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Christmas Wish List

Does you Christmas wish list include some Canadian RPGs? Use our new shared wish list feature to share your personal wish list link with your friends and family. Just "heart" your desired titles, sign-in and go to your wish list to get your link.

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This weekend we virtually attended Impossible Realities: A Snowed In Gameday, a New Brunswick based convention. In October we attended Phantasm, our first in person con in some time. Joshua recorded a video about the experience.
Let us know if similar "After Action Reports" are of interest to you!

You can click here for the full playlist.
Part of our booth at Phantasm

New Canadian Publishers to the Marketplace in 2021:

We’ve brought on many new publishers since our last message; here’s a run down:

Creators of an array of Runic Game System games where you resolve actions by drawing rune stones from a bag. Including Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, Vanagard, and the newly released Children of Eiru (we’ll be getting that soon!).
All games are deeply mythologically based. Those looking to get there hands directly on the mythology are encourage to get their Illuminated Edda, and Celtic Cyclopedia, or even one of their Creatures of Fairy-Tale and Myth for mythlogically grounded takes on monsters.

Chris Challice Books
Chris has two free Choose Your Own Fate books, and a Troika based game born out of nostalgic love for old-school console adventure games Oroboros.
He’s also one of the designers of Pendelhaven’s Vanagard and the adventure Seith and Sword.

A Smouldering Lighthouse
Has released their first 2 games this year. Both are GMless story-games.
This Spells Trouble is a game about isolationist wizards making a mess of things when they go into the world, with a card for each of the spirits they can summon.
Faewater is a one-page dark fantasy game about underwater fairies and the mortals they prey on.
Both games are free with a tip the creator option.

Alicia Furness Publishing
Joined with 2 titles.
Camp Flying Moose, a powered by the apocalypse game about a summer camp for teenage girls which probably has some monsters too.
In Identity you are a clone trying desperately to escape the corporation that created you. Identity uses the Wretched engine -- you use a jenga tower, and a deck of cards and 10 tokens, and it is geared for solo play (but rules for more players are included.)

More of our booth at Phantasm

Our Newest Additions:

Our existing publishers have also been hard at work. Here's 3 new titles from them!

A game about lost toys and what becomes of them. Using an intuitive d% system, characters can be made and a game started in minutes. “You abandoned us. Broke us. Lost us. Forgot us. But we never forgot you. We still watch over you. We still protect you from the darkness. From the things out there. From the Hollow.”

Sig: City of Blades
Return to Sig the city between all the infinite planes, and pull some heists, blade in the dark style. Core rulebook and setting details.

The Halls of Arden Vul
The largest OSR mega-dungeon ever, from Expeditious Retreat Press. Perfect for any OSR / AD&D style gaming. This game is split across 4 volumes and 1120 pages. One volume is entirely dedicated to the expansive maps.

Simple Superheroes Update

If you've been looking for a Simple Superheroes update, here it is:
We're still working on interior art for Issue #1. Layout pending.
We have a draft of what will likely be Issue #2, set in Challice City.
More details soon.
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