Tuesday 24th Dec ☞ First issue
Only a day left from Christmas, a few days left to my 30th birthday and a week to a brand new decade. What a countdown. 

As I'm reflecting on the past decade and preparing myself to get back to work in 2020, after my 2 years long break, I can't help but feel nostalgic. I started working as a freelance product designer right after high school in 2010 and spent my entire 20s growing it to become one of the few go-to agencies in the world, among governments, fortune 50 companies, and leading tech companies. All this while traveling between countries, building a crazy talented remote team and chasing a dream in Sweden. The dream of being able to call Sweden my home, close to my family and continue growing 3drops in Stockholm turned into a nightmare that cost me half of my life. Thanks to their injustice, inhumane migration policy, I felt like I lost half of my life and part of my identity during that process. 

2 years of blowing up money, traveling alone between countries, meeting inspiring people and getting high on adventures I previously was too scared of beginning led me to find a new self within me. 

2020 is a new beginning for me and for you. 
A new opportunity to live a life true to our potential.
A new chance to evolve and do the work of our dreams. 
A new life with new meaning. May 2020 be the best year of our lives. 
Company updates

3drops is opening after 2 years break, on 6th of Jan!

Here's a little sneak peek of our new websites, estimated to go live in the first week of January! We actually soft-restarted 3drops a few months ago by taking our first client project after our long break and began interviewing potential SaaS clients for 2020. Our first project is an enterprise system solution for a company based in Germany. 
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Roadmap is getting automated with Zapier 

Earlier this year we launched our v2 with a new fixed pricing model packed with powerful new features and we are ending this year with a complete Zapier integration that will allow you to integrate Roadmap with your favorite tools. That means you can sync you calendar with Roadmap, send updates to and from Roadmap to Jira, Github, Trello and hundreds of other apps. 
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New websites, new projects and.. new products!

Over the few months, we've been working on a set of new websites for 3drops, Roadmap and a few other new projects that we are aiming to push live in the first week of January. Expect a brand new look with a few new surprises! 
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Shot of the day
Part of the upcoming restart! 🪐 
From the blog

10 steps to build a studio just like 3drops

In this post, I'm sharing everything I wish I knew before I started 3drops. Basically, everything I learned in the past decade of turning my freelance work into a remote creative agency working on 7-figure contracts. 

The story of my two deportations from Sweden

This was my first attempt to break the bubble around me and start living a more transparent life where others outside of my close friends and family get to see into my life and hopefully learn from the outcome of my choices and decisions.
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