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Wednesday 8th Apr ・ 3nd issue・ March report
It was a different world last time I sent you an email. 
I'm still in Thailand and here, the city has been in lockdown for over a month and it's estimated to continue until the end of this month. 

Who knew that this virus that started in Wuhan reach your city that fast. While most experts saw it coming, only a few governments prepared for it. South-East Asia seems to be the safest place now because of their experience with SARS back in 2012. US seems out of control, Europe is under pressure and Sweden is acting like there's no virus

But wherever you are, I hope you and your family are at home and safe. I hope you are taking this time to improve your health by exercising a bit at home and eating a bit healthier food. And I hope you are picking up a few books to read or maybe even a few new hobbies. As a team, we are experimenting with some too. We signed up to Instagram to do some behind-the-scene Stories and planning to stream some of our meetings. We are still experimenting. 

But despite the apocalypse, Q1 was good to us. We completed two SaaS client projects. We collaborated with Pentagram to launch a UK-based startup called Sonantic, backed by EQT Ventures. We designed their product and Pentagram designed their branding and website. It was a smooth collaboration. The other project is a German-based enterprise solution scheduled to go live in Q2.

We also quietly put up a new page for our next product called Slim.
Scroll down to learn more about it:
Company updates

3drops + Pentagram

Our first client work in 2020 is out. Sonantic, hyper-realistic artificial voices designed for the entertainment industry, backed by our VC partner, EQT Ventures. Product strategy & design by 3drops. Branding by Pentagram →
View more on our website →

Meet Slim, our new product. 

We spent the entire 2019 focusing on just one thing. Growing Roadmap's MRR organically. During this time, we signed up to dozens of analytics tool to understand how we should approach this. Each took months to fully implement and make sense of. But in the end, none of them got us closer to where we wanted to go. So we made Slim. 

It's the 80/20 of analytics tools for early-stage SaaS startups. If you are part of one, sign up for early access. →

A new About page to get to know us a bit better

10 years without an about page. Just our most recent work on a single landing page. It took us where we wanted to go. But now, we have a new goal. So we are shaking things up. We've added a new About page talking a bit more about ourselves, process, projects we take on and why. Have a look. →

New website for Roadmap.

We treat our websites like how we treat our products. We iterate and improve them constantly, bits by bits. We recently rolled out a new website with a couple of new pages to better showcase the benefits of our beloved tool, Roadmap. Hope you like it. →

So many new tools!

We are continuously adding new quality tools to our team's directory. Wonderful products like Quill, MetaBase, Dekks and so many more. Have a look.
Featured bit
We are soon going to start experimenting with Instagram to share the things we like.

Less of a portfolio,
more of a moodboard. 

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New blog post 

Kanban boards & to-do lists are the wrong tools for teamwork and here's why. 

This is the story of how Roadmap came to be. How our very own solution to Remote Team Collaboration become one of the most upvoted products on Product Hunt 3 years in a row. And why so many PM tools from Asana to Jira redesigned their products after our launch. 
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