few days with my daughter Joy in Montana. Part of the artists' process is to just let go of the work at times.

His Kingdom advances made,
with your prayer and support, while I was in Tepic:

The BSSM DVD curriculum school, Sinergia Nayarita, launched and is now in the good Mexican hands of Zaira & Gina. Their team will develop how the material is used, and how the pilot school can nurture the start of a full-fledged one.
Hospitality at Casa Grace was much improved with a kitchen remodel: a stainless sink, large window, and more shelves were installed there and in the living spaces for books, books books. Also, one partner made possible three large folding tables for larger group events, say, for my friends pictured above, the ones at left in Casa Grace's patio, and/or for your group. 
More resources and books were made available to many, including children's workers in different congregations and Aviation Missionaries.
My 4th annual Prophetic Art Workshop at REDIME's  annual Family Camp helped people to hear from God and to share that with others. REDIME is a growing network of congregations I'm honored to be a part of.
New connections and networks were established. Old friends were loved and loving. Giving Armando Casa Grace's remodel work was more than a resource for him. (Meet Armando in this 12 sec. video.  He and his wife, Bero, considered it a big blessing to their family. Bero is the manager of Casa de Niños. Besides the kitchen remodel, he improved the garden and assembled the metal shelves.
Clemente, at leftpastor to his Huichol people in Caracol, a small remote village, holds up some of his bead artwork. Every other week he and his wife (who were both born in Caracol) and their two small children on a burro, to minister to the people of Caracol. Would you like to join a raffle of one of his bead art necklace and earring sets to support his work? The blue button, bottom right will take you to PayPal or just contact me. Next to it is a picture of the necklace.
This is Caracol from above, one of hundreds of small villages in the mountains of Nayarit. REDIME has worked with the indigenous Huichol people there on several projects, including composting toilets, 12-volt lighting, "living pharmacy" herb gardens, dehydrator, and soon a community building for artisans' work. Mily, who will be helping me purchase Casa Grace, is one of my heroines. She took these 17 photos and is pictured in some of them. A larger album shows more of the work and the people. Enjoy the work with them, who carried the materials on foot for 2 kilometers.
Give us YOUR perspective, Holy Spirit, so we can choose to move with you.
Thank you for making us each absolutely new creations.
We invite You even deeper into our lives, so we can have that "family resemblance" that draws others into Your heart... where we truly "belong," even while our process takes us through both difficult and beautiful changes: loving our enemies, forgiving, being forgiven, walking through dark circumstances while TRUSTing You, God, enjoying peace that passes understanding, receiving gifts beyond our imagination, and cultivating joy unspeakable and full of Glory.
Words are visible thoughts.
Commission Your Vision : let me help you with your project
I'll be holing up with my computer after sub teaching ends so that I can finish a collection of my art and writing for publishing, Woven Wonders. The above is a new piece I did in a middle school art class this winter as a demonstration of the diversity of ways to fill spaces with line and color. I plan to share the book with you in the next newsletter. I hope that by assembling this book I'll both bless readers and develop a new income stream. There remains yet a lot to do in the Kingdom.  Yours and His, Bernie Weigand 541-621-7467
Casa Grace Projects Overview
Clemene's necklace. Winners announced in two weeks or when at least $100 is raised
Raffle Donation for Clemente's work in Caracol
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