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Tuesday 26th May ・ 6th issue

Skip the meetings by running a paid test week.

I've never had any other job than running 3drops. I started it right after high school while I was still in the refugee camp in Sweden. At that time, I didn't really have much of a plan but just wanting to do something useful with my time. As a refugee in Sweden, you are not allowed to go to University and work is very limited so there wasn't much of a choice. 

Or, well, between you and me, I did work (paperless) for a few days, at a tiny hamburger shop next to a nightclub. I would go there around 11 pm to serve awful hamburgers (I did my best) to drunk people (they didn't notice the taste anyway) until 4-5 am for just a few bucks. I thought it would be a fun experience to tell one day. Like today. :) So check. ✔︎

So in that way, I've never really had a job before 3drops. I never worked at an agency, nor at any other company to learn how to do things. So simple things like how to estimate projects, send proposals, hire people, invest in new ideas, all of these things I learned by failing. A lot. Until I figured it out. And because I had nothing to lose, I never feared failure. 

This leads me to experiment with all kinds of processes to find what resonates with us. One of those things is how we find the right match for our team. Be it a new team member or a client, within a few days, without any long meetings, we know if that person/company is the right match for us or not. With a simple, paid test project for no longer than a week. 

So once we get a good portfolio or a good startup on our radar, we get the basics out of the way first. 
For members, we care about:
- remote experience, 
- your side projects,
- and communication skills. 

For clients, we care about:
- Founders experience 
- Their understanding of design impact
- Reasonable timeline with a budget over 120K

If you meet these initial requirements, we move on to the second phase: scoping a small portion of the project to test for a week. 

For members, we pick a portion of the project we have in mind for you, that plays to your strength to experience your best work. It can be a piece of client work or one of our own startups. 

For clients, we look for the core challenge/underlying issue to focus on for a week. For most cases, it's the navigation system, that needs to be reorganised to prioritise different elements on key pages to reach desired results. Or in some cases, the key flows need to be rethought to reach the goal.

The deliverable at the end of the week, for both members and clients, is a prototype that can be shipped or used to further iterate on.

During this test week, we value:
- Speed 
- Creativity 
- Communication 

For members, that means:
- The time it takes to go from an abstract idea to a prototype 
- Finding those hidden opportunities to capitalise on
- Transparent communication throughout the work, in good and bad.

For clients, that means:
- The time it takes to provide feedback on the work 
- An open mindset to explore new ideas/opportunities 
- Transparent communication throughout the work, in good and bad.

To keep a transparent process from start to end, we invite members and founders to our Slack channel and schedule three, 30min-1hour video calls. One on Monday for the kickoff, reviewing the scope and approach together, Wednesday to discuss the progress and last one on Friday to review the results together.

For members, we usually skip the meetings altogether until the outcome matches our standards. That is if the member agrees. Either way, we block those times anyway, in case the member sees a need to discuss some of the open questions on a call. For clients, meetings at the beginning are necessary to establish trust and build a long-lasting relationship. 

Once the result of the week been reviewed and approved, we continue the work as we planned on our Roadmap
No time or money wasted. To learn more about our process and pricing, view our About page
Company updates

Compare Roadmap with Trello, Asana, Basecamp

Similar to our products, we are constantly pushing new updates to our Marketing websites across all fronts. This week, we are going to push a couple of new pages to our Roadmap website including this new Compare page. 

I wish more companies do this. If we are already using a product, let's say Trello, I would like to see what I gain by moving the work to your product. Best, if you provide help moving things over. 

We are working on making this process smoother for our customers. 
So check back in a day or two to see the new updates. 
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Hi, I'm Farzad Ban, Founder/CEO of 3dropsRoadmap, Slim. You are receiving this email because you signed up to our newsletter. A weekly digest with our latest updates, lessons and experiments. If you are no longer interested, you can unsubscribe here. I appreciate your time.