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The drawing above and poem below are how I feel after starting, a non-profit corporation, July 24. It now covers Casa grace: the work has only begun... I leave the 21st to see what needs doing.

A Conversation
 Ahhh... Faith! It's so lovely on this mountainto..o..op....
Omygosh, where's the ground?
How high we goin', God?
You're sure about this?
Whaddaya mean, "Aren't YOU sure?"
Watch out! The ground's coming up awful fast!
Yes, I remember all the great things You have done.
OK, "Breathe deep and enjoy the ride." Got it.
Whose idea WAS this anyway?
Wooah! Look at that! Beautiful!
Your wings are so wonderful Lord,
it seems as if it's ME doing the flying.
Yes, I'm hanging on.
The plan to purchase the house with monthly payments over 7 years ran into very difficult Mexican paperwork, so the lump sum of $47,500 has been requested by October. It’s an unexpected turn, but I’m excited about God’s “better idea.” The result of this news has been for me 
  1. to start this non-profit to cover Casa Grace’s operations, to build a formal team, and to help donors with tax deductions.
  2. to expect a purchase miracle or to move operations and rent another miracle building nearby.
I have loved the Casa Grace property and projects for 5 ½ years. It’s still the best lot in the best location to serve the Children’s Home. I’m expecting good surprises when I arrive there August 21 to work on the possibilities.
I am amazed at the strategies that God seems to be leading me through, for the purposes of Casa Grace, and the speed with which I was able to find helpful resources to start a nonprofit corporation. The structure was done in about three days! The rest (website, banking, connecting with people) is continuing at a wild, productive pace. I’m thankful for the people He has given me to go through it with:
Kathleen Krohn, Secretary
Joyce Nicholsen, Advisor
Bernie Weigand, Co-Director/President
We are still looking for  (you?)
a Treasurer,
Vice President/ Co-Director
and more Advisors (for prayer, wisdom, experience)
Donate, tax-exempt
Please pray and declare
  1. that the tax-exempt status will be quickly approved, so that fundraising can help the givers.
  2. and that many good God surprises await the Casa Grace Team, which includes you, in large and small ways.
Thank you, friends. Bernie Weigand
Copyright © 2017 Casa Grace (Oregon base), All rights reserved.

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